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All user reviews for the Korg T1

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Average Score:4.3( 4.3/5 based on 4 reviews )
 2 reviews50 %
 1 user review25 %
 1 user review25 %
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MGR/Psycom's review"Korg T1"

Korg T1
I bought The Korg T-1 second hand a few months ago. I'm a musician for 20 years now (I started playing the piano when I was 6), classical and then started electronic music when I was 12.

I actually bought the Korg T1 because it was one of my fantasies as a child. Some great names had this synth a long time ago. At this time it was worth more than 5,000$ and I got it for 500$, in a perfect shape.

First, it looks great, it's almost a beautiful piece of furniture (half of the synth is in wood). The surface can be used to put a Mac keyboard and a mouse which is very practical.

Second, the keyboards is quite good and can be used as a keyboard controller.

I also like the joystick than can control 2 MIDI controllers + the picth bend.

Now let's talk about the sounds... They were probably great 20-30 years ago but now they really sound ultra kitsch.

Also, go with a friend when you buy it: it's huge and heavy (30 kg).

Construction is very good (it was the top product of Korg at this time) and finish has some beauty.

Korg T1 is a (old) legend, but sounds are now too old fashioned. The keyboard is good but you can also find a light P80 from Yamaha if you search for a piano weighted keys.

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papi1970's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Superb!"

Korg T1
It's a double M1 has a keyboard 88 keys (keyboard SG1D of the time), with a more flexible use of the sequencer and mode combi!
Comprehensive MIDI keyboard, 1 IN - 2 OUT (A) - 2 OUT (B) - 1 THRU, and four separate outputs.
Polyphony to 16 voices!


Very easy to use and programming of sounds and very easy. This Korg T1 combines actually two devices in one, first of all a sound module with a sequencer workstation type forming the 90s (at least the beginning), and a full keyboard controller. What makes this keyboard may well have two lives, first using its sounds, and a second mode "local off" only to drive plug-ins!

Sequencer using super simple, it is mostly a very good notebook, with 8 tracks because it does not go very far, but I'm pretty used before a hard dedicated sequencer.

Important: in the "Global", there is a parameter Combi Mode, which allows the use of an external sequencer in addition to internal sounds of T1. This does not appear in the record, so this setting has been an update of the internal soft!


The sounds of M1, we know, those of the T series have been reworked and sound a little less dull. The dynamics are excellent, especially on the battery, no resonant filter but saw the PCM internally they may be warranted. We must acquire the series SDT-sounds, the sounds of ten disks, there are good PCM!!
I always use some of its sounds, as always it seems to me important to personalize the instrument by programming is the key!


My T1 over 20 years and has served faithfully. Since, in addition to its internal sounds, several pilot expanders and it still allows the musician to express themselves!
Her touch is very good and versatile shows a goodly it has no mechanical hammer sounds more realistic acoustic pianos. But to interpret the sounds of synths, tablecloths, electric pianos, this T1 is very nice!
At the time, 32-voice polyphony and a 16-track sequencer would have been welcome especially with the arrival of the excellent 01w one year later!
Reliability side, nothing to say it's solid, keyboard on top, but be careful to control buttons in a little fragile facade and the backlight of the screen darkens after fifteen years, but its replacement is not very complicated to make and inexpensive.

Negens's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg T1
Digital synthesizer.
88 Keys to feel "heavy" we should no longer qualify for semi-heavy). Without hammers.
Warning! No portamento
The characteristics are the product details.


Configuration is very simple.
I appreciated the many MIDI out (Too bad all the synths do not generalize this characteristic there because we like to control lots of devices).

Despite the few controls and buttons, the T1 is very intuitive and programming sounds is easy.
The manuals are really well done and clear. It's pretty idiot-proof, compared to Roland


The sounds are very distinctive. They stem from the m1 and we recognize from the first notes that grain typical digital in late 1980 early 1990.

I do not like the masses, but I used this keyboard master more keyboard than anything else.

Very good on the sounds of wind (except sax).
The flutes, oboe, oboe etc. sound great.
The synth bass is not bad, although the acoustics are poor.
For groundwater, even if it's not bad, it is still very far from the superiority of Roland.
The acoustic pianos, although typical, are unbearable to my ears.
Strong-side electric pianos though. The rhodes sound superbly.
We can also make sharp leads.

Quality aftertouch is exceptional!


This is my second T1.
It was my first 88 keys.
I had some other synths before, how analog to digital.
GEM WS1, Roland JD-800, Siel Opera 6, Roland Super JX ...

I appreciate the quality of the keyboard, which is very good.
The sounds are very distinctive. I never liked the sound of their Korg digital age (except the MS2000 and Z1).
Try before you adopt because you love it or hate it. There are no half measures.

I recently replaced by an XV-88, because I wanted to change to a keyboard with mechanical hammers, and his return to Roland, I still prefer.

I find a little of its premium OCCAZ, but with experience, it is a choice not to be overlooked.
For those seeking a master keyboard with a pretty face, it fulfills its function. Attention to the weight anyway. It is a sacred piece of furniture!
Pierre musy08/01/2003

Pierre musy's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg T1
Synth touch - 7 octaves


Easy configuration for connoisseurs ...


The sounds are a little dated but good quality


The key is particulirement neat and despite its age, this device does not suffer too much competition. Until its sounds again become fashionable, it still warrants a place of high quality keyboard matre in any studio.