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Korg Electronic instrument user reviews

  • Korg microSAMPLER

    Korg microSAMPLER - "Easy to use Sampling Keyboard"


    Pro: Recessed Knobs, Ease of Use. Battery Powered, Lightweight but rugged, Sample Transfer to/from Computer via USB. Free Sample Editor, Bonus free Sample Library as download via Korg Website, Flash Ram keeps Your Creations even when Batteries are em…

  • Korg MiniKorg 700s

    Korg MiniKorg 700s - "Superb!" has images


    Hi all, I won’t get much into the details as to the Mini 700’s specs, (if you need it have a look at the Mini 700 reviews: https://en.audiofanzine.com/analog-synth/korg/minikorg-700/user_reviews/ ) I’ll mostly develop the question of the Mini 7…

  • Korg T2 Ex

    Korg T2 Ex - "An M1 on steroids"


    In 1991, Korg debuted the T series with three different versions: the T1 (88 keys), T2 (76 keys) and T3 (61 keys). The Ex versions – "T2ex" and "T3ex" – feature an extra ROM with 512 kb of PCM acoustic piano sounds, the best you could get at the time…

  • Korg Electribe Sampler

    Korg Electribe Sampler - "A stupid concept"


    Sturdy and well-finished, with good ergonomics. Not bad for trance, provided you only use the rhythm part. Good effects and nice editing features, easy to use. Made for beginners. 270 seconds of sampling. It’s a joke, right? Old time musicians …

  • Korg Kronos 73 (2015)

    Korg Kronos 73 (2015) - "An exceptional instrument"


    I use the Kronos in a context where I'm getting back to making music after stopping it for many years. In the past, I’ve played many keyboards of all kinds, including a Korg MS-20 in 1979. The Kronos is the first keyboard I’ve bought since return…

  • Korg ElecTribe EMX1

    Korg ElecTribe EMX1 - "my own official french rewiew google translated"


    Current Output December 2003, the Electribe MX is a direct evolution of the ElectribeM (EM1) showing some features of the EA1 the same manufacturer ... Small summary: the EM1 was a very handy black groove box with 2 synth part, 10 drum part, 16 di…

  • Korg Minilogue

    Korg Minilogue - "A real compact polyphonic and not too expensive analog synth"


    I use this synth in my home studio alongside other analog and digital synths. I have a SH101 for basses, leads & FX, it has a round, warm sound. I also have a Polysix which is a natural choice for pads, due to it being polyphonic and relatively unsta…

  • Korg SQ-1

    Korg SQ-1 - "A good, small sequencer, but limited features"


    - I use it with mono and poly synths (with a MIDIpal to sequence chords), but I essentially got it for using with a Korg Arp Odyssey. - I receives it some 6 hours ago - I already have other sequencers. It's a small 2x8-steps sequencer on 2 chann…

  • Korg Ix300

    Korg Ix300 - "Old, but good"


    The Korg iX300 is an old arranger workstation and synthesizer. That sentence could mean "bad quality" for some people, but it's actually a great keyboard. It has lots of high quality sounds, with highlights for the Rock Organ ones - can I say that I …

  • Korg Electribe 2

    Korg Electribe 2 - "Almost the perfect groovebox !"


    UPDATED after a few days, this box is awesome !!! Hey all, I've been using my new electribe for 2 weeks now, so here is a short list of pros and cons for people considering buying one. Enjoy and feel free to correct me if I'm wrong or if I co…