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Sysex pour Start - end point ?[Korg microSAMPLER]0iniitu40609/15/2019 12:39
by iniitu
Trying to use Krome 88 to record Logix Pro X Software Instruments- with no luck[Korg Krome 88]1spiniton67504/23/2018 21:35
by stevedaniel
M3 Questions[Korg M3 61]0Sam Rhymes73611/21/2017 06:36
by Sam Rhymes
Comments about the review: Entry-Level Redefined[Korg Kross]3synthwalker321106/18/2017 10:14
by bill555
Comments about the news item: Korg Announces Krome Music Workstation[Korg Krome 88]2TonyBruno310302/22/2013 23:26
by Psycom
Comments about the news item: microKORG XL+ Limited Editions[Korg microKORG XL+ Classic]1TonyBruno128609/22/2012 01:21
by djfacile
Comments about the review: Giant Step![Korg Kronos 61]0synthwalker171509/21/2011 06:17
by synthwalker
Comments about the news item: [NAMM] Korg Kronos Video Demo[Korg Kronos 61]2Early Reflexions351505/10/2011 10:03
by formaspace
Comments about the news: [NAMM] More On Korg Kronos[Korg Kronos 61]1TonyBruno182301/16/2011 10:05
by gridsleep
Comments about the review: Plug & Play[Korg PS60 Performance Synthesizer]0synthwalker155912/06/2010 02:36
by synthwalker
Comments about the review: Feather Light Sampler[Korg microSAMPLER]0synthwalker168310/01/2010 03:09
by synthwalker
Recording vocals[Korg Triton Studio Pro X 88]2GordonJames317904/10/2010 06:34
by johnpatrick02
PA1x pro a disaster?[Korg Pa1XPro]2JJhatesKorg528706/30/2009 19:59
by dontaylor
EXB Moss Board expansion for Triton series[Korg Exb - Moss]1Djokich125909/08/2008 01:34
by kon-tiki
TC Helicon in PA 1 X PRO[Korg Pa1XPro]1zak036146308/04/2008 07:12
by kon-tiki
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