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Korg Kronos 61
Korg Kronos 61

Workstation from Korg belonging to the Kronos series

Thread Comments about the news: [NAMM] More On Korg Kronos

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1 Comments about the news: [NAMM] More On Korg Kronos
The first details and pictures of the new Korg Kronos were leaked from the NAMM floors.

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This thread was created following the publication of a news item. Please feel free to post your comments about it in here!
Well, it sounds nice, but when does a Korg not sound nice? It looks like the love child of an OASYS and an M50--sort of a December-May romance there--with a lot of gene splicing with everything that's ever been produced due to the comment "I wish this had--" This is one that has everything that everyone wished a keyboard had. It may very well be the uberboard, and undoubtedly will be in the price department. But, does it bring anything new to the table that can it can literally call its own? This will have to await review. At this point, though, I can see the Motif and Open Labs crowds quaking in the boots. Only time will tell, and I can't wait to see what really unique and affordable derivatives are eventually produced from this tree.