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Korg Pa1XPro
Korg Pa1XPro

Keyboard Arranger from Korg belonging to the Pa series

Thread PA1x pro a disaster?

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1 PA1x pro a disaster?
Hi all.
Anyone found the PA1x pro to be a let-down? I have an i3 and thought this would be an improvement since the i3 is over 12 years older. I have had the PA1x pro now for 3 months and have to say it is the 'weakest' sounding keyboard I have ever tried. Even the cheap casio WK series sound better.

The styles are weak and have don't seem to change much through the 4 variations unlike the old i3. The voices just made me laugh. The sax voices again are so thin I couldn't do a lot with them even after a few hours of editing. I just resorted to using the sax on my old Trinity Pro which, for every voice I tried to compare just sounded so much better and 'beefier' which again seemed strange as that too is over 10 years older than this pa1.

Am I missing something or can someone tell me what I appear to be doing wrong? :???: Ok, when working the clubs a number of years ago, the i3's voices were not great and so I used a Technics keyboard for melodies, solos, backing etc and just the i3 for the rhythms/styles as they were excellent. If still working, I cannot find one style which is useable or 'strong' enough to use. Having read a few reviews which hailed this keyboard as the best thing since sliced bread I cannot understand what is so wrong.

To really insult, a friend brought his old KN2000 (Technics) up and played that and it sounded so much fuller and better and he just bought it used for £99!!

I have probably repeated myself a few times but am so piddled off and yes, I will admit I didn't test-drive one before buying but assumed it must be a far better sounding keyboard :non:

I am close to giving up with this and just selling it as I recently heard a Tyros 1 which just blew every part of the PA1x away; the sounds are fatter, the styles are brighter and more musical and lastly, far easier to use. There are dedicated buttons to turn the upper 1,,& 3 voices off instead of having to 'paw' the touchscreen which, for me, doesn't seem to work. Maybe because it is so new and hardly been touched - perhaps it needs more useage for the screen to be 'broken-in' so-to-speak. Maybe my fault but I touch the screen like I do with my sat-nav but it appears to be far too light and needs more pressure.

So, can anyone pass some tips, advice etc or is this keyboard really as bad, useless and lame as I seem to find.

That's really a shame to hear that, but it's good to know. You think you could put that into a user review? :D:
Hi JJ----I concurr w  the Admin--use this as a review ans SAVE a lot of people a LOT of $$.
My last keyboard, a KORG I-30,  was bought oCT 6, 1998 ! I have a cojple of modules to add sounds & FATnees to my backing.  I was looking just this week AT the new Korgs & was really surprised to find 3 verticle sliders to control, I imagine, ACC; LEAd & Rythems.  WHAT  a freakin' joke !!! tHAT'S Y i BOUGHT THE  I-30.  lots of volumn controlling sliders so i can "arrange" live.  New Rythems are fun & cool and keep a performer from getting persoanlly BORED yet,, are they worth all the xtra $$$ ??  That's  a personal decision. As an old fart going thru another "male menapause" I am ressurecting my MUSICAL career and i must realize my target audience. So If i want to appeal to baby-boomers like myself as well as my love of the 1980's tecno music--would a new $2,000 keyboard be needed ???
As a homeowner, grandfather w/ all the day-to-day hassles  WE ALL FACE w/ $$ being scarce--I think a new keyboard is out of the question.  Today @ Guitar center i played a $3,500_ Yamaha  Motif--i think it's called.
WOW--really  Coooool  Funk rythems and fat sounds. To me, even if i won the Lottery, I'd buy a Prius, or Honda insight, get 50+mpg and drive over to the bank pay off my home. Then sell it !!  Buya new home for my wife & I then FIX  MY OLD Hammond & Leslie, buy a Yamaha DT Explorer electronic drum set , a tascam 2488--and record my OWN DRUMMING !!
Tascam 2488=$650
Yamaha drms =$600
That's $1,250. I'd use the differance from NOT having bought a new Korg to take my wife out to dinner.
I hope I made u smile a little--we all make mistakes.  i am sure you will really AUDITION  your next keyboard.
My suggestion . . .learn the PLUS POINTS for your PA1---LEARN TO SMILE WHEN YOU TALK ABOUT IT--then SMILE to whomever will listen & SELL IT.  You're be a lot happier w yourself & the people around  you. We perfection-demanding entertainer/musicians are always the HARDEST on OURSELVES !!!
'Tis humane to errr"  now just learn from this and HAVE FUN AGAIN.
Thanks for your share, your help & for reading me. Let's all work to KEEP LIVE MUSIC...ALIVE.