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  • Korg Kronos 73 (2015)

    Korg Kronos 73 (2015) - "An exceptional instrument"


    I use the Kronos in a context where I'm getting back to making music after stopping it for many years. In the past, I’ve played many keyboards of all kinds, including a Korg MS-20 in 1979. The Kronos is the first keyboard I’ve bought since return…

  • Korg Triton Extreme 61

    Korg Triton Extreme 61 - "Amazing product"


    Korg Triton Extreme 61 is top of the range musical instrument with lots of features and incredible sounds. Valued very highly by musicians all over the world. UTILIZATION I have it for a week now so I tried to edit a few sounds and is fairly easy t…

  • Korg Kronos 88

    Korg Kronos 88 - "Everything a musician could ever want"


    The Kronos 88 is a workstation with brilliant sounding patches that really boosted my creativity. I use this keyboard all of the time when I go to the studio, it is actually one of my favorite ones to work with there. I have never seen manual for it …

  • Korg Kronos 61

    Korg Kronos 61 - "Amazing sounds!"


    The Kronos is made by Korg, it is a 61 key workstation with touch sensitive keys and an 8 inch full color touch view screen that It is brilliant I must say! But for the price of this board, which is almost 3 grand; it better be a great screen! The pr…

  • Korg Krome 73

    Korg Krome 73 - "Needs sampling "


    The Krome is a 73 key workstation that has over 600 built in sounds and over 600 drum grooves. One of the reasons that I was attracted to this keyboard after playing around with it for hours at Guitar Center was the arps. There are over 900 different…

  • Korg Krome 88

    Korg Krome 88 - "So Far So Good"


    We just got the Korg Krome-88 in our studio last week, it has weighted keys and 600+ sounds. There are even 900 arpeggiator patters on it and 600 drum grooves. At first I really didn’t want to invest our studio’s money on another Korg board because …

  • Korg Kronos 88

    Korg Kronos 88 - "For every genre"


    Korg’s Kronos 88 is a 88 key workstation with a full color touch LCD display on it. If you purchase the Kronos 88 key now it will come installed with the newest OS system which is 2.0. It does very from the original 1.0 version that first came out wi…

  • Korg Triton Extreme 61

    Korg Triton Extreme 61 - "extreme"


    The Triton extreme 61 is a very powerful workstation, I remember when it came out and I got my hands on it I was shocked on how “perfect” it was. Out side of some of the sounds and presets I didn’t have a simple complaint about it. It is a powerful m…

  • Korg Tr 88

    Korg Tr 88 - "effects"


    Most Korg workstations are great, and I really like working with them. When I got my hands on the TR 88 I expected a lot already without even using it yet. It didn’t let me down either. The Korg TR 88 sequencing is second to none and just the overall…

  • Korg Triton Le 61

    Korg Triton Le 61 - "got old quick"


    I have used the Triton LE 61 a few times in a couple different studios. It seemed like a keyboard that was pretty popular years ago, but I think it’s a decent keyboard at best. There are a lot of other boards that are out that can give you way better…