Korg Kronos 73
Korg Kronos 73

Kronos 73, Workstation from Korg in the Kronos series.

Folow 02/10/2014

Korg Kronos 73 : Folow's user review

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I pass rapidly over the features, just to say that I in 73 notes (touch so heavy). Most features in: Karma, the touchscreen ...
full connectivity, audio + 1500, styles via karma, full effects and stacking up to 12 + masters, controls via knobs 16 buttons 8, 9 drawbars ... + The rest complete what!


The general configuration is not "simple". we can make it simple for the live, but you really get into the machine to draw what you want.
publishing (choice) sounds is itself very easy and adding effect is simple.
editing sounds is easy if we remain in the basic settings ... if you want to really create, well you really look ... but you do what you want when you take the time.
The manual is clear ... but you must have already received a synth to appreciate the expanded capabilities of kronos.
For my part, no pb, but be warned


The sounds are purely amazing. all styles, all types.
pianos organs, rhodes, violins, batteries, almost everything is on top.
to compare, I would say they are hotter but less basic and goes everywhere with yam, a virus that will be pro in electro sounds, and a personal north is my superior taste in piano sounds.
when it was not in the room or the need of it, well the kronos is tip top.
I do everything with, studio times or compositions, and any style. the only thing I did not do it with the electric guitar! otherwise the rest is to be mistaken even for pro ears.
brass less expression than yamaha (guitars too but it does not matter).
The set is very high (still happy considering the price!)
The expression is very good at any level, velocity perfectly adjusted basis (adjustable), super aftertouch ... short but good on the line, plus 2 keys expressions for modulation sounds and 4 cursor direction "vector". it can give life to the super nice sounds great live c.


I have 2 years and this is really the best for me.
I had other keyboards (M3, arrnageurs I have a MOXF6 and I have tried other keyboards).
What I like most is the power, the potato in the sounds, but everything is set up perfectly, the sound quality of all types.

Cons: weight (there is none), starting in 2 minutes (in case something goes wrong on stage C hot), no direct control of a DAW (you really do itself at this level), and 2 points are quality / default interface is really complex, but can do whatever you want ... everyone to see. to some critical level having the impression of a computer that does everything alone ... this is not my case, but must have a solid foundation and not afraid to go into the machine. Another point: karma: this is a great element, infinite possibilities, and the impression of a living hell for styles element. This is actually a bit replacing "styles" found in an arranger. the disadvantage is that it is less "controllable" in the sense that there is so many parameters that can not manage all the time we want to do hair. C enjoyable but not entirely controllable. again to everyone to try and see.
today, even if it is his big big strong point, I still prefer the pianos North ... but it does everything I want anyway, and other sound banks are available (but paying) and I have not tried the demo.
for the problems some of which have been mentioned, I have had one, this is one of the keys on the keyboard rubbing on the front bar (my chair had hit a great shot and pushed the bar a bit. c is set to 2 seconds but I still accurate.
Another point: the quality of sound output. there is a real difference between eg MOXF 6 yam and kronos (certainly as a yam XF and krome). we need to know and test it but be aware (I did not necessarily understand that before).

If I was to have a keyboard that would be it, and since the beginning and again 2 years later I kif Kronos, and I remake this choice.
But attention must be warned geek or keyboard to go into the belly of the beast, otherwise you can quickly be overwhelmed by the possibilities. but this is the price to pay for a really great pleasure.