Korg Kronos 73
Korg Kronos 73

Kronos 73, Workstation from Korg in the Kronos series.

guillaumy 01/22/2013

Korg Kronos 73 : guillaumy's user review

« not adapted for the stage »

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Kronos 73 (heavy touch) see characteristics on AF
I amplifies a Motion Sound KBR 3D (stereo amp)
I connected the keyboard to a Macbook without worries.


The general configuration is it simple?

At first I said that I had never before addressed a Korg interface, which is probably important when following this advice.

What motivated my purchase, this is the variety of different engine sounds, tones, effects, playability with an apparent "control surface" well complete the kronos.

The intended use was to have a keyboard at home on stage (my main) and home studio, What Makes Our all he seems to have been designed.

And then the account is not for me!

the general configuration is far from intuitive, it takes a certain number of hours well documented (Pdf and forum) to navigate in navigation and ability to perform as basic as assigning controllers has
effect parameters directly accessible mode SET LIST (mode "live" kronos) for example ...

The textbook is required and is not always clear I think!

The sound editing is tedious and combis a wish, ie the supposed wealth of editable parameters allowing to get exactly what you want here has the opposite effect, limit "that inhibit spontaneity" C that is to say that most other parameters lead then others and some without end or high efficiency final result ... I mean the fun is the journey into the machine to get to "his" course but often the end result has been disappointing for me happened after a sound facade and stereo amp ... what boff.


E.Piano acoustic pianos and tried on the magazin Listens monitoring sounded great, but a bit serious with EQ possibilities of the beast I did not have too much concern ...
My first disappointment came from my inability (despite hours!) To find a satisfactory adjustment of a simple acoustic piano has almost realistic with the SGX-1 piano.

I add the result between the headset and a stereo keyboard amp is the same day and night of course, so it is necessary to optimize EVERY acquired it sounds that vocations be directly played on stage with amplifier and then I struggled hard ..!

Overall the sound is good, very accurate even with headphones, but cold (korg?) And difficult to warm up on a good quality amp yet, I do not speak of sonos facades more or less good quality at concerts .
Really not easy to mix live sound in front of a bad surprise over the kronos ...

The difficulty of being able to organize my settings control effect and expression according to simple rules, some aspect of the interface kronos bug or not yet develloppé computer which restricts the real possibilities ...
Rework from a preset patch and rewrite its own controller assignments on the original preset is sometimes impossible.

The time needed to re-balance a in combis, quickly adjust reverb scene is too long.

Glad to have all my sounds set in SET LIST Preset the fact that he flaw 2 minutes to re-Booter in case of power failure is not very reassuring ...

In summary stage it has not really done the job, in terms of what I could expect for much bound to its limited usability as well as its overall cold and not very realistic.


I bought three months ago, not a whim but a set of use I was counting ...
I knew that the machine was not lacking in complexity and nécessitais time to be used in its full potential course ...

I am so thoroughly put intense for 2 months.

Motivated, I have wanted to succeed in using a first stage and basically it was not already won. ergonomics and internal architecture makes quite unreadable various parameters assigned to the control surface that change in different modes Set List, Combi, prog, not obvious to remind all live in the absence of a clear logic controllers in organizations ...

Anyway I took all the pains to achieve is something acceptable to me in basic functions (play piano / EP / effect and B3 in a Jazz music today).

Therefore all other parts of kronos (sequencer, stacking synthesis advanced, Karma etc ...) which compared to my first use was a bonus, I did not even look as the basic functions of the keyboard was already games difficult to obtain! not for lack of curiosity!

This is really not a good keyboard scene in my opinion and integration software is not really ideal either ... at least in logic 9 it has a strange behavior as Plug In

The Weight is quite heavy in terms of number of notes (22 kG) a 30 kg with a flycase, anyway.

The finish leaves a bit to be desired barely unpacked and returned to Korg for cracking on the audio, but changed carefree good considering the price of the machine
we are entitled to have a flawless finish ...

Finally a big mistake referral kronos me, it is probably a
people very experienced in large workstation korg already in the environment for a long time its a more focused image can be ...
The potential strengths of the beast, the quality of the keyboard, the Achilles heel is my very mediocre ergonomics the beautiful its not really the appointment.

A waste of time for me as a musician who is also working his instrument and especially after the "cramming" kronos!

Sold argus not good at all but no choice but to get rid of me after only 3 months ...

I referrai disappointed that choice.

J have been reinvested in the Nord Stage 2 76 cheaper, and I am happy with the choice because at least it ensures him on stage!