Korg Kronos 73
Korg Kronos 73

Kronos 73, Workstation from Korg in the Kronos series.

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All user reviews for the Korg Kronos 73

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Average Score:4.4( 4.4/5 based on 7 reviews )
 5 reviews71 %
 1 user review14 %
 1 user review14 %
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Folow's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" KRONOS - the top"

Korg Kronos 73
I pass rapidly over the features, just to say that I in 73 notes (touch so heavy). Most features in: Karma, the touchscreen ...
full connectivity, audio + 1500, styles via karma, full effects and stacking up to 12 + masters, controls via knobs 16 buttons 8, 9 drawbars ... + The rest complete what!


The general configuration is not "simple". we can make it simple for the live, but you really get into the machine to draw what you want.
publishing (choice) sounds is itself very easy and adding effect is simple.
editing sounds is easy if we remain in the basic settings ... if you want to really create, well you really look ... but you do what you want when you take the time.
The manual is clear ... but you must have already received a synth to appreciate the expanded capabilities of kronos.
For my part, no pb, but be warned


The sounds are purely amazing. all styles, all types.
pianos organs, rhodes, violins, batteries, almost everything is on top.
to compare, I would say they are hotter but less basic and goes everywhere with yam, a virus that will be pro in electro sounds, and a personal north is my superior taste in piano sounds.
when it was not in the room or the need of it, well the kronos is tip top.
I do everything with, studio times or compositions, and any style. the only thing I did not do it with the electric guitar! otherwise the rest is to be mistaken even for pro ears.
brass less expression than yamaha (guitars too but it does not matter).
The set is very high (still happy considering the price!)
The expression is very good at any level, velocity perfectly adjusted basis (adjustable), super aftertouch ... short but good on the line, plus 2 keys expressions for modulation sounds and 4 cursor direction "vector". it can give life to the super nice sounds great live c.


I have 2 years and this is really the best for me.
I had other keyboards (M3, arrnageurs I have a MOXF6 and I have tried other keyboards).
What I like most is the power, the potato in the sounds, but everything is set up perfectly, the sound quality of all types.

Cons: weight (there is none), starting in 2 minutes (in case something goes wrong on stage C hot), no direct control of a DAW (you really do itself at this level), and 2 points are quality / default interface is really complex, but can do whatever you want ... everyone to see. to some critical level having the impression of a computer that does everything alone ... this is not my case, but must have a solid foundation and not afraid to go into the machine. Another point: karma: this is a great element, infinite possibilities, and the impression of a living hell for styles element. This is actually a bit replacing "styles" found in an arranger. the disadvantage is that it is less "controllable" in the sense that there is so many parameters that can not manage all the time we want to do hair. C enjoyable but not entirely controllable. again to everyone to try and see.
today, even if it is his big big strong point, I still prefer the pianos North ... but it does everything I want anyway, and other sound banks are available (but paying) and I have not tried the demo.
for the problems some of which have been mentioned, I have had one, this is one of the keys on the keyboard rubbing on the front bar (my chair had hit a great shot and pushed the bar a bit. c is set to 2 seconds but I still accurate.
Another point: the quality of sound output. there is a real difference between eg MOXF 6 yam and kronos (certainly as a yam XF and krome). we need to know and test it but be aware (I did not necessarily understand that before).

If I was to have a keyboard that would be it, and since the beginning and again 2 years later I kif Kronos, and I remake this choice.
But attention must be warned geek or keyboard to go into the belly of the beast, otherwise you can quickly be overwhelmed by the possibilities. but this is the price to pay for a really great pleasure.

porgy's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg Kronos 73
see website


utilsiatione the single st because of the wide touch screen for a visual setting sounds.


Sounds excellent piano (the best for my taste on what kind of workstation).
Rhodes sounds very good.
organ sounds means my taste. I own a Korg PA3X on which organ sounds are better.
Synthetic sounds excellent.


1 year and a half.
The sound quality is really to highlight. The downside for me is that Karma does not do the arpeggios that you want. On the Korg Triton had an interesting concept on the arpeggiator. Another negative point is the 73 notes. I still miss it the last however it does not save a lot of weight.
I had a Fantom G7, a north course, RD700GX, Kurzweil PC88.
Today I own a PA3X a XF7 pattern and Kronos.
This is for me the best piano sound. The editor allows you to set all sounds simply els but possesses some bugs.
To date this is the best workstation.
When is a keyboard that will integrate all possible and inimagineable sounds. Even with 3 keyboard and expanders, I am still missing sounds for orchestra recovery.

Tistouc's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Just perfect ..."

Korg Kronos 73
I was quite surprised by the quality of the keyboard 73.
The only downside is the keyboard which is quite long to load but once on, it is a real pleasure.


The manual is also available in French, just good looking. DVD training enables a first discovery with the instrument and it is quite well done.
About editing sounds is easy, maybe because I'm used to Korg.


The sound is everything you can dream on drums, big synths, electric piano piano, organ, bass ...
On acoustic instruments such as guitars, violins, brass, woodwinds ... Go your way, aiming instead yamaha. If you have two, it's the best, you will not even need almost more vst ...


I've had a few weeks and I do not regret my purchase, I will do it again without hesitation.

guillaumy's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"not adapted for the stage"

Korg Kronos 73
Kronos 73 (heavy touch) see characteristics on AF
I amplifies a Motion Sound KBR 3D (stereo amp)
I connected the keyboard to a Macbook without worries.


The general configuration is it simple?

At first I said that I had never before addressed a Korg interface, which is probably important when following this advice.

What motivated my purchase, this is the variety of different engine sounds, tones, effects, playability with an apparent "control surface" well complete the kronos.

The intended use was to have a keyboard at home on stage (my main) and home studio, What Makes Our all he seems to have been designed.

And then the account is not for me!

the general configuration is far from intuitive, it takes a certain number of hours well documented (Pdf and forum) to navigate in navigation and ability to perform as basic as assigning controllers has
effect parameters directly accessible mode SET LIST (mode "live" kronos) for example ...

The textbook is required and is not always clear I think!

The sound editing is tedious and combis a wish, ie the supposed wealth of editable parameters allowing to get exactly what you want here has the opposite effect, limit "that inhibit spontaneity" C that is to say that most other parameters lead then others and some without end or high efficiency final result ... I mean the fun is the journey into the machine to get to "his" course but often the end result has been disappointing for me happened after a sound facade and stereo amp ... what boff.


E.Piano acoustic pianos and tried on the magazin Listens monitoring sounded great, but a bit serious with EQ possibilities of the beast I did not have too much concern ...
My first disappointment came from my inability (despite hours!) To find a satisfactory adjustment of a simple acoustic piano has almost realistic with the SGX-1 piano.

I add the result between the headset and a stereo keyboard amp is the same day and night of course, so it is necessary to optimize EVERY acquired it sounds that vocations be directly played on stage with amplifier and then I struggled hard ..!

Overall the sound is good, very accurate even with headphones, but cold (korg?) And difficult to warm up on a good quality amp yet, I do not speak of sonos facades more or less good quality at concerts .
Really not easy to mix live sound in front of a bad surprise over the kronos ...

The difficulty of being able to organize my settings control effect and expression according to simple rules, some aspect of the interface kronos bug or not yet develloppé computer which restricts the real possibilities ...
Rework from a preset patch and rewrite its own controller assignments on the original preset is sometimes impossible.

The time needed to re-balance a in combis, quickly adjust reverb scene is too long.

Glad to have all my sounds set in SET LIST Preset the fact that he flaw 2 minutes to re-Booter in case of power failure is not very reassuring ...

In summary stage it has not really done the job, in terms of what I could expect for much bound to its limited usability as well as its overall cold and not very realistic.


I bought three months ago, not a whim but a set of use I was counting ...
I knew that the machine was not lacking in complexity and nécessitais time to be used in its full potential course ...

I am so thoroughly put intense for 2 months.

Motivated, I have wanted to succeed in using a first stage and basically it was not already won. ergonomics and internal architecture makes quite unreadable various parameters assigned to the control surface that change in different modes Set List, Combi, prog, not obvious to remind all live in the absence of a clear logic controllers in organizations ...

Anyway I took all the pains to achieve is something acceptable to me in basic functions (play piano / EP / effect and B3 in a Jazz music today).

Therefore all other parts of kronos (sequencer, stacking synthesis advanced, Karma etc ...) which compared to my first use was a bonus, I did not even look as the basic functions of the keyboard was already games difficult to obtain! not for lack of curiosity!

This is really not a good keyboard scene in my opinion and integration software is not really ideal either ... at least in logic 9 it has a strange behavior as Plug In

The Weight is quite heavy in terms of number of notes (22 kG) a 30 kg with a flycase, anyway.

The finish leaves a bit to be desired barely unpacked and returned to Korg for cracking on the audio, but changed carefree good considering the price of the machine
we are entitled to have a flawless finish ...

Finally a big mistake referral kronos me, it is probably a
people very experienced in large workstation korg already in the environment for a long time its a more focused image can be ...
The potential strengths of the beast, the quality of the keyboard, the Achilles heel is my very mediocre ergonomics the beautiful its not really the appointment.

A waste of time for me as a musician who is also working his instrument and especially after the "cramming" kronos!

Sold argus not good at all but no choice but to get rid of me after only 3 months ...

I referrai disappointed that choice.

J have been reinvested in the Nord Stage 2 76 cheaper, and I am happy with the choice because at least it ensures him on stage!


vipmusicos's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A "beast deep""

Korg Kronos 73
73 heavy keyboard (absolutely top)
For the rest, refer to the documentation common to all three versions ...
My model includes = 4GB RAM (3GB reduced to useful) 2SSD (the factory and a second 30GB 128GB), a key USB2 4GB (gadget, but it is very convenient to have provided, we dedicate to the machine), and especially a Nanopad2 (one branch and it is configured as a substitute for screen virtual pads) ...


"Sober", "effective", "bright", "clean" are the adjectives that come to mind when one speaks of Kronos ... but "simple" seems completely inappropriate!
I have 5 years of Red Karma behind me, but if the overall Korg retains its leg, everything is much more dense with the Kronos even though the interface is on top (nice touch screen, clear sections, commands strong a priori ), however each section its share multiple screens, tabs galore = everything is editable, customizable, deep, the synth sound design audio multitrack recording, through management modules Karma, inserts fx, we hand over everything to optimize rendering "his sauce" ... and, for a novice, and even a connoisseur a little accustomed to these machines as I am, it spins a bit dizzy !
Guide in French grip is more like a guide than a descriptive advertising operator (this is the tendency to swing international products with a base pdf insignificant published in the languages ​​of distribution history to comply with legislation, without really a service to users / customers!) ...

The heavy artillery of 1175 pages pdf is, of course, in English and not published on paper!

If we assume that this is a high-end bike reserved for public trading, ok ... for gus means, including myself, the part info / guide in my language (especially for a machine of this complexity) seems radically insufficient!


Sounds except for the sublime vocals / scat human factory and animations by KARMA2 (which often makes them super synthetic and artificial) = it is far behind the Tyros 4 I have and I upgraded with samples from Best of computer music (reusable of course samples of Kronos) ... But in this field and the acoustic instruments (particularly in relation to the SA2 Tyros 3/4), it is a little disappointing for the plant palette.

In contrast side engine synths, pianos, electric pianos, organs, drums and even the Kronos brings misery to my Tyros 4 that I still found some time ago very top!

Karma with animations, sound mixing palettes, Kronos "sounds", but then "sounds serious" ... and I'm only discovery phase surface!


Not advise beginners on WS ... but certainly, even if I did that too little hindsight, the keyboard of my set, and yet I have a Tyros 4 "ESP" ... the star of my home studio called Kronos and settled for long!

ganice's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" great!"

Korg Kronos 73
see site korg




some very realistic sounds (acoustic pianos, rhodes etc.


I do not have this keyboard but I had the pleasure to listen to the music store demo "milonga" the demonstrator korg-France Michel deustch! when looking for a synth, it seeks above all the quality programs Audible, this store has more keyboards roland rd700nx yam, the new keyboard and I have the pc3 kurz so the comparison may be more specific: up present the korg were not too well known for acoustic sounds (especially acoustic piano) but it's the very first time when we listen to the kronos mean grain Audible really a real piano and the resonance to short, the Kronos exceeds its competitors in many areas, the best being of course, listening

Scoubidou's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"Sublime!"

Korg Kronos 73
The keyboard has 73 notes with a touch heavier than the RH3 type, from Mi to Mi, perfect for my use, which was not the case with the M3-73 with the keyboard was from Do to Do.The response of the keyboard is essentially the same as the SV-1 (identical?) I tried the sv-1 in store and I loved the keyboard behavior ...
The screen is beautiful, although it is not an iPad, lol
There is a USB port that allows communication with a computer audio and midi.  And here is the heavy focus:The Kronos is recognized "Out of the Box" by my GNU / Linux-based KXStudio (I also tested it with Tango Studio, no problem either)!  It works well. There are I / O Jacks in the Kronos. I have routed the sound of Kronos to the output from my RME HDSP 9632 which are connected to my monitor speakers, it runs like clockwork regardless of the latency setting in the Jack. Incredible- it is the bomb!
Can we hope that Korg will release an editor compatible with GNU / Linux?? This would be a true miracle!
In any case, it's all too beautiful ... I could not believe my ears!  Thank you KORG for thnking of its users seriously.
In addition, the source code of the OS turning the Kronos is provided in the DVD supplied with the machine!


The Set List mode provides an undeniable comfort, why did we not think of that before??
For the rest, it remains a fairly complex machine for those who have never had a workstation ... for others, the touch screen and the various shortcuts make for nice editing without having to use a pc.


It's best to listen to understand! ;-)
Not to write a huge novel, but everything is very good!
As with everyone, I was amazed by the accordion sounds sounding superbly well!
The pianos are fabulous.The electric pianos ditto


Simply the best keyboard I bought in 11 years!
I bought it after eight months of visiting forums and reading documentation! We must tell Korg to give us the time to reflect on such a purchase!

So I therefore naturally replaced my wonderful K2500XS Kurzweil, sorry my friend, but I had no room for you two :-(((