Korg M3M
Korg M3M

M3M, Workstation from Korg in the M3 series.

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Seith 08/10/2014

Korg M3M : Seith's user review

«  Come back and play .... »

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we will not redo all the specs are already super detailed everywhere ...


Super simple config I have not even opened the manual, although I had a 88 x kronos which the bone is very similar.
ditto edition sounds nothing complicated ..


The sounds are good including synths, basses, drums, between Triton and Kronos, the sound palette is really smooth and sounds great.
pianos with exb-pcm are more than correct, I compared with my ivory II, the definition is the soft top but the dynamics and size / roundness significantly better on the rack in a context sequence and pop c ' is significantly higher.
expressive rack, not without laughter I sold my kronos because I was serving not half the stuff and I'm very well equipped DAW suddenly I regret a little sound set sounds and I found a lot in including the fact karma ..


I just buy it with the EXB-M256 and both pcm extensions, but certainly a bit aged for 500 roros it was a bargain.
it is undoubtedly a great rack, behind-the kronos and for me is more than enough while having the range of Korg sounds, karma powerful, sampling, drum track, a good sequence and compatibility soundfont .
the guys at Korg are shot, if he had an expander kronos without the sequencer and the touch that serves chee has seen the size ..... the integra-7 roland would have been hard to do for position .....
black spot unless I was a ball is that without the dedicated keyboard rack, midi we do not just use the sequencer must apparently change midi channel on the master keyboard for each track, it's delirium while full of older rack could do midi translation from the polope Channel 1 in the direct ball is downright unmanageable ....