Korg M3M
Korg M3M

M3M, Workstation from Korg in the M3 series.

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yoTrakkz 10/06/2011

Korg M3M : yoTrakkz's user review

« Korg does it again »

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The Korg M3 M is great because you can use your normal midi controller with it. No need to go buy the actual board that is pretty expensive. Its like purchasing a rack, but one that can sequence. Sounds crazy right? But its true, I have used this several times, the screen is easy to navigate and it has great sequencing capabilities.


The M3M is pretty light, and it is narrow and sits nicely atop my controller; touch screen doubles as an additional controller; selecting "combi" (mufti-layered) vs. program (single layer) sounds requires an additional button push to change memory bank; the number keypad is not back lit; number buttons require exact center press (prone to a miss during a fast program change). Many of the sounds are set up to use the joystick/double buttons and require re-programming to access the dedicated effects if M3M is used with a non-Korg controller.


There are some detailed functions that take a bit of practice and research, but on the whole, it's incredibly intuitive. This is definitely a must have for anyone who wants to do film-scoring, orchestral pieces or any number of other musical compositions. There are a lot of sounds and/or presets. You can also edit the parameters of all of the sounds to develop your own.


Overall, this is a high quality board from Korg. Korg always comes out with very classy products. With the touch screen, and nice feel and look to it, it our does any of the competitors. Plus there arent too many boards like this that you can usea midi keyboard with. Most products like this are just rack modules and you cant sequence. Korg is always coming out with new trends. I recommend this to anyone who wants great sounds, I really love the strings they are thick and full. Price is a little high, but still cheaper than purchasing workstations from other companies.