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All user reviews for the Roland D-50

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Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 13 reviews )
 10 reviews77 %
 2 reviews15 %
 1 user review8 %

davardennes's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Legendary!"

Roland D-50
Everything has already been said, but hey, I'll do his portrait for fun lol!
Roland D50 ==> still buried some legendary bike by its "warmth and grain" synth!
THE synthesis (or "Linear Arithmetic" - forms of PCM samples mixed with analog wave).
Year of manufacture 1987
Keyboard 5 octave velocity sensitive and aftertouch, pitch bend a wheel also used for modulation.
16 voice polyphony, 4 part (Each patch consists of two tones, "Upper" and "Lower", each of which is itself composed of two partial).
64 presets + 64 presets card (optional)
Chorus + reverb effects, and a small joystick that allows change the value of parameters and also playing on the balance between the two voices each and every one of their partial.
It has connectors Midi In / Out / Thru, two stereo outputs (one for each voice), a headphone jack as well as sustain pedal and expression.


Manuel found on the net, easy to use, but against for editing is a different story! LA is a study in itself, there are fortunately some tutorials on the net, but I'm always looking for a good book that I have to say will help me.
Once the principle of LA + - + even if you want to ease editing your sounds, you can still find PG1000 (midi controller D50 and D550) but sold at prices ridiculously high, so point D50 owners finally ended up turning to PC-based editing programs, which is not to the advantage of those who offer for sale and thought PG1000 hold "the" treasure of the century! !
(I've seen some ads PG1000-old + 1 year, and the price tends to go down a little in some)! personal if I wanted to "really" a PG1000, maybe I will put 150 view € 200 but not more! Thank you for computing down to earth a few feet olibrius!
FYI, the Peavey PC1600 also control noon D50 honorably.


Well that sounds old, keep a certain charm to the nostalgic ("Fantasia", "Soundtrack", "Pizzagogo" or "Digital Native Dance", employees and re-re-re-employed by the artists of the time) However I think the D50 could have some fun young people who want to discover LA
Hargh yes the keyboard is a bit tired after decades (for the velocity of 0-100 but it will, but you can go from 100 to 127 deal with the club or jumping foot attached above)! against by the synth sounds great and expresses its potential when it is driven from a good master keyboard. I use it for a Cakewalk A800 Pro which has been modified (slightly weighted) and it is more sensitive to the aftertouch, and there is a real treat!


I've had + - 1 year, I always dreamed to have one.
some of its sounds are classic, others are a little squeaker, but when we go to edit is automatically another world!

between 200 and 300 € this is still a reasonable price, but no more.

I had a JD800 that has cast me (nothing like you tell me ..), but I much prefer the D50 it a inimitable grain and retains a certain charm despite age are! On the other hand it is a synth that has influenced a generation and who will delight nostalgic old teens! Some on an old classic car in their garage, me it is a D50 in my room, I, j'le guard j'le not sell lol!

starfred's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" roland d-50 i love you"

Roland D-50
hello roland d-50 did nothing wrong!
it is perfect FUNCTIONING
purchased in 1989 til this day it is super
no breath-no misery quelquonque
knob and the two are glisier nikel
twelve o'clock the decision not to play as jack
and the display panel no worries either


very simple meme without pg1000 not need this thing


bonbe the meme as it still reserve sonnor especially with map
I pa decoder is two and a M256 and original card to recharge
his factory is because I have a little program in the past


If you are like me, ie purchased new in 1989 is a time 15000ff
good advice to KEEP & warm with a small blanket for
Protects from dust, mine is the inpécable as if I had bought

Tin-Man's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" THE Synth ...."

Roland D-50
It is no longer the D50.
Not super easy to edit. A sound that makes the difference with other synths. Even those released since.
We have a D50 as it has a guitar that's fine. It separates rarely.

In addition, Sysex are easy to find on the net and the available sounds are really good. And very usable. Always.


Not easy to edit at first.

The manual is nickel


Sounds present + qq sounds found on the net and rolls ... Nimporte what type of music can find something.


I use it since its release (1987/1988)

The + + + = this synth is the sound (it's stupid for an answer but I found nothing ...)

This choice I would do without hesitation.

Seith's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" I cracked it is!"

Roland D-50
synth keyboard 61 keys (not very long), light touch to a game very quickly
Stick multidirectional
pitch bend / modulation
for the edit drop the pg-1000 hard to find and expensive it is a very cool freeware editor
gestd50 ...
16 channels polyphony (I think)
minimal effects reverb / modulation


the config is not one bit simpler, everything is quite easily accessible unless the buttons become capricious
to edit gestd50 nickel
the manual? bof I never opened a while!


sounds appropriate to me, yeah, I'm old I grew up with the sounds of those old bikes in leitmotif throughout the hits of the "80/90", genes and other groups of that time have used this machine architecture not to mention jar, pressed to name the Frenchies, but also a lot of pop singers, Paul Young etc ....
effects are average but at the time we not all drowned in the sauce as now fx
I preferr pads and tablecloths and digital sounds
I do not like the flutes and the calliope, but it's the same on all machines


I've had it for 3 years young and I just buy (the midlife crisis)
I had lots of bikes from Yamaha Kurzweil via e-mu ... etc.
I will not tell Bobara saying that it is the bike of the century with a crazy sound!!
is a machine to crush and his athypique pechu but those who do not have the culture of his past would not join is not dreaming and there are better long ago. I'll store it next to a DX7 II fd like a trophy from time to time I insert it in a project as a nod to the past
this series of glorious synth Rolands father whose sound has long panel doors of the heritage of sound-50
quality price ratio is not important as sentimental

petitsynthe's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" to complete a set of synthesizers 80 's"

Roland D-50
Good touch but it seems that over time the contact will get hurt (if so, use a pencil very fat on the contacts button, it is advice that I read from another on an old Keyboards).
Having said that mine works perfectly at all levels (as long as it lasts, the buttons are pretty cheap anyway)
Attention, it is not multitimbral (only a split of 2 sounds) but it does not matter to play live or if you have other synths.


Better to use a computer editor or a PG-1000 because it is ultimately not much more ergonomic than a DX.


Is the ancestor of the sample-playback synths so some sounds seem familliers but with different sizes:

- The sound is "full", almost wholesale, see "hot", I think with less treble which is not bad either (eg comparison made with the patch "Fantasia" in 1080 of a JV 1995).
- You can modulate a wave thanks to the PWM, as in analog synthesizers, which has not been the case on the following generations of synth-based samples such as the JD-800, 1991.
- The attack is only sampled: it gives a side that will not original hybrid synths lately (at least they are rarely programmed preset in this way even though it is technically possible)

The original patches are known architect who has lived in the late eighties (jar: revolution, the great blue to name the best known, others are on this great site: roland_d-50/d-50_examples.html).

But there are lots of sounds, sometimes excellent, on the net!

As always with old synths, sounds the most interesting sounds are synthetic, ie which do not mimic, if not better to buy the latest fashionable workstation (which I will still do in a few months hehe!).


For the price (250 euros) and given the state of nickel, I can say I did rather a bargain! (Only regret I let the PG-1000 controller to 150 euros)
This is an excellent synth that will perfectly complement a DX7 and a Juno 60 for example.
That said there are still well-typed late "eighties" (I repeat, I really enjoy these sounds!) And will avoid all "technomen" gesturing toward them that real analog or VA

Sure, the D-50 will not be indifferent!


sonic75's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland D-50
1987 ...


Quite laborious to program without the right PG but be patient


1987 ... The D50 is not made for realistic sounds such as piano, guitar and trombone, is an incredible power and heat in the grain inimitable, one can raproche analog sound. Cool sounds for leads, basses, organs and tablecloths. Too bad for the breath output.


Super tough and very good build quality, it changes the machines made in China "today! He has a unique grain and is very reliable (of course we must take care). Do not look for the 1001 presets ready to be played with lots of effects like the worstations today, the D50 is a REAL synth requires a little creativity and patience to achieve incomparable sound.

Aurochs4's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland D-50
The features says it all!
Attention to how this synth sysex who was one of the first to be completely ditables in this mode (instead of using small packet (64 rather than 256)). This synth is probably not bug-free (such as tr-909). His interfaage can be capricious in a modern studio. "Midi Communication Error".

The advantage if you use a master keyboard Roland A-xx (A-80 and A-90, etc.) is used directly without setup, thanks to the sysex mode.

It lacks a flat output has to bypass the effects (some ice), although it can also disable the effects


It is not to say that it is super simple, there is still the complexity of shipping if no lon software ad hoc! against by the joystick which is in my opinion it is a Russianness dinterfaage. It sure did laugh a little, a synth with a joystick! Put it up and start hacking, it's really nice that thing!!
SysExD50 remains the fastest software for the edition of sounds, and management of banks, I mean simple, fast and cheap. The internal routing would have been MRIT of being a little more hollow missing assignments at work on PCM. The PG-1000 is its surface CONTRL dpoque, which allows visually davoir paramtrage plutt quen knob in digital value, I think it's true ncessaire the programmer.

Point ngatif and restoration, cest dusure component aging, I do not pose problem synthscest restore my passion, but I regret the whole range of this era of Roland SAVINGS small knobs on linear trs trs low-end (Likewise, the low profile alpoque uses almost the first prize), the snaps are just average. The keyboard nest not bad, not great either nest (it is lgrement ballast), the ribbon is hard to pass daftertouch years. Rubber Contact Strip The keys are almost all clean or change to regain VLOC. The hatch has memory card is pointing Fawn dusts and swallow well cest russia! connectivity gnralement noon is a synthetic substitute, especially if the shot (set in the decision). Srigraphie painted quite fragile, it would have the same solidity as srigraphie larrire used on the synth (though stronger due to marketing!).

Lintrieur bte this is quite complex and dense, I think ending for a tutorial on how to restore this synth (including finding the spices dtach). He asks really work and it's worth

WARNING if you change the battery off you lose the sounds Dusina! you can recharge them with SysExD50 (factory preset)


The surprise there is a fall on his ass. is a pure synth! making synth sounds. You go up in the factory presets many sounds heard many times (I-11 Fantasia, used in the Mac Giver SERIES, I-81 in Direct by Vangelis - The Will Of The Wind etc.)
Some sounds are really big, dharmonique stuff, sometimes hard to mix but what is the juice inside!!


Despite the age synth that is (was) a must, it is far from has-been, if we take the time to program a few banks to customize the plant too much time listening. Given the price is purchase a can not miss, must be a little handy and you'll almost "like new". I always take a lot of fun to play on it, it is one of my favorite synths! araprendre is surely something of this synth compared to today's modern synths.

visionproject's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland D-50
I possde a D50 8 multitimbral midi channels ....


Ram with 6 suplmentaires to store internal sounds 8 times 64 ....


It DECODER PA / multidimentional expensive ... a box German manufacturing trs stop quickly, just before I order the / 8 analog audio outputs spars ...


Owners of version DECODER PA, would do well to keep it, it is scarce.

rico007's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland D-50
Opportunities still trs INTERESTED, keyboard with aftertouch, trs good chorus. The joystick is rev apprciable to quickly create custom settings and play time tural balance of tones.


Once we have understood the architecture, edition sounds simple enough, even if we drift a bit in the menus.
The keyboard is flexible and enjoyable trs. It is a rugged keyboard, not a plasticky toy. 11 kg even when ....


So I am the litrallement fell in love, this keyboard has guts! A little breath and aliasing, but nothing Gnant the contrary. A synthetic pure juice, with many low fat and powerful, treble clear. As trs utiliss in the 80 and 90 patches of plants back memories .... The D50 lets you create beautiful tablecloths good planner. Only small complaint, the filter just limit a single mode (low pass).


The D50 is one of the best synth I had hands, a mythical machine which does not spare! Even if it does better level now possible in regard to its many modern keyboards are far from having the "juice" and the personality of the D50.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland D-50
Synth typical 80 ', 64 a bank's internal sound card + another RAM or ROM. Controller Roland usual with a vector joystick and more. The three audio outputs and MIDI usual. The chorus and delay effects are absolutely beautiful and Intgr trs dense, and all Fully ditable. Polyphony 16 voices.


The config will parraitre complicated for a novice of the D-50, but for me as a regular menus are submenus have no secrets ... The manual is very well done and comprhensible.


I had a lot of synth numriques, analog and analog modlisation of all kinds (Triton, JV-80, DX7, M1, WAS, JV-1080, Raven, Access Virus C, JUNO106, JUNO60, Nordlead, JP8000, Micro-korg, etc) and I have to say the Roland D-50 remains for me one of the best in synth sounds. It has the PCHE, it is powerful, all the synthetic sounds are superb, whether tablecloths, organs, leads or effects, for pianos and guitars have to go his way because it is not done to a!
I use it for years in complment other machines and if I had not my components would be sad and without potato. But do not just internal sounds, look on the net to load sounds made or the same as you have worth!


I use it for a decade, I bought it almost 10 years APRS its release in 1987 because I wanted to be absolutely silent even if it Exceeds dj for a lot of people.
I do not regret a moment and I never spare. It is a legendary synth. It's not for nothing that WYD has used 80% for all the songs in the album "Rvolution" and other compounds that have followed.