Korg microStation
Korg microStation

microStation, Digital Synth from Korg in the micro series.

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Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 6 reviews )
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 3 reviews50 %
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mrjason's review"great for gigging"

Korg microStation
The Korg Microstation Micro has a built in sequencer on it. That was a huge deal with me because most of the similar models that I have used in the past did not have a sequencer on it. So I was very curious has to how good the sequencer actually was on the Korg Microstation. The Korg Microstation is very affordable, it is a 61 key synth that has full MIDI capabilities and 480 professional sounding presets that are ready to go. This keyboard is small and compact, making it perfect for the gigging musician or someone who travels a lot from studio to studio like I do. It does come with a manual that will give you all of the basics of using the keyboard and break down the 16 track sequencer to you.


The Korg Microstation has 512 programs and 480 are preloaded. There are 48 drum kits and most of them are pretty good even though I don’t use drum kits from key boards I still found myself using a few of these kits.


Setting up the Korg Microstation was quick and simple, there was nothing to it. Just turn it on and starting going through your sounds. There are 5 insert effects and 2 master effects. With a total of 134 effect types you will never run out of effects on the Korg Microstation.


The sequencer has 16 MIDI tracks and 1 master track. There are 128 songs on the Korg Microstation with an on board BPM. The interface is very easy to understand and going through your sounds are easy. There are not a bunch of different menu’s to shift or scroll through to find what you want making it a perfect board for performing with. I fell in love with the Korg Microstation the first time I tried it out.

yoTrakkz's review"good board"

Korg microStation

I´m impressed on the quality of the sounds on the Korg Micro Station. The first time I used it was in a practice and everyone at first were curious that I left my M3-73 at home and brought this instead. They were amazed that this little keyboard was enough to fill the gap for the practice! At the beginning its weird to switch from the normal size keys to the mini-keys back and forth, but now I can say that I´m used to it. But I want to say as a user that I´m more than satisfied with what you can do with the microstation.


I took one sound from it that I really liked (specifically the Fantom EP) and I could reproduce it, param by param on the M3, showing that it shares a similar synth engine. I has also some of the sounds present in the M3. I see this as a synth module with mini-keys, as I also connect it to an stage piano using midi and play live with the microstation using the synth engine of it to generate the sounds and the 88 normal keys of the piano. There are many options for me with this.


The only 2 cons for me is that 1) you need to connect it to the laptop and use the editor for advanced edition since the display is very small, but I understand that is also related to the price, and if you want more you have the M-50 or the M-3. 2) I would like to have rhythm patterns in program mode as the M3 does.


Strings and brass especially nice. only one pedal input, but using a second unit or midi full size means u can plug an exp pedal in as well, all meets up at baby keys. the trick to realizing it plays nice with ur fingers, was putting at right height on a real stand. uses sd card up to 2 gig to save patches and sequences. just use it as a gigger, be happy, it will work great for you.


tomatopix's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very good little machine"

Korg microStation
To supplement what has already been said ... the mini keys is not always easy but it is true that after a while you get used to it ... and even began to forget. The keyboard is small but not unpleasant.

At the argus is around 250 euros ... and it really is! I looked at the Korg Kross a little more complete (audio recording) and a normal keyboard but 2 times more expensive!


The manual ... this is not happiness. Even the pdf manual is sometimes very elliptical.
For example, to understand how to save movies on a map, this is incomprehensible. Fortunately there is a very good video on youtube Manual Korg!

Otherwise, once you understand the principle everything is well done ... it is even possible to edit MIDI tracks on the small screen of 2 lines. It was one of my concerns. Please note, we do not do miracles on the small screen: copy, paste, repeat ... but it's quite doable. Then you can go on the PC tool.

Parts for batteries, a "grid" you can rapido at least a first rhythm to wedge the lower parts etc (I hate playing over a click) then left to replace it with a trick played in real time.


In terms of sound it's really good when you look at the size (and length) of the machine. I believe that all opinions agree.


I played with for a few weeks but always with the same pleasure. I was looking for a portable keyboard to easily tweak when I go on vacation and there is unbeatable + 2/3 of what quickly record ideas keyboard / bass / drums and there is also no fault: fast and efficient.

klikklak's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"a marvel!"

Korg microStation
I 61 Mini-velocity-sensitive keys
ï-i engine sound EDS (Enhanced Definition Synthesis-integrated)
I 480 sounds, including keyboards, synthesizers, batteries, leads, basses
ï 512 editable programs
ï 384 dynamic combinations on the keyboard with a split of the latter (256 preloaded)
ï 256 programs + 9 GM2 drum programs GM2
ï multisamples 360 and 484 drum samples, including 24 stereo
ï Up to 120 voice polyphony
ï 2 oscillators each with 4 velocity zones
ï 2 envelope generators per voice, 2 LFOs
ï 4 filter routings (single, serial, parallel and 24dB) and 2 multimode filters per voice (highpass, lowpass, bandpass and band reject)
I 5 insert effects, 2 master effects, a global effect, to choose between 134 kinds of effects
ï 8 categories quickly accessible with hundreds Audition Riffs for pre-listening to the sounds selected
ï Drum machine with 48 drum kits (25 preloaded)
ï recorder loops, sequencer, arpeggiator two, models of songs, and Auto Song Setup
ï MIDI Sequencer 16 tracks + 1 master track, with a total memory of 210 000 events
ï back-lit LCD display with 2 lines and 16 characters
ï 2 outputs asymmetric mono jack 6.3mm
ï Headphone stereo mini jack 3.5mm


it's in the box, the piano, a manual, CD PC, and AC adapter.
then t opens the manual epai as a dictionary, and ........... ben nothing. Manual sucks translated into 12 languages ​​for t explain how to connect. great. which is useless.
your front of your piano, and you wonder how you will do something to catch the mini screen as two lines is filled with sub menu is full of Partou button.
then to the complexity of such a machine you play makes you a few lines, you aproach t you blow an eyelash that c is gently placed on the grave marblers black t you see him you're going in "mortal shit" out This darkness strewn noséabonde smell, merdum! my dog ​​just Caguas.

then you get up, cleaning preparations you the soil of your room until the smell engulfed s in which s sweating drained from my face on those miniature keys, you smoke a cigarette history redécendre a can while enjoying the beauty of this small jewelry parailleur sounds super mega good. and you say, yours! i will see what he puts on the CD. and bingo! THE MANUAL.
in FRENCH! ouaiiii!
but for once c is a real dictionary. with this manual you become a sound technician directly.
has less of the aboird be able to understand, has this manual.
manouel manouel! habla MÉ france pleaze!

chinoix but the good with the good will we arrive discovered a few basics that you are allowed to return to the abundance of what we aporte this little gem.

then the configuration is simple, everything is relative. dison that we can make a simple operation so that there is a world in this box.
it can be used in flying over the basic functions can not fetch the pro thing, and already making good production but can also can enter a more complex in that we OFFER the piano, and everything in between sub menu that allows us then to work in a depth worthy of a studio. not without laughter.
c is AC is good in this piano, is that is is loaded with super complicated option that can be used simply so without taking the head and do something very well, be by taking out the head and something GENIALLISIME . looped over, then the real work of pro with a sound that my faith remains highly credible. the effect that can be used to record in real time as afterplay.
effects that can either insert submenu quite accurately, either by dial, with ue quality pretty impressive, of course AC is not worth the analog, but really is quite c bleufant. have much to do. c is a studio. wrorkstation a true.
sequence, loopeur loopstation, playmute to play with the track live, c is the foot.
a real pleasure, which can combine and professionalism and simple jam, or hack a vacancy, I don not expect better.

and yet I'm about four days of having, and is full of stuff to see, to do that I'm in my early surprise.
At first it al look super complicated then grip after a few days, the use avere s easy enough for the complexity of the beast and the smallness of the screen that a good faith aqui absolutely not interfere in anything.
sy just put in like a smell noséabonde, and over time, hop, its smells of roses.


there is a giant of his Planel, I find that rather realistic and more are modifiable shou has therefore can be everything.
the reaction velocity and aftertouch expression, smoothness and efficiency, mmmmmmm delicious, you can put feeling, tears in her keys, c is great. I shall be happy to play with just AC. a response key with which one can put his own sensibility into the piece playing with ca. really delicious. J have rarely been seduced by a keyboard at this level. the hat. Maybe it's the kids touch the fact that al expression react faster manner, but in any case, c is a strong point of this piano I think.

I adore the sound of "piano ballad" sounding of the library's piano, with a bit of cut off, lowering the envellope, c is not the sound that wiggles, c is my blood, especially with this system of key feedback This its the m envellope simply. too good.


I been using it for a week before him j I played piano on all sorts of acoustic piano electronic piano, little orgue_synthé, pinaosynthé below basic game.

korg c is my first and I am delighted with.

I adore this piano from the bottom up, from right to left, up and wide in front as back, a jewelry quality Raport an amazing price!
I would do without this choice problem, unless they did the same with the possibility of "audio in" to sample the voice samples.

AC apart, I am seduced afond on this piano, a real studio all by himself that I use for now without a PC, with its humility and its beauty, then an electric piano that has a soul. it follows the sensitivity of games with extreme flexibility.
small buttons that are a real pleasure for me, of a problem for another.
Very happy! :)

sined81's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"very good quality / price / weight ...!!!"

Korg microStation
"EXO.C" summarized the characteristics of this device, in the following notice ...
but if you want details, here's the doc: https://www.mediafire.com/?zb1tq13xrbdm50t

Regarding the software, although quite comprehensive publishing programs, combinations, etc. ... however, it is a bit light at the "finalizing", I mean is that engineers have not done their job all the way .... to know that some functions do not work, and had they taken the time to try this program with the VSAT configuration, they realized it would probably ... as well as when working with multiple windows and accidentally instead of "reduce" is the "farm" (there is little distance between the two functions), it is good to close the sequencing software (for me "cakewalk") in order to then re-open "microstation Editor" that will again synchronize the contents of VSAT .... and what a waste of time .... a mere confirmation of closure would have been wise but hey .... yeah, 485 € ...!!!!


So .... first of all, if you do not connect the microsite on your Mac or PC, you'll quickly limited by the edition, very difficult on the small screen .... but to scroll through the programs and combinations, no need for a big screen .... the synth is enough ... and at first, listening to the samples is important to consider working in multitimbral, it's the highlight of this machine. Moreover, certain features are only accessible by the software, such as editing of drum kits.
With a few dozen hours of use under my belt, I can now say that if the product is great for various reasons, the doc, for its part, is well below the minimum we are able to wait of such gas plant ... it is very incomplete, and for my part, I did not find any answer to my various problems .... no chapter nor the software, apart from "how to install the program "... thank you Mister Korg ... it's good doc on the cheap, I was ready to add more for a 100E manual worthy of that name, who would save time .. . and time is ....!!!! but for the grip, how to unpack the device and plug the transformer, it is at the top ....
That is the chapter on "Using the user" I am a bit harsh but I really pissed off, as if this keyboard was designed to offer Noel nephew, hoping that it does has no desire to go beyond pum-ta-pum-pum ....
As for editing sounds, there is great, with the software of course ... ditto for wetsuits, it's the same principle .... on the other hand, a little sluggish responsiveness when acting on buttons Virtual ... latency .... maybe due to my PC that is not last generation .... and if a sequence runs, there must squarely forget ...!!!


Regarding the quality of sound, has everything, but overall, it's nice, and very versatile ...
Me, I'm more attracted by the sounds of acoustic share my work and my musical culture, but for those who want to indulge in the joys of electronic music, plenty to do ... and with the 4 control knobs (assignable to whatever you want), it's magic ...
In fact, the basic sounds are pretty average overall, but with the 5 insert effects plus two master effects and the overall effect, you get something really good ... but it takes a certain experience to go straight to the point ... there are among the effects, amp simulators, and other rotary speakers, and everything is customizable and savable ...!!! ...
The velocity of the keyboard is good, considering the fact that it is a "mini", bad, no aftertouch ....
To return to the sounds, I almost forgot ... the acoustic piano are pathetic ... in the best cases, should be drowned in the mix ... but the piano style "M1" is as bad as a M1 ... sorry for those who love ...
The Fender Rhodes, on the other hand are very nice and very realistic ... a real pleasure ....
The strings are also successful, beautiful attacks for violins, cellos, basses, sets of strings that sound great .... I will not enumerate the list of all stamps, but I'm willing to give you an opinion, even a sample for a specific sound (there is a link on the list of prog. wetsuits and ... it will give an idea of ​​the range)


Should not forget to mention the two arpeggiators seen there as well ... ... we can create with the software as many arpeggios that has ideas ... and of course it is possible to assign volume each arpeggio with a knob control .. live is the top ...!!! and the control knobs, they can also act on an external MIDI device, like digital mixer ..
I would not use the sequencer for that part I do not use it and I probably would not use ever ... I'm on my sequences Cakewalk, and I transferred into the VSAT on SD card.


I bought this keyboard there about 3 weeks in Michenaud (Nantes), Internet, ordered on Tuesday at 16.00, received on Wednesday at 12:30 ... I take this opportunity to recommend this shop ... if allowed ...
I spent many days or nights with work, I lug around everywhere, it plugs in 3 minutes and it weighs less than a chicken .... this keyboard, despite its low weight, is of serious charges, Guaranteed 3 years ...
Before buying, I go around all that exists keyboard workstation through the various demos that I found on the net ... my budget was 500 € (yes, it is the crisis ....), thus, this choice was as economical ... but mostly I wanted a versatile keyboard that can follow me everywhere without having to lower the seats of the car ..!!! when the little touches, if it has no intention of embarking on major concertos, it is only a matter of adaptation ...
In conclusion, the price / quality ratio seems unbeatable, or tell me I'm wrong ...!!
Of course, I am very happy with this choice that opens new horizons for months, perhaps years to come ... and if I were to win the lottery, I would buy a carry bag ....
Malette Baldwin12/03/2010

Malette Baldwin's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Highly recommend"

Korg microStation
61 mini keys (must be used!)
Its too .. Bass, Piano, Synth, Guitar, Voice, Lead, huge drum kit ...
Each sound can be changed in real time, plus you can edit your own sounds and save them ..
Several effects such as cut, resonance, delay, etc. ..
Combi mode where you can play up to 16 sounds at the same time Split the keyboard in different ways ...
Sequencer 16 tracks (high performance), quantification (realigned the sound), loop recording ...
There are 2 mode arpeggiator (over umpteen different arpeggio assignable to a sound)


I warn everyone, I wanted to give my opinion because I searched a lot of forum and I did not find, so here goes ... I'm not a musician, but passionate at the base, I made the beats (Rap) on MPC 1000 and I was looking for a keyboard, with a wide range of sound, more changeable, to vary my instrument (chorus, etc.. ...). So I turned to VSAT, without really knowing what to expect, and frankly I'm very happy, very easy handling, user employs a simple, rapid creation, etc ...
Basically I had focused on Gaia roland juno thence, I did not really .. ....


The sounds are deep, we find all the classic sounds, pianos, bass, guitar .. etc. ... over there quite a nap, and especially a wide choice in drumkits ...
effects are very realistic, one can start with a bass sound and fiddling away with a slick dark, a sound guitard dry it can happen to a synth heavy, etc. .... everything is adjustable at will, so it's nice ..
After, as this is only the second keyboard I have (before I had the roland SK500) I can not say it's better than this ... or if
I made several tutorial for those like me who wanted to know a little about how it was used ..




The purpose of these tutorial are really about how you can quickly make a sound with its VSAT .. in the latter, in the end I put his own once resequenced using cubase ..


Very good machine, I remake my purchase with no problem ...

the +: sequencer, multi track very convenient to easily create instruments ..
Direct effects assignable ...
The sound in general (a broad choice ....)

The -: Too bad he does is not an integrated sampler, if somebody know the same kind of synth with a sampler built, please let me know I sold my MPC and my MicroStation to acquire ... !!
Too bad we can not export the sound track by track direct wave (ressampler have any in the MPC and all go via the USB plug into the computer for resequence in Cubase) ... taf a Titan but not impossible and if it kills, it's really worth it .. except with software you can do, I am not yet addressed above (too complex to first printing)
I hope I was clear enough for everyone ... Big up to Audiofanzine