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Kurzweil Digital Synths user reviews

  • Kurzweil PC1X

    Kurzweil PC1X - webbkline's review


    Full 88 key weighted keyboard. Typical no-frills stereo analog outputs, midi-in, out, through, 2 ports for damper and volume pedal. Nice, diverse bank of effects which are easily edited or disabled when necessary. 4 rotary controls which perform a …

Translated user reviews
  • Kurzweil K1000

    Kurzweil K1000 - " class"


    76-key weighted sensory nice although the depression is not quite that are Features piano touch that reminds a bit of hammond b3 LP 100 ... but much better than synths, piano keyboardist suitable for organ UTILIZATION no manual French, for me t…

  • Kurzweil PC2

    Kurzweil PC2 - captainpalmer's review


    Everybody knows 6 octave keyboard and dusts, excellent touch and adjustable. not a touch of piano, but it is perfectly adapted the instrument is not just a piano ... Many sounds, updates as and disposed of revolutions (always come in Kurzweil). C…

  • Kurzweil PC161

    Kurzweil PC161 - powerchordfx's review


    It's just a PC-1 in 61 keys. Everything is the same, the record book is also that of the PC-1 (including the possibility of him putting a Super Ribbon Controller !!!!!!!!) Note: there is a function Midi Merge and remap GM ... UTILIZATION Thi…

  • Kurzweil K1000

    Kurzweil K1000 - gravili's review


    Complete the guy! It's really not a machine rescente but still has potential. -76 Agile keys. No this is not a mcanique hammer, each key is nimble (I know I disassemble more than once !!!). -The key card is that of a synth. -Two knobs, one fo…

  • Kurzweil K1000

    Kurzweil K1000 - gillou38's review


    Nimble keyboard with semi mass of lead in keys (it's heavy) 76 Notes is more than 61 (synthe standard) but when even less than 88 (Piano) 2 assignable pedal input sw 2 wheel assignable Sounds like Piano / Organ / Voice / String Edition supe…

  • Kurzweil K1000

    Kurzweil K1000 - louisdom's review


    Virtual synth piano. ocatve in the least, that's detail! 216 sounds in total. Sounds editable after understanding how it works. UTILIZATION I just bought the K1000, it has almost been given. I use it as main keyboard for jamming and compo…

  • Kurzweil PC2X

    Kurzweil PC2X - remi.max's review


    The Black PC2X Kurzweil is for me a wonderful vritable ... The sounds are simply the bte poustouflants! The miracle (or misfortune) is that it does great harm distribution in France ... The happy owners of Black PC2X trs are not many ... So the mac…

  • Kurzweil PC2X

    Kurzweil PC2X - John Petrucci's review


    88-key hammer (yes, yes ...) 4 Sliders compltement paramtrables Pedals can be connected above 5 (2 style EV-5, and 3 switches) There's also the famous Ribbon you can set option (90euros) Too cool this thing! 32MB Kurzweil sounds, and there is…

  • Kurzweil PC2X

    Kurzweil PC2X - Narber's review


    PC2X: Midi Setup set to control a sound module Roland SCD70. The + / - is confusing, it is a long time to understand it puts your digital values ​​captured before or after the colon. If you want to dispose of its Tambra Atmos is 100-11, one mus…