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camillo7505 06/17/2004

Kurzweil PC1X : camillo7505's user review


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It is a 88-note keyboard with one developed in partnership with Steinway. For those unfamiliar with this brand of pianos in concert I think it is fair to say that Steinway & Sons is among the three most prestigious brands. Obviously I'm not saying that the keyboard is duPC1X copy of a Steinway. However, it is by far the best keyboard digital piano to reach the market.
I m that was a referral to a Roland RD700 ..... fortunately that I have crossed the path of ALEXIS CALANDRY backline and pianos!!

Sound side it has 380 tones (including a very interesting bank GM). We can add an expansion card for additional sounds. The effects are worthy of the greatest racks as LEXICON, TC electronics etc ... In short: the ultimate.

The connector is identical to what can be found in the Competition (the PC2X him is at a level above). A sustain pedal is supplied in addition to the device (which n is not seen anything that you pretty much have to make the purchase when it is provided in competition).


Touch is excellent. the ultimate. Truly unique compared to the roland, korg or yamaha's. It is this that we can find better. C is really the key of superlatives (according to an EX graduated from the Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris).

The config is simple and uneventful. easy to use.
The manual is clear and thin (very well done)


What about sound ....??? THEY ARE EXCEPTIONAL !!!!! The work of goldsmith.
The still nothing compares to the competition. The samples were mostly keyboards and pianos most notable market (even that is done in VST plug does not come close to the height!). Every note is reproduced with a quality concerns pushed to the extreme.
We believed from the first notes on the keyboard of the greatest concert grand pianos.

Little extra for me is a pleasant surprise: there are voice samples of the most beautiful effect (sample CD TAKE SIX ..... that is the best CD).
All sounds are usable! Here c is the not ready to play at home or some brands only a few sounds can be used.


I do not use the the last few days but the first notes I was seduced j. The keyboard is one of unquestionable quality and without comparison to other brands on the market (j've spent months trying everything that was done in digital pianos so J had time to get an idea).
Myself being a pianist I have to say that the quality of samples is stirring. Person at the moment n is able to provide, both in yamaha korg roland or a quality keyboard and piano sounds as good (and more is at stake ... The pcx costs only 1490 euros) .
I want to thank before concluding this brief comment BACKLINE the store and Piano and particularly Mr Alex CALANDRY who knew me learn, listen and answer as accurately as I expected the most advanced. I was skeptical that (buy an instrument without trying) I do not regret my purchase and I would say that if c had to be rebuilt .... j buy a second!

Thank you BACKLINE & Piano

PS: many will say that n is KURZWEIL available in France. No it is not! if you go to the website of www.KURZWEIL.DK you will see that the brand is distributed in France and is represented by Alexi CALANDRY ... so ..... no soucy!!