Roland V-Synth
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All user reviews for the Roland V-Synth

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Average Score:4.4( 4.4/5 based on 8 reviews )
 4 reviews50 %
 3 reviews38 %
 1 user review13 %
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sergiosergio01's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Huge!"

Roland V-Synth
Between Audiofanzine, youtube .... everything has been said about the v synth


The manual is useful for some operations, but use is fairly intuitive.


The sound quality of the V Synth is HUGE! ! !
I've had little time, and the few models that I just realized with sound much better (much cleaner, clear, huge, more tangibly pro) than any other synth, bar, Plugins ... I had used before.
This instrument has qualities ENORMISSIMES Audios! ! !


My only regret I did not have the card VC-2.

Otherwise, the sound monstrous, touch (type synth) very nice, the range of controllers makes exteme expressive: Perfect! Oh yes I would do this choice!

I read several times that the GT was less careful about the pots, textured plastic, touched. I hope this is false because the perfection of the V Synth gives eager to discover the advanced successor (unfortunately very expensive).

Thiti13's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland V-Synth
What type of keyboard (synth, piano ...)? How many octaves?
Synth, 5 octaves (61 keys)

What connection (Audio, MIDI, Pedal ...)?
3 outputs Midi (In, Out, Through), one audio output, headphone output, pedal ... and a USB output

How many sounds, effects? What styles? Are they edited?
There are 512 patches, all editable. You can find anything but the best are in electro. Level effects, the dual D-Beam and the "Time Trip Pad" (top left of the keyboard) are very friendly.


The general configuration is it simple?
At first, no. But reading the manual a bit, we come to get away fast enough.

Editing sounds and effects is it easy?
It is complicated, we must, in addition to reading the manual, "hack" just to see the potential (huge) machine. But once you get the basics, it's the bomb!

The manual is clear and sufficient?
Pretty impressive, I think it lacks a more complete description of all effects and editing sounds. Sometimes it takes a little searching on your own. But the manual is still quite full.


The sounds they are suitable to your style of music?
Me making techno, dance, trance, I can tell you that it's killing! Sounds (synths, leads, basses, FX), arpeggios, and editing capabilities are wonderful. Well, like any synth, some are pathetic, but overall it's very very good.

Are they realistic?
Not at all! Apart from some electric guitar sounds, which make great, acoustic sounds are not very good. At the same time, this is not the purpose of this synth ...
Black spot for me, it lacks a good piano (to make the dream) ... Fortunately, the sampler, and also having an MC-808 (which itself has piano sounds) can solve the problem ... phew!

The effects are they effective and responsive?
The effects are numerous, and for me even outperform those of the MC-808 (already good)! The arpeggiator is a bomb. I have never seen such a practical and intuitive.


How long have you use it?
I've had five months.

What is so special that you like best?
Maps + VC-1 and VC2, which I purchased with the synthesizer, are also excellent (especially the VC-2, which is Vocoder)
The knobs +
The touch screen +
+ The electronic sounds great, and fundamentally change
+ The arpeggiator, simplicity and efficiency fabulous
+ The sampler

- A bit complex (at least initially)
- A multitimbral could have been a little more worked
- Some sounds that seem to be there "to the number" (like many synths notice)
- Must reboot the synth when you want to use the card and VC-1 VC-2 (fixed in version XT rack apparently)

Have you tried many other models before buying it?
I have tried many, including the Virus TI Snow - also excellent! - But I wanted a "real" keyboard, not a rack.

How would you rate the quality / price?
Because of competition from his younger brother (the V-Synth GT), its price fell sharply ... where a value quite exceptional in my opinion!

With experience, the choice would you do?
And how!

Pandore's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland V-Synth
See below


Practical use due to its routing and control, it provides a fairly intuitive use. on the other hand wanted to come to her it is necessary to spend some time on it. The advantage is that the media (website, videos ...) I just put a patch to work in a loop (this may take a day) and include it in Flash or Final Cut, and you're played. The advantage for me the V-Synth Vsti over different is that I tend to trade much more sound, to customize it, rather than using presets (maybe question of motivation, c ' is an inspiring synth). This does not prevent me from continuing to use Reactor, AAS Tassman the Spectrasonics and others, but it's worth it to have all orders on hand. At the virtual, I'm glad to see that the hardware manufacturers are able to provide a tool as powerful as the software interface but with a really appropriate and uncompromising.


I do not position on this issue as a musician, for that purpose is an album of different media (cd's to mp3) or live. The sound may seem actually cold (as well as software). Sure, it's not the analog (see the battle between childish lovers of andromeda and the v-synth on the forums), but nothing prevents to have both, it a good complement. My current solution to take advantage of both worlds is to put a sherman filterbank (mono :-() ass the v-synth and plug-in. If not for making tablecloths, fx, rhythmic electro crazy is the top for those who can be patient.
COSM effects are effective and fairly easy to operate and can be handled with the pad (a killing), the d-beam (great for rhythm, for use as a virtual percussionist) and two assignable knobs (ultimately very practical).


Taken together this makes two years that I use. After having leased, or used in taf customers now have mine and I do not part with it surely. I can not say if there are things I love more or less, I operated the better for all its qualities, that's all. Nothing is perfect, but for the weak points of a machine, I prefer around problems rather than stumble over me, so no sarcasm this machine is well designed.

psycho60's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland V-Synth
Synth / sampler 5 + octaves many controllers (d beam, tt pad, full of pots)


Synthe very not got hardly used the touch screen is very doc.l + practice many controllers (especially the TT pad). Exellent to live! Edition of the samples is facile.on can create original sounds facilement.une machine very well think


For a creator of sounds hardcore presets.dans must forget the version 2 you can experience the step modulator allowing sound to be from all over the place + all the LFO at each level of the structure of one sons.mon c is its regret froideur.en same time c is then c is the digital normale.par against the cosmetic effects I do not like them too, the MFX is good but there was that one has the analog sounds are good fois.les and can be quite thicken.


To make electronic music this synth is bon.mais planning a preamp for the part if PCM garantit.sampler a cold snap and his pass into the step modulator VariPhrase + + + MFX all LFO and Listen: result guaranteed.

cravates's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland V-Synth
The V-Synth is a synthtiseur but a sampler. The intgration of USB makes it easy to import sounds stored on the computer. The v-synth also has a good keyboard 61 keys trs. As for surfaces CONTRL, there is nothing to say.
Polyphony may seem a bit when the machine lgre turbine ... but as someone else said, there's room!


The interface on the touch screen is a feat * *.
Nanmoins I recommend reading the V-Synth Book / Beyond the reality because the manual Roland may, once again, a little nbuleux stepfather. The procedure is split, in particular, really convoluted and poorly documented.


There is nothing like the v-synth on the market. I saw some movement htifs two opinions on this synthtiseur:
- "Acoustic sounds are bad" is normal, there is no v-synth and has no t cr for this type of sound.
- "The andromeda takes at least everyone agrees" yes may be, but as an end, as the purchase of hartmann neuron (for groundwater) or, for the less fortunate, creamware noah of the (operating more direct than the neuron). Otherwise sunsyn, it is always better than the andromeda ...


In conclusion, the v-synth is a great synthtiseur. If I had my choice again, I would do the same, of course.

I updat the OS a few weeks ago (1.51> 2.0). This synth is a vritable bomb. the interface is nice and it's patches cre happy. If you have questions about this BCAN (do not buy it if synthse bothers you), you can contact me.

pico's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland V-Synth
Well I just made the purchase of the V-Synth Roland EXCLUSIVELY for tablecloths, sound fx, leads, and with good atmosphere and I must say it is good trs in these areas and really trs cratif, having once had a Korg Wavestation for the same reason, it is much more powerful and user-friendly, in addition to ergonomics is a top from the Nord Lead 3, I do not know any more synth ergonomic (for those with dj a little exprience in programming).
I also bought this synth to replace the VP-9000 before I sold down too much.


Very easy and friendly> it took me hours to understand all functions global, and although I am against by dcu on multitimbral mode which is really bad for a machine of this price? seen as the quality of the sounds of the possibility of import wave files I do not understand why he did not like on anywhere from one level of the synth mode mutlitimbral really work?
As for the sound is good in its Global trs by default against the other small quailt filters tvf I find it excellent on some sounds, but I trust the updates to the bone because I have version 1.1 and the site has ddi bte there is a version 1.5, so a j'espre amlioration in these areas because it would make this synth the best in its class (no concurrency for the price 2400 euros)
The strongest point is its touch screen is trs trs effective, I use only the buttons so it is user-friendly ergonomics.

(Rectification of 12/22/04) I dropped the note using the multichannel mode bacl a synth of this price! during the 5 months of use I have ever used on a single MIDI channel, otherwise it quickly became galre for all Settings, I eventually sold because I could not has use it in my components multitimbral mode without doing it the cheap synth! )


The sounds are great for tablecloths and sound fx to cratif trs leads, too, is arpgiateur gnial.
d.beam pad and are great for the change in real time and trs eficace to use live.
Trs something important to me the sound of the ringing modlisation trs MOOG? I would say a virtual Polymoog .. This is a sign of great musicality trs.


For this résumé if one uses this synth just for what he is doing better ie trs cratives tablecloths and original sound fx and beautiful scrolls and Leads that come out weird synths sounds a bit strotyps it is best in this CATEGORY by far ...
origins of the sounds are not good opportunities for the machines?? all the better for lovers of sounds like me!
Docteur Frog06/04/2003

Docteur Frog's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland V-Synth
It could have been a great keyboard, if the manufacturer had just taken a little step back considering what motivates intrinsquement musicians - sound hackers. Alas, there's so much weird, useless and insipid that I am to see what the ultra cheap toy made in china with a keyboard worthy of the master keyboard Evolution of five years ago in the rear - a ergonomics more complex you die with Systmes COSM1 COSM2 and that do not fall within the meaning of a synthse despite a multitude of intuitive potentiomtres edition of which are not even compatible edition of Control changes to external modules but only homeowners the machine. The D-Beam Stereo dclenche that for some reason and buttons that will not switch the 60 000 km ...
Ok possde the machine sounds of the big banks are INTERESTED possde but when this type of gear is not for use as sound factory ... but I invite you buy pre-amp for Apogee rchaufer everything because BP is trs acute and there is no depth in the sound. We are far from the sample set of mc909 which however should be the instigator of this keyboard.


Configuration: not glop! Ergonomics: No glop




For the price ... Okay ... You Save and buy you a real keyboard synthse: an Alesis ANDROMEDA! 2990 euros, He at least, it puts everyone agrees.

pitiremy's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland V-Synth
Superb sound quality machine is huge!

very well for the stage: many controllers that can tamper with the samples in all directions thanks to notemment pad.

The only problem is its polyphony, which I think is a fair bit but there is good margin.


Very easy to grip I used it on stage was ca 1 hour I had. Notemment thanks to very good factory patch.


The sounds are incredible, beautiful realism.
the effects are superb grace note at cosm system (you can put 2 per patch)


It's been two days that I use and it really is an exceptional machine.

it's true that it's a bit expensive but the investment is worth it.