Yamaha SY99
Yamaha SY99

SY99, Digital Synth from Yamaha in the SY series.

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Average Score:4.8( 4.8/5 based on 6 reviews )
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Aurochs4's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" This is the synth studio 90s"

Yamaha SY99
I think everything has already been said!
Lack a USB or Firewire port, but in 1991 .... ! For 1991 it is simply the top of what we were doing.


If we're talking pure use of the machine, we can not say that it shines in its simplicity knowing that the number of parameters is very high on the SY99, this can prove to be daunting on. I myself have struggled with many SY all that characteristic of being complicated synths. Yamaha SY and the doc is imperative, little is intuitive, fortunately the doc is quite clear and can quickly learn to use the main functions, then everyone has to try to improve. Even then we could do better. Editing software is highly desired to operate the machine in its nooks and crannies. The sysex model is super chiadé, as well as on EM 6400-U, a priori it is more bug from OS 1.4.
For live games is not Peru, SY99 sorely lacking direct access sliders as the SY85 (which I also have) 8 sliders that allows direct access. It is super convenient to melt sounds or other parameters. Little is also the option to control surface and programming. the sequencer is wide, and it was a revelation to find, is that its use is not super intuitive. Comparatively speaking a K2000/2500 fared better on the interface hummain / machine. Now when we give a little trouble this musical instrument reveal a VERY BIG talend.


THE SOUND of SY99 is not so typical as it can be for example a D50 or Juno, or a. The one is on the synthesis of high quality FM with 6 operators.
most of SY99 are its two internal effects, they are actually very good and the aural exciter (Aphex) in prim really gives sound to the instrument. the two effects are SPX900 is the same chipset. (SY85 and SY99) are fitted, there is little to chain or put in parallel. It is also capable of outputting a very detailed that take up space.

I love the layers that you do with a little SY in the synthesis and mixing waves. I also love the attack, the very grain of the DX on the piano, just as we appreciate the power of synthesis and doing are very particular sound effects. It is happening everywhere, it is not too hit by the time we just use it in without fear of ringardisation composed of "listen too."

the keyboard is very good, goes well aftertouch years without losing too much sensitivity to even say nothing.


I had 2 is in all. A 1998 to 2001 and I sold it. I was bought a while option 5 RAM expansion card in 2010. I dolled up. I was very happy to give a little FM synthesis of high quality in my compositions, not mine it really brings a touch DX7, but the dynamics and sound fine. I do not think resale. Also note that this synth is one of the best built I know, it's really a synth pro, the quality of plastics, excellent internal mounting (on metal structures), the strength, the choice of component, the layout is really pro and very thoughtful. You may need as much change the backlight after 20 years is normal, all the synths with this type of display happening.

The sound of SY99, keyboard possibilities, have been my choice remake with no regrets, I'm very happy to have this instrument.

pepere89's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A legend"

Yamaha SY99
See specifications. In terms of reliability is a must (a great touch) set aside smaller issues to a floppy drive or the screen brightness is weakening over time.


Editing sounds is destabilizing at first, but quickly made the hand! We arrive at surprising results in wielding algorythmmes.
For pro-Yamaha, one notes the same interface as the reasons


We find all the sounds from the DX7 with better converters and audio effects. Mixed with subtractive synthesis are obtained with the original sounds more dynamic.


8 years

It was my second time after the keyboard has a korg X3 sold since

+ Versatile synthesizer sounds that can be used in any style of music. The Electric Piano are inimitable (On the reason the EP has nothing to do), its robustness

marcdrs's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A reference!"

Yamaha SY99
Very nice machine! Robust and reliable.


Editing sounds can sometimes seem abstract, especially the use of different algorithms, hybrid synthesis.
However, that exploration of possibilities!


Sounds rich, clear, scalable.
I especially like the sounds of strings and slick it produces.

The third modulation wheel "Variation 2" is extremely useful! All synths should always have it in standard!


Is an excellent machine, extremely reliable! A reference!

maggiau's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A classic - the foot"

Yamaha SY99
6 octave, 3 knobs, sounds like that particular Yamaha. Cubase MIDI setup. Quite heavy but it's worth.


Used extremely simple menu. Sounds excellent, often integrated with conventional


my projects. I also love to play in improv, all alone ... in the evening ...


3 years. I had a good deal.

bassiste49's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha SY99
76 note, it's a big SY77, with sounds best in terms of sampling. Otherwise the SY77. It is rather heavy to carry.
Polyphony: 16 FM and 16 AWM2. That's enough
Two possible effects, filters rather good
Well equipped with connectivity, + possibility of memory cards to work on the samples.

recurrent disease SY: the floppy drive is a


FM synth, so has set a wound. I recommend buying SY manager 3, which allows a PC to view all parameters and modify them. Beware, it does not handle sampling (Yamaha has not agreed to enter into these settings.)


For a keyboard of this age, I find it sounds good, varied, there are few banks on the internet, but it was mostly in the machine. This is not a bike to tinker, plus a bike to play directly from this that "it is inside. Now we can try to start the setup process. I'm just the minimum to avoid too getting lost in menus / submenus / sub-menuss, etc. ... it gives me what I seek: good piano sounds, including the famous DX7 electric piano, a 80s classic. & %&%&%&% it was the keyboard of David Paich (Toto) for years and he still serves. It is solid, sounds great, but very complicated to configure. I strongly recommend the purchase of SY manager 3, a good software to manage and edit the sounds without too much difficulty. I recommend that most live sound research, to be less passionate about setting and sound. This is not my Good bike if

Hub29's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" high-end"

Yamaha SY99
View Site View Site


Speciality Speciality Speciality


See site


Keyboard 76 notes, good touch " synth, very good very strong because: Mechanical, no problem contact button. I insist on quality workmanship of this keyboard, you're not in the Roland or Korg.
128 pRSET non-modifiable, 64 singles for the clean sounds + 64 supplmentaires on a map, 16 multi programs.
Squenceur in song / pattenr 16 tracks on very full-function master keyboard with Memoirs of 4 areas, lack of controller.

Very good audio converters, very good multi-effects (with an Aphex Aural Exciter home) than full-sounding FM gives another dimension. The sound comes through a dual stereo output

Double of synthesis engine, an engine 45 FM and 6 Algorithm operator instead, by consquent is a real synthesizer, and a subtractive synthse based samples either in ROM or RAM and each engine is dowry of 16 voice polyphony.
Several combinations of synthesis: FM only, only subtractive, both shuffled (2 + 2 FM hand hand 'ROM'), we can even raise a hand as subtractive qu'oprateur FM.
The samples in ROM are of very good quality and very ruffed.
Synthse for FM, you can go up to 6 operator instead (to make simple live operators = oscillator) for each with a choice of 16 basic waveforms, envelope more than UNESCORecords with loop function, amplifying, and VLOC overall dual filter, 2 LFOs, the operator instead of alogritme assembly (for feedback ).... Http://www.sequencer.de/ to see more details.
We can make a sound with Max FM 4 part or 6 * 4 = 24 oscillators (or 4 or 2 DX7 DX7 II).
All intrt the era 'of silent shuffled synthse synthse subtractive and FM to add dynamic behavior and supplmentaires sounds.

Regarding synthse FM: yes it's complicated so there are hundreds of parameter, it does not necessarly what we did, but in return, the tone range is more than wide : analog, metal, industrial, weird,
percussion, hovering without forgetting the piano and electric bass FM has a ct "Ghost in the machine" a bit dconcertant.
Moreover, the effects are part of the synthse. Finally it is not just a SY77 with 76 points: he availing oneself of the ROM memory plus an FM synthse tighter, better multi-effects, better converters, a more squenceur Labor and manufacturing quality multimdia.
Finally, a very good editor is to communicate with the PC / MAC.
Finally, to get an idea of synthse FM, you can view demos of the Yamaha FM synths (DX5, DX7, SY77, FS1R) of the chain musictrackjp on youtube.