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  • Korg Kaoss Pad 3 KP3

    Korg Kaoss Pad 3 KP3 - "Tons of effects and they are all usable "


    The Korg KP3 KAOSS Pad will allow you to edit your sounds in real time with X/Y controls, it has 128 programs and you can sample right on the Korg KP3 KAOSS Pad. It has some really good effects that come stock on it, and for 330 USD makes it a must h…

  • Pioneer EFX-500-R

    Pioneer EFX-500-R - "DJ gear that rocks"


    The Pioneer DJ EFX 500 is an in depth unit that can do a lot more than you think that it can. Plus its not really that hard to get to understand it without the manual. I go it without a problem in only about 2 hours and was ready to roll. There are s…

  • Pioneer EFX-500-R

    Pioneer EFX-500-R - "Hardware Tactile DJ effects that stand up in a world of Software"


    The effects covered in this unit are quite comprehensive. You essentially have two categories, beat mapped and non beat mapped. The beat mapped effects include delay, echo, pan, flanger and transformer. The non beat mapped effects include Jet, zip…

  • Korg Kaossilator

    Korg Kaossilator - "Unbelievable price for what you get"


    Programs: 100 Program Categories: "NOTE" Sound = LEAD: 20, ACOUSTIC: 10, BASS: 20, CHORD: 10 "SE" Sound = SE: 20 "DRUM" Sound = DRUM: 10, DRUM PATTERN: 10 Musical Scale Patterns: 31 Key Range: ±12 Types of Gate Arpeggiator: 50…

  • Korg Kaossilator Pro

    Korg Kaossilator Pro - "alot of fun"


    The Kaossilator is Real-Time like KP3 and You can create Loops up to 4 Measures. Electronica is Loop-Based. So this is a fabulous device. It has little in the unit for FX unlike the KP3 which is loaded with FX tweak Samples. This is a fantastic devic…

  • Korg Kaossilator

    Korg Kaossilator - "Pocket Rocket (that you are supposed to play with)"


    This unit has no keyboard but instead has a X/Y touch screen pad. Most patches only allow you to go up/down three octaves max, but you can set the Root note so you can go up and down the full range of octaves. There are a ton of sounds in this guy …

  • Korg Kaossilator

    Korg Kaossilator - "Korg Kaossilator Phrase Synth"


    Square unit with touchpad. I play a little bit of everything, but not good at anything, haha. I'm pretty creative though, so this unit helps me throw some tracks down to really juice up my tunes. I wanted something to really add some pizazz to my re…

  • Korg MiniKP

    Korg MiniKP - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by UraHellios/translated from Audiofanzine FR) Important: 10-dB gain reduction! So you must have a mixer with over 15 dB headroom if you want to have the possibility to set the track level lower. The effects are very good compare…

  • Korg Kaoss Pad 2

    Korg Kaoss Pad 2 - FP User's review


    Too many to mention. mangle your mix in ways youve never thought of. most suitable for live performance and particularly effective when used well in, or coming upto a break. have to put design in features since the unit is top notch. looks the muttts…

  • Red Sound Systems Federation BPM FX Pro

    Red Sound Systems Federation BPM FX Pro - FP User's review


    BPM counter works quite good. Filter section is awesome. Backpanel has lots of connections even MIDI. Bass kill works better on your mixer than on this unit. $ 400 UTILIZATION To explore all the features of this mixer you will need the manual. But…