Pioneer RMX-1000
Pioneer RMX-1000

RMX-1000, DJ Effect from Pioneer.

chupachups 09/21/2014

Pioneer RMX-1000 : chupachups's user review

«  Very good machine once tamed! »

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See the manufacturer's specifications:-)

Comes with 4 inputs and 4 audio outputs,

Software to configure the machine and transfer samples.

No headphone jack - (((((



The machine is very easy to use. clear manual, read the fine because there are plenty of tips:-)

Easy to edit and change effects.

The workflow from left to right is super simple and intuitive (my 8 year old son remix louise attack with this machine !!)


Very good dynamic:-)

It has a knob for the sound level at the input and another for output.

I did not notice much difference in the sound, no artifacts, short, entered spring with good momentum and is not distorted.


I use it for more than a year in the studio and in concert (better !!!!!).

We can put it behind synths but better behind a drum machine (what I do and abuse!).

In this concert is that this machine makes perfect sense sounds (in my opinion).

I love this machine because it does not have much effect but they are effective. I especially like the noise, the spiral and Bitcrush:-) echo and reverb are for use on some sounds in particular.
I like the trans / roll and the overdrive ...
I like nice big knobs to handle
I love the automatic BPM detection
I like the sound banks (16 sec) that can be added and run through the pads.
I love the fact that you can put or not affect the sound banks and / or the audio input.
I like the "fader button" that allows you to make breaks:-)

there are so many things to say about this machine because it allows experimentation BCQ but it is too long (eg. launch a voice with the pads and let the sound in the past trans / roll ... we arrive at unbelievable loops , groovy!).

What I can say is that you MUST be CAUSE LONG AND EXPERIMENT. NOTE WHAT WORKS OR NOT ... you have to learn with as an "instrument"-)

In short, it's a great machine if you practice, practice and practice!

PS: I think the price is around 600 euros nine hum .. she is dear to me .. I bought the machine used, around 400 Euros ... I think this is a good price .. above (600th) it begs the question of going to a DJ table ... in short:-)