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Art & Lutherie Dreadnought Steel String Guitars user reviews

  • Art & Lutherie CW Cedar

    Art & Lutherie CW Cedar - " Great guitar electro-acoustic"


    Canada. Guitar handmade by Godin Art and Lutherie. Maple neck. 22 frets. 3 settings; volume, bass and treble. EPM Quantum Electronics. UTILIZATION Particularly pleasant handle, not too wide for a good grip. Guitar a bit heavy when playing long st…

  • Art & Lutherie Cedar

    Art & Lutherie Cedar - " Very good guitar"


    Guitar Made in Canada UTILIZATION Nice round SOUNDS Low indeed present, its well defined OVERALL OPINION Very good guitar for beginners, with a good violin affordable. I wanted a non-Asian guitar and I was seduced by his side "woodcutter"…

  • Art & Lutherie Cedar

    Art & Lutherie Cedar - " Good guitar for beginners"


    This is my first guitar. It is made in Canada with a solid cedar top and the bottom and sides cherry. UTILIZATION The handle is nice, a bit thick maybe. The ergonomics are good, it is a dreadnought, not very fine. Access to acute is good as l…

  • Art & Lutherie Cedar

    Art & Lutherie Cedar - " "A guitar to start""


    This guitar, made in Canada (ie by a luthier, hand) has 21 frets. Its neck, maple is fine enough. I add just a hint from me: when I bought it, the strings were too far away and, therefore, ask your supplier to adjust the position of the handle, or do…

  • Art & Lutherie Spruce

    Art & Lutherie Spruce - " Great Value"


    Folk size dreadnought. Made in Canada (95% wood canada). Brand input range from Godin. 21 Frets UTILIZATION Handle very nice (as opposed to notice where it is explained that these guitars have sleeves "loggers", I affirm that the gameplay is …

  • Art & Lutherie Wild Cherry

    Art & Lutherie Wild Cherry - " Sweet and Hot"


    Fabrqiué in Canada. Easel, walnut fixed Handle, maple walnut button. Micor Piezo Preamp EPM Quantum EQ: 3 band EQ and volume UTILIZATION Channel Pleasant Ergonomic, lightweight but bulky (normal for an electroacoustic) Access to acute…

  • Art & Lutherie Cedar

    Art & Lutherie Cedar - " Excellent"


    See other reviews UTILIZATION This guitar is really, in my view, a reference to the playability Once settled at the store or your favorite luthier, it will be a real treat. The handle is wide enough, and I think it just makes things much easier,…

  • Art & Lutherie Cedar

    Art & Lutherie Cedar - jbalberge's review


    Beauty is made in Princeville our neighbors overseas French. Canada, then. He even stick a label "made by hand" because it's written on it. The bridge is basic folk, with 6 small bitoniaux. The handle is not very big, I found more suited to my hand…

  • Art & Lutherie Cedar

    Art & Lutherie Cedar - jeangusyoung's review


    <ul> In which country was it made? (United States, Japan, Mexico, France ...) </ul> Canada <ul> What type of bridge (Floyd, Wilkinson ...)? </ul> Ben what a question .... an easel, with bitonios to hold the strings running through it. As…

  • Art & Lutherie Cedar

    Art & Lutherie Cedar - L.d.50's review


    Canadian dugout, branded Godin, with 95% Canadian wood. highly polished frets, nothing Exceeds, has slipped on its own, the handle is trs enjoyable, the rosewood fingerboard occupies the entire width of the handle, since there is no binding. Th…