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All user reviews for the Gibson J45

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Average Score:4.9( 4.9/5 based on 10 reviews )
 9 reviews90 %
 1 user review10 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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MGR/Jimmy Sky04/01/2003

MGR/Jimmy Sky's review"Gibson J45"

Gibson J45
i traded a 67 gibson SG Jr & a Gibson Skylark amp for a J45 in 1969.It sounded
like John Lennon's guitar in A HARD DAY"S NIGHT and had a narrow neck.Driver Music
in Bethany,Ok was the seller. i wanted the guitar so badly i worked in the public
library to earn the money.i paid 250.00
plus tax.

Warm sound & perfect blend hi & low.
accurate intonation any position.
beautiful sunburst with subtle color variations.
the narrowest neck of any guitar i have played with fast action.

did not like the original tuners

this guitar is probably a 1065 J45ADJ &
featured the coveted craftmanship of the original Gibson lines even on a budget.
the binding is perfect and despite over30 years still sounds better than ever.

wish i had another one

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MGR/Gibson Lover01/20/2003

MGR/Gibson Lover's review"Gibson J45"

Gibson J45
I bought this guitar on a whim one day in 1973 I had always wanted a gibson J200 and I went out to buy a new one. When I reached the store there waqs the shiny new J200 and next to it was a more shiny gibson gospel. I spent the next two hours playing them both and comparing then the guy in the store said have a try of this used J45 you wont be dissapointed and half an hourb later I was walking out of the store with it.

The guitar has everything you would expect from a gibson plus an ever elusive something else, just a little something you cant quite put your finger on but its there all the same. Every time i pick up this guitar it sings to me even if the strings havent been changed for months. although it does like nickel strings rather than bronze. Even with the heaviest gauge strings on the action is wonderful.

The thing I dont like about the guitar is the 40cm split in the back top edge which got there after a heavy drinking sesion at a friends place about 25 years ago and its never got any bigger. It could use a refret but Im afraid it just wont be the same instrument afterwards and that my love affair with it might end in divorce.

Its a beautiful solid spruce top with honduras mahogany back and sides it has a mahogany neck and rosewood fingerboard kluson machines I suppose a fairly standard early sixties J45, although I did remove the scratchplate (I just think all acoustics sound better without them). It has those big fat sixties gibson frets as well (one reason Im reluctant to have it refretted).

This is the kind of instrument that only comes your way once in a lifetime and you have to grab it and never let it go. Its the kind of instrument you should cherish and not abuse during drunken binges. You should play it to the best of your ability and let it sing its song to you.

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zorzi's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Bewitching"

Gibson J45
See previous opinions.


Broad handle very nice, (well not too late).

The guitar is very light and well balanced. It is very pleasant to take. I love the form "round shoulders".

Access to acute is dangerous beyond the 14th box, but it is not the purpose of this instrument.

The sound is immediately with this instrument. After we love where we do not like. The J45 has a very distinctive sound.


Rather I play Jazz actually. But this guitar is more versatile than you might think, despite its "rural" side. If the game is a treat agreement, the melodic playing is not tamed but still gently.
In fact, I feel that it's very "roots" will probably (and hopefully) take me to unknown paths. It is a true delight. The singing treble, bass pretty amazing.
Given my profile melodic improviser, I tended to just abandon chording but I feel that I will soon return with this guitar.

The amplification is very good, I did not really expect because I bought this first acoustic guitar.


I use it for 3 days, so I will leave a notice hot but I will complete later over my feelings.

I played before on a Jasmine TS-58C Jumbo. I tried many guitars before buying the D45, including Taylor (310, DN-4, 414ce ...) and also the Gibson Hummingbird and J200. It's funny but the "stars" from Gibson (J200 and hummingbird) did not see me as attractive as this J45 tested on the advice of the seller.

I had some reservations with the Taylor 310 (finally taking into account my budget) and much more comfortable to play and handle probably more versatile but I finally opted for the D45 has more personality.
It's a great guitar, a priori opposite my aesthetic orientations. Why I bought it? I do not have the answer to this question. But as soon as I start to play I do not see the time passing. I sound drunk she sings. I am unable to work with as soon as one puts his fingers over it is in pure Jouage, research, pleasure. Finally what is happiness ...

1800 euros new, it's expensive anyway for me because I had never slammed such a sum at once. Almost 20 years I do the guitar (with "shovels" 500 euros max) and I finally bought a "real" comes a point where you can not go back, while sparing as you are. ..

ispagnac3's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" a dream"

Gibson J45
manufacturing Boseman Montana


handle type les paul
light well balanced
access to a folk without acute sections cut


for the folk, blues and accompaniment of songs
sounding inimitable soon found the first agreement the sound of folks that we heard in our youth discs.
ok for finishing is a bit shameful to see the way in which people stuck in the gibson pickguard (maybe this is intended to encourage us to buy a model high)
I have the standard model, I tried a secondhand tv-not necessarily better, I also tried a vintage (1942-first year) and frankly I much prefer mine and 4000 euros difference price.
DO NOT BUY THE NET.Une guitar of this price and this quality in CA TRY BEFORE PURCHASE!
I have tried three before I decide, finishes were not identical and the sound either.


Amateur telecaster electric in their character, I find it quite with this D45.
I find it sublimely beautiful and classy and understated finish, which is not always the case with acoustic Gibson.
SHE mesmerized me and I do not go a day without playing.
of course it is expensive but the price is justified by the wood used and mahogany provides a sound SUBLIME.
So just because 9 out of 10 of the plate badly put.
other details to expand and take advantage of these qualities it takes acoustic high-end amplification.
Day after day06/03/2012

Day after day's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Gibson J45
Made in the USA, spruce top (AA), mahogany body. Nitro-cellulose lacquer.
Rosewood fingerboard and bridge. Chrome tuners oil bath.
The refinement are barely worthy of a poor Chinese guitar for 90 years. And it is not specific to my model. The half dozen that I could test this finish still had sloppy ... ditto models much more expensive brand ... but surprisingly good, even if the guitar is visually pleasing me, I do not slam € 1800 for dams sanded well!
LR Baggs transducer element with a volume control in the soundhole.
No belt clip at the neck heel. The pegs are plastic, netting cash also.
Frankly, for the price, except surnburst (beautiful!) Suggesting a beautiful spruce, the characteristics are correct just saw what was done elsewhere (Taylor, Martin, Larrivee, Takamine ...).


The handle has a fairly flat profile and finish with a rosewood fingerboard. The varnish hangs a bit, it should patina over time.
The pitch is shorter than on most guitars. The Fretes are well finished and hand stroll serenely on the handle.
The whole gives a very good game sensation for both fingers that pick. Until the 13-14th fret. Then it's like freestyle on all acoustic guitars, let alone without cutaway.
The shape of the body is very comfortable. Smaller than a dreadnought it fits snugly under the arm.
I have not yet been able to test the balance of the beast standing since there is no belt clip, but the guitar is very light.


Plate is a floor above the handle and there is happiness :-)
Monumental bass: Hot and very present. A compressed sound, rough, with a real personality ...
The rhythm picks to send the heavy, aggregated at the fingers are beautiful, a little bluesy solos also ...
It's really a very particular sound. But to hell with the versatility, I love!
on the other hand I do not know if that would suit everyone: for blues, rock, songs, there is simply a delight that makes you want to play alone in acoustics and forget the notion of arrangement for its future pieces!
The modest and finishing characteristics are poor really the opposite of his truly exceptional! It understands that with Gibson, we put the dough in the timber and the work of violin making, not in the dam or sanding paint finishes around the rose ...
Basically as the seller said when you have a little discussion: "Gibson is, we buy it for her, not the finish!"
And to think she will mature and open in time :-)))

PS: The electro sound is pretty good but below my Takamine. I will leave a notice on the sensor "apart".


I dream of this guitar for 3 years. I tried to wean myself, I had a Taylor, a Larivee, of Takamines (I keep one for electro), the sound of this guitar has haunted my nights.
I broke down yesterday after more than 5 months of testing ... especially J-45 all types (standard, Ebony, True Vintage, the one with the rosewood box too ...): I really preferred the standard J-45!
I tested some very good models of J-45 standard. Other more arbitrary: one advice, do not buy this guitar on the net.
If you want a real good big sound and that you do not care that the pickgard is poorly glued, go for it! Because if you look at her, which is still the most important, this Gibson J-45 is a real good value for money!
Incidentally, the seller (very nice, Acoustic Guitar at Pigalle, this is not the case with all brands) has advised me, made me tested many things, and especially gave me a good price (worthy of a webstore)!

Well I'm delighted with my afternoon! And I think I'll be delighted with the following with my new toy!

dompower's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" a friend for life"

Gibson J45
made in usa
Piezo sensor volume control in the soundhole.


the handle is excellent it is a guitar that asks only sing if only one works and that the model to his leg.
it is very playable up to the box 12 beyond what is more difficult.


I play folk songs and rock it with me divinely.
a negative point, however the sound is not amplified at the height of his acoustic and I had to invest in a pedal di come.


I for one year and the sound has already changed: more resonance in the bass and midrange
I tried the martin, taylor, larrivée, other guibson, the guild, the colling, the butcher ... in short a good fifty high-end guitars and if a hummingbird made me cry, it was much too musical to accompany a song like mine.
I love the smell the look texture (damn I have an erection) ...
I have tried other new and used D45 and all sounded differently (some of them very poorly) and thus need to spend time on arrival but it is ideal for what I wanted with a grain of one's little angry and a lot more expressive than others who were sometimes better in the spectrum and musicality.

Larenion's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Not perfect but terribly endearing"

Gibson J45
I spend, the characteristics are well known.
I love the smell of wood that emanates from the guitar every time I leave my nostrils hang near the rose!
Although I find it a bit in terms of any finish, it is nevertheless beautiful to watch.


No problem for the shape / size. Against by the handle will not slip or slide rather poorly. So the left hand grip when it becomes moist. I guess this is due to cellulose varnish.


I start with what hurts: it lacks projection compared to guitars of this price. I have a Blueridge that are far more muscular side projection.
For the rest, we must find the ropes that suit you and do not kick it too. For me the D'Addario EXP16. The J45 is played gently, this is where it gets you out of sounds out of this world so it's good.

Amplified, I think it means. Significantly, worse than my Cole Clark.
on the other hand when I put my T-Bone SCT2000 front, no other guitar does the comparison. This is not the time to play hard to hear the guitar, and loves it. All notes stand out. Tickled at the right time, the two strings dangling from the top of the waves that make so many serious although a cure!
I wonder if the sound is not actually more directive than on other guitars.

I put 9/10 because the relative lack of projection (to the one who plays at least!), It is a handicap.


She is charming for sure.
When I play in my sofa, or a microphone, I do not play with it. on the other hand in acoustics before an assembly, especially if I'm doing the arpeggio, I prefer one of my Blueridge has more projection and also have a very very good sound.

I tried and even bought a lot of guitars. They all have their character. Once we know the play, the J45 was something bewitching. I also realize that the image that surrounds this guitar is no stranger to the affect that I have for her.

Finally, I find the value for money very average (says the note). I knew before buying it, this is the common point of all major brands. But what value do we give to the passion that one can have for an instrument? ...

It was not obvious at first, but yes I would do without hesitation that choice!

ps: when you compare guitars at different stores, beware of tests in space rather narrow and / or glass surfaces. The reverberation level is such that it will mislead you about the real level of projection of the instrument

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Gibson J45
Made in the USA Bozman Montana
Round Shoulder Dreadnought size,
Sitka spruce top Premium Solid
Body mass of Honduras Mahogany
Mahogany / Rosewood 20 frets V profile,
Scale Length 24.75 "
Active Electronics with volume control in the soundhole
Grover Rotomatic,
Marine hardware nickel
Decorum: inlays, the Mother Of Pearl Dots -
mesh table edge,
Supplied in hard case shaped Gibson Premium.
Nitrocellulose lacquer finish.
Colour Vintage Sunburst Antique and also natural.


The neck is narrow, good grip very nice!
(My favorite on Gibson acoustic I've had or test date)
Fomat Dreadnought
The Grover are not very "historical" but are nonetheless effective and fit perfectly the agreement.
The nitro lacquer does not tend to stick as some at first.
The sound is pretty sweet
Access to acute? Like all Dreadnought ...
Strings fairly close race, no buzz! Nickel!


It fits exactly my style of music
Sounds sweet, deep bass, warmth and enthusiasm are by appointment!
Accurate even with a good offense without ever becoming rough.
I really like all the sounds.


I use it recently and I am very happy.
I have 2 other brand models.

I tested a recess True Vintage, and frankly I did not feel the sound in terms + ... The TV table is sitka spruce but red, which must surely play in changing sound of the instrument over time.
on the other hand I did not like the mechanics of that vintage .. Say, too light.
The Grover Rotomatic to when they are effective.

I love the grip, the sounds Blues, Country ... Its simplicity and effectiveness.
Finishes the hair!
The J-45 is the quintessence of the idea that one can get a Gibson acoustic, which explains its success from the outset. Depth, warmth and dynamics, a body of reasonable size, a real charm that say?

logan's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Gibson J45
Made in America
Shoulder round shape, a bit smaller than a Dreadnought
Solid spruce Sitka
Bottom solid Honduras mahogany
14 frets non-cash
Channel V narrow, Indian rosewood as the key

Fishman preamp with no volume or tone


Channel super comfortable, strong, easy to play. Light guitar.
The downside: for the picking was not obvious because the strings are very close to each other.
Access to treble is good with the form. But anyway we do not take a J45 to solos in the 16th box ;-)

The supplied case is super solid.


The J45 is a sound: the sound of dylan gibson, Ben Kweller, and many others.

The gossips say she has little bass. And it was true that these are less severe than on other models (Martin D35 for example). But the merit of this guitar is the sound in accordance simple, unique. There is a consistency and richness of his recognizable 1000. It's warm and simple, balanced, quite temperamental.
I would say it's more a rhythm guitar, ideal to support a song. It records folk-blues or rock, it excels particularly in the open chords played with a pick.
It is known for providing excellent sound at high volume, but I prefer to play it smoothly. And played as the sound is magnificent.


I recently acquired

What I like? sound, the personality of this guitar.
What I like least is once again finishing Gibson: the binding, the rosette badly made ...

Given the number of times I had tried in the store I knew very well before buying it and I'm not disappointed.
It is worth € 2200 new. It seems expensive but is the price of a guitar for life. ;-)
Roving gambler01/29/2006

Roving gambler's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Gibson J45
The sound is take or leave, no SETTING THE Tone and volume on the guitar.


The handle is comfortable trs, strait and short.
The guitar is pretty small and lightweight, very easy to play.


The J45 is idalie for bluegrass and country'n'western. O that you play on the handle, the sound is beautiful, bitter, rough, rustic. It rpond quarter turn to any attack, trs nervous. It reconnat the sounds of Hank Williams, Woody Guthrie, Sammy Walker and services rcentes Bob Dylan.


A guitar history, without a sound and trs prtention exciting. I have no other essay of this model before and I jou few chords on it and I stagger under the blow.