Taylor BIG BABY 307
Taylor BIG BABY 307
MGR/Greg Howard 08/16/2004

Taylor BIG BABY 307 : MGR/Greg Howard's user review

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I recently purchased my big baby from Oklahoma Vintage Guitar Shop. I read reviews and like what I saw. I paid $379.00 with a Taylor gig bag.

The action is low and very easy to play. I like the Taylor quality and name. The sound is that of a full size flat top. I own several very good name flat tops and this guitar is right up there with them.

I have not found anything yet.

The construction is clean and solid, however it is a light guitar. No messy glue drips and the bracing seems sound. Mine is a natural finsish, my first one, so I will get used to it.

The guitar seems to be well worth the price and plays as if it costs double the list. It has true Taylor quality... Very Pleased

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