Taylor BIG BABY 307
Taylor BIG BABY 307
MGR/Larry DeBoy 08/18/2004

Taylor BIG BABY 307 : MGR/Larry DeBoy's user review

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I paid 350.00 at The Guitar center in buffalo after trying many much more expensive guitars.

This acoustic is different from all others, in that there are no frills,decorations, or special finishes. the neck is screwed to the body, but what a neck! bone straight, with very low string hight, and very easy to play. high quality tuning machines compliment this neck and the guitar seems to stay in tune. Intonation is perfect, and all frets accuratly placed.
this guitar has a big sound,and won out over many more expensive guitars.

there is nothing I don`t like about this axe.

the body has little internal bracing, except where thr neck is screwed on,and has no inlays

this guitar would be a great begginer, because of the ease of playability, but it also sounds bright and calls you to play it

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