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Yamaha Dreadnought Steel String Guitars user reviews

  • Yamaha FG820-12

    Yamaha FG820-12 - "A Great Guitar--what a 12-string should be!" has images


    My musical style is one I call "psychedelic Country Gospel. Think of a hybrid of the Eagles, Statler Brothers, and a little bit of John Denver mixed in. I basically strum but I also do some arpeggiated flatpicking along with some hammer-ons. This …

  • Yamaha FG800

    Yamaha FG800 - "The Best Deal in Retail Acoustic Guitars" has images


    The Yamaha FG-800 is Yamaha's upgrade and replacement for the FG-700s, the best selling acoustic guitar of all time. They changed the bracing so it would have deeper bass. Now it sounds more like a Martin and less like a Taylor. I don't think it's…

  • Yamaha FG-180-1

    Yamaha FG-180-1 - "Stop! Good deal!"


    The Yamaha FG-180 is a dreadnought-type Folk guitar with a slim mahogany neck with "boat" profile, almost flat rosewood fingerboard. Mine has the red-orange Nippon Gakki tag, so it's manufactured in Japan. No clue about when it was born, but it certa…

  • Yamaha FG700S

    Yamaha FG700S - "A real workhorse"


    The Yamaha FG700S is one of the standard dreadnought models available to the public. It's priced so that it is within the reach of many beginning and intermediate players. It features a solid sitka spruce top, nato back and sides, rosewood fretboard,…

  • Yamaha LL6

    Yamaha LL6 - "Great value"


    This guitar is part of Yamaha's handcrafted L Series. These guitars are noted worldwide for their rich tone, fantastic construction and general high quality all around. The LL6 is part of the lowest priced line of L Series guitars. This one has a dre…

  • Yamaha FG700S

    Yamaha FG700S - "Best 200 i have spent"


    The Yamaha FG-700 S was the one of the first guitar I ever owned, and I've had it for a long time now. The quality of sound that you get from this guitar is way beyond what you pay for. The action on this guitar is good, and it doesn't come out of tu…

  • Yamaha F310

    Yamaha F310 - "i love it"


    I was looking for a guitar to use when I travel and found the Yamaha F310 at a great price with great reviews online. I went to a local guitar store in Texas and played it and I ended up getting the TBS color to have something different than a natura…

  • Yamaha FG-180-1

    Yamaha FG-180-1 - " My best guitar!"


    Japanese guitar with a neck that is hard to get used to, but it's rewarding! UTILIZATION It's not the easiest guitar, but it's worth it! SOUNDS This guitar is responsible for my music style. OVERALL OPINION I tried 7 guitars of the same model b…

  • Yamaha FG-180-1

    Yamaha FG-180-1 - " good folk guitar"


    A good Japanese folk guitar from the '70s without cutaway nor amplification. UTILIZATION Nice neck, a bit thick for a folk guitar (it was recommended to me for that, because I used to play classical guitar), balanced sound. SOUNDS I use it to pla…

  • Yamaha F325

    Yamaha F325 - moosers's review


    The Yamaha F 325 is an acoustic guitar designed for beginning players. However, the guitar is definitely better than your average beginner's guitar. I don't know where the guitar was made, but it's got 21 frets in total and the fingerboard is made …