Boss DR-3 Dr. Rhythm
Boss DR-3 Dr. Rhythm

DR-3 Dr. Rhythm, Drum Machine from Boss in the DR series.

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All user reviews for the Boss DR-3 Dr. Rhythm

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Average Score:3.8( 3.8/5 based on 10 reviews )
 3 reviews30 %
 4 reviews40 %
 1 user review10 %
 1 user review10 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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scorpiolino's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Fits perfectly"

Boss DR-3 Dr. Rhythm
RCa st jack Output Connectors
Several Styles and Drum Kits
Percussion, djembe, bongos etc ..


I simply would not.
the manual is clear and well detailed, even too much detail
because we share it fairly easily.
But some tutorials are available on youtube and those - it will make you move faster
The "edition is easy, after understanding

Opportunity to correct errors on entering the mode "edition" to change the offending items


the sounds are not mals at all, and its many possibilities offered, ambience, sharp

percussion is not
bass line against is average, but the ability to change the bass are present.
Must not forget that there is possibility of adjusting the pad sensitivity
Possibility to change the drum and cymbals separately kits * 1 and 2 kits


I use it for much, but it suits me perfectly
Certainly we must spend a few hours to identify and understand the device
not easy to do a drum roll was of 180 bpm.
but if the operation were seized so just slow down the tempo (100bpm) to the desired working and replace the 180 bpm and here you are with a great result.

To sustain the low it will go through the editor and add dots to simulate a bass sustain

Also suitable as metronome

on the other hand for a complete song that is not obvious
be learning

I would do without this choice problem

Yes I would choose,

MrJassynat's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Does the job ..."

Boss DR-3 Dr. Rhythm
As I'm not very technical, I prefer not to answer these questions ... Moreover, everything is very well explained in the manual ... There is even a discussion forum


General configuration quite simple ... The manual provides sufficient explanation ... For editing sounds, I have not tested this use.


There is a little too hip-hop and techno for my use ... I would have preferred more years retro rhythms and music for social dancing ... on the other hand, there are quite everything we need to force the board 99 pre-recorded effects on the product ...


A little over two years ... trio (piano, guitar and bass) ... it replaces the "drummer" that we do not have ... I've used a Boss DR-110, which works fine but less sophisticated "sound-talking" that the new model used ... Pretty simple to use ... Not very expensive ... the price indicated in is relative in reality the price was 250 U.S. (drum machine, footswitch, AC adapter and shipping) from NY State, USA to the province of Quebec, Canada. sorry for the very time before answering ... a change of computer and recovery of my favorites and passwords has proven quite difficult!
soul cleaner05/05/2013

soul cleaner's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" "Mmmmmouais""

Boss DR-3 Dr. Rhythm
Boite a programmable rate, supply not included (buy in an otherwise hello consolidated unnecessary battery) output jack, RCA, noon, no xlr ...
Monochrome LCD to the old but effective.


Full of sound and parts are already registered, but I personally do not care what it was I wanted to create my own.
Ability to work sounds pads or create a soundscape, or a form of sound (sound shape), but not in direct (diffcult to judge the effect before saving ...
Ability to edit the drums, but also: big brainer, no "delete all" we must return to any point by point, the ability to copy songs over, but not just copy a "couplet" or "refrain" etc. in the interior of the piece, so if you want to add just a touch of a part (eg a shot charlet open instead of closed) must redo the entire game!! Stuffing! There is the possibility of "mute" certain groups of sounds (remove the bass, cymbals etc ...) but difficult to recall what has been prepared, when etc., especially when you have to manage a record or play along.


The sounds are good, sensitive pads so we can create good shades!
The rhythm is accurate with opportunities to create music alive and syncopated rhythms!


Musically it are not bad, we arrive at a result that sounds good, that groove!
Technically it is not very developed, difficult to use, super tedious! We lose too much time.
Anyway nice to create simple parts to learn the accompaniment, except for complex parts for models etc. take the model above (MAYBE?) By putting the price or you'll pull your hair !
Not the slightest interest for fans of electronic music!
Despite the quality of the results obtained is not worth 175 € because of its difficulty of use.
I wanted to introduce me to the BAR, the effect is crippling limit!

Madmark5555's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" My worst purchase"

Boss DR-3 Dr. Rhythm
- No Midi out ... WTF!!
- No power supply .... WTFingF!


- If you have X mine and you are ready to spend hours tearing your hair (for those who do), you have a chance to understand how this thing works, if not go your way.

- Brief addresses a very targeted audience, the engineers hairy. I lied?


Again no midi out, so its okay if we agree to have everything on a stereo track. Not suitable for use computer music, you rather turn to a VSTI, it's easy, it works, it sounds good but it is another use.

This thing is so complex to use that every time I lit and I wanted to remove the bass, had to refer to the manual (very badly gaulée more) ... A nightmare.


The folks at boss should follow a training ergonomics. With this product, they take us back to the age of the caves.
At the age of caves at least it was simple, a rate of = boulders and some skins.

My worst purchase computer music all my life. Since then, I take the time to start Cubase + Battery3 and I can play with rhythms. In short, thing not suitable for my use and not recommended for all people who make the computer music and seeking simplicity have forgotten to inquire.

Before_'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Troubleshoots and makes its effect"

Boss DR-3 Dr. Rhythm
Is a connection afternoon (I personal know much and I have not used the thing, not having to gear).
Several "kits" batteries (percussion, drums: snare, hh, cymbals, tom, kick etc.) and bass sounds (not realistic, finally it helps me for improvisation).
Otherwise headphone Jack In / out, RCA and also footswitch input (which is VERY USEFUL use "live). 9V boss-type connectors and.


Then ... I put a lot of time to understand how.
The issue is quite complicated at first, it takes a LOT of time ...
FYI, only the user profiles are editable (those beginning with U), both patterns that effect settings (compressors, atmosphere etc).
THERE are plethora of submenus is to tear veuchs.
Ability to record 100 songs, about twenty kits batteries if my memory is correct.
The manual is Alleluia, easily available on the net, it says, anyway ... GOOD COURAGE
BUT once you understand how it works, it goes all alone (but it takes a long time).
Step recording with a metronome or rhythm (you can then correct step).
There's an intro editable (in limited action), the "fills" which allow a sequence based on the pattern, 3 riffs (A, B, C)., And an end (same as intro, limited to one poum tchak pchhh).
Mode after you select your song riffs (up to 250 for a title, which is good enough but write your structure to not get lost!)

The footswich is essential, according to the affected utility (change of pattern or battery kits, stop / start a riff etc) you can juggle multiple roles and play along.


We can approach things realistic, you can not adjust the rhythmic approach to seem more real.
Putting the reverb, it seems more real.
You can adjust the volume of each sound included in your riff. (Practice, more realistic for once), also the type of note, black etc ('m a quiche in this area). Number of measures égalements editable.
This is synthetic anyway ...


So yes it is hot to understand at first, yes it is ALWAYS sooooo long to create a song (menus, submenus, file source, destination, copy, paste, arrrrrrrrgh!!) But it allows progress musically playing it (I've seen) and you can compose your favorite songs and you train, even if the bass sounds very robot.
I do not regret my purchase, but I think I should wait a bit to offer me something more "realistic", I count not myself to separate myself however because it is always useful and often requested.

windigo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Still valid."

Boss DR-3 Dr. Rhythm
The complete connectivity Outpout audio, MIDI, CAR, Jack, and pedal switch. Volume control.

- Rhythm Styles: 100 styles not editable Preset: 100 styles including 11 patterns for a style
- Phrases: 100, maximum length: 250 patterns per song.
- Total Sound Control.
Preset Patch: 8, User Patch: 8.
- Ratings maximum Approx. 30 000 Notes
- Maximum Polyphony 12 voices
- Drums and percussion instruments: 120, Bass: 12.
- Resolution 96 to the black
- Tempo 20 to 260
- Real Time Recording Modes / stepper
- Pads 13 (dynamic). Super Pads.


Yes, it is a machine for learning, the manual is very clear, programming is more difficult.
The sounds are editable, but already in very good battery, means more low,
There is almost no button.
The styles are not editable.


Sounds decent at this price, realistic battery.
Favorite sounds, rock, pop, in fact all except for bass that are average.


3 years before other smaller less complete models.
Most are the connectivity options, battery sounds, I had had in
bonus food at the time.
The least that one is not for my use, low.
I shall attempt to zoom, but it is enough for me to solo accompaniments
and even models.
At that price, I think this is what is the best yet to date, and without mounting end, I would do this choice.

gibson92's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" good, basic"

Boss DR-3 Dr. Rhythm
Complete connectivity
possible foot


Very easy to learn about the BAR
Manuel OK to look for shortcuts
Sounds not edit Interest


For the first models
it is
to work better than a metronome
listen here: / chrismacriem


I go to the DR 880
Otherwise I would buy the same

Topprog's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss DR-3 Dr. Rhythm
I for 2 years.
Everything described above.
I add: nice presentation, nice when it is started, a real wreath!


Good 100 presets that's not bad to fill a life of an amateur musician. Above you can play them in all ranges and at all speeds. I am a guitarist and it's nice to have a drummer who is not crash from time to time!
The manual is well done, practice, I just liked to be given the basic tone of each piece, it would save time.
The backlit display is very readable.
For the composition against it not for 1 hour to 3 steps ..... computer can certainly do better, more expensive for sure!
I use an old Peavey bass combo 80 W and it gives the sound pressure, no problem. Only without reverb I can not enjoy the atmosphere and Soundshaper modes, damage.
That said, of the 100 presets I use a small score (me, salsa, bossa nova, hip hop and techno is not my thing ...).
This does not seem an instrument for the stage!


The percussion is awesome truth, against the bass is not a cyber, but the good ......, Ryhmes is there, what more to DR Rhythm!


Very oriented rock / blues that little box, they're not alone is what I play!
Now it's true that I support a slightly richer style Hammond organ, piano or acoustic guitar, it would make it less cold. Perhaps it is such a machine, but I have not yet found ...
Also playing the Flamenco, I would have liked specific accompaniments for subtle rhythms of this music, but that does not seem to exist on the market, except in disk).
A good little box, good quality / price ratio.

darrycool's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss DR-3 Dr. Rhythm
Everything has already been said.
The little extra: RCA connectors


Configuration gnrale fairly well made and simple terms the basic use of the box.
The use of the box with the rhythms of plants is very simple and convenient, there are particular passages of verse one that went very accessible by pressing on the pad's doing and does the end of the measurement.
The ability to stop some of the sound to make breaks with the "mute".
In short if you just presets everything is well thought and practice.
By ds we want to do against the programming of rhythm and "song" It becomes much longer and more complicated.
French manual clear.


The bass sounds are a bit "electronic" against by the sounds of drums and percussions are trsralistes.
The "little extra" is the sensitivity of the pads that reproduces the power of sound to the striking power.


I just make the purchase (4 days ago), a very modest price (165 nine euros and shop!).
Regarding the quality / price there is nothing to say because when we see that in a simple boss effect pedals is on average 90 euros, well I find it somewhat CHRE.
The bass lines are given as mean, but I play bass since I do not care j'enlve this track, for against what is nice is to cost (and to visualize by Ignition pads!), that the box "play" to reproduce and so it can serve as a "deep" grooves to work.
on the other hand I RPET but the sounds of drums and percussions are property.
So that's the only true BMOL is programming that is really heavy.

As against this the price is really a great toy that makes you feel less alone to work the guitar 'or bass.

If I am asked my opinion I recommend it!!

chtibreton's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss DR-3 Dr. Rhythm
-120 Drums and percussions, bass 12
-100 Styles available, with 100 users for each style: intro, three fills, verses 3 and ending.
-50 Ditables kits via LCD (not very practical, but manual franais OK) plus low or battery ditables patterns and variations from factory patterns or those that you will cheerfully concoct (or patterns or kits two ...)
-Function "TSC" = 8 Tone diffrent ambiences and 8 (not all effects prprogramms ditables)
- Foot controls (1 or 2) via BOSS pedals ddies (optional) with functions compltes,
- Game manual (dclenchement girls and paid to the choice ... or the following course), auto mode (not buffer no!! But fills and paid after intervention with possible choices) and mode song (she sings no! not alone the box if you program your song ... you're not the pa starak here ... though ...)
- Mute in-game choice, bass, HH + bass or drums ETC ...
- "Tap-tempo" and incorporation (drums and bass)
-MIDI sync possible (= slave midi in)
-2 6.35 out jack which also serves as a headphone jack (but not Marcel! Will store your SP 103 ...) and adjustable output level (especially, remove the boxing gloves)
-Case "chipper" (Ouaih! J'mtrise not all Anglobouillaminis! And worse and I do not want ...!!!) sensitive keys that looks pretty beefy.
- Big prob if you do not invest in an external power supply (200mA) available at Mssieur Who? At Mssieur Roland (but not Marcel, not the boss of the "blue water"!) Because in 5 hours 6 R6 All Clines an old "Battery low" message and must be swarming to redeem new batteries for the next 5 hours if you got more than just take a bucket and two wooden cuillres to finish your assignment "live". No trs colorectal and pending the cuckoo box solar
-Buy 215 Euros in Paris: COREC! (The box Marcel! Not the power supply!)


I have since 24 December! It reminds you of something? Ben Ouaih! I am the tapper Marie-Nol cause j'mappelle Jean-Balthazar ... :-) But if not, the edition, we find it quite easily with the manual: kits, patterns, gnialement not intuitive but it can be done with an IQ of oyster, the evidence, I am getting . And there is enough memory space for use "Pestacles-ballochi-Verchuren" (the old salts include). Manual language Molire provided is not too bad for that is the place.


The sounds are "drinking" if you are not looking too must sort quality but quantity is enough to cover a maximum of styles, and also by a small dtour the box "TSC" (see above).
The 100 program and not ditables styles perfectly suit to a California gav pepsy burger (yes, the one with the cap screwed Enron on the head!), In short, of country rock stew, sprinkled a and l RE'N'BEE, techno (trs. disco ..) and other "tripe Hpe" not tros lousy for my old ears. Honors in xotiques rhythms (bossa, salsa, shake me, Etc ...). But hey! As I said, it's the small programmable BTE and there are room for what you want to put.
If not, when himself was running (on Yamaha EMX 66 2x300 W), is a "mcanique" Obviously! It's not too bad, but lacks the fun of "Jean-Marie" (the crazy drummer Mupetts) But when you slap in addition, a good singer, good guitar player and a good trs trs keyboard if! if! (that say ... ME!) Obviously, a DJ sound the same. L can be fun! Ben Ouaih! music is not just to make tunes, band sharks .... Finally, it is better amliorer with a good compressor and a good rverbe trs (Composer Pro Behring and M-300 TEC example but these rates, as a drummer to pay for real! for real hard-ism rel. Is not it?)


I started on a Dr. Rhythm A by 8 Bit Boss is old, Ben Ouaih! (L EH! You! The bottom! Te crazy not my G. ..) and then I broke my pig (my piggy bank for those who follow a little) for the Roland R8 (15 years dj sounded hell with good rverbe and today APRS a long break (not! Marcel, not R18) I needed a drummer (incidentally a bassist) in the left hand, the other virevoletant ("main", not the bass player!) on my S80 (opinion available in this same crmerie) is done, and I am so far satisfied overall. As I have said above, price "CORECA" if you do not forget to bleed from an external power supply (if you made l'acide) (Banana with your batteries!). In six months I rebalance a view, if d 'Here it does not serve the bilge in the slopes for my motorhome. Otherwise, thanks again for Audiofanzine the plethora of information we can glean. (A Next)

Following the advice: October 2004.
Yeah Ben! J'tait a bit long to follow up because my micro has played Chernobyl (bilou thank you), then as we find it a daily under the hoof of a horse, chtibreton announces his return on the net Still ... DSOL for the delay! Since prs a year, marcel has traded in his 103 against a boustre (the scam part ...), the R18 is the case, and I never had a camper (that 've a big valve 0.30 euros c: I hate campers!) (J'prfre drive a Trabant). Well, you do not care so v'l more ... short! BD3 makes me good service. It finds its intrt in the game "live" in small Pestacles, but I strongly deprecated for a more oriental home studio or studio: Obviously, we did much better with the boss or concurence , a point of view of the quality of sound (especially bass) (OK, it's not the same price either!). Nose less (!), It remains a nice product as long as it does not require a high level of service. For rpeter, or evening with friends is just right. And I always return the ct practice, dclenchement girls, verses, and handy on the fingers (fawn arranger): clear and relatively prcis. Whereas I like a good trs "toy" prt always make the service you would expect and more importantly, "it fits in your pocket", unlike arrageurs who, with their keyboards, dforment pockets! (I mean by this is that the drummer has no trouble lugging ...) As for the prog it can be done (with a chouille patience). INTERESTED only for guitarists who want to have fun goth. Ending for Voil! my pot-au-feu is ready!