Roland TR-808
Roland TR-808

TR-808, Drum Machine from Roland in the TR series.

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Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 4 reviews )
 3 reviews75 %
 1 user review25 %
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FP User10/31/2008

FP User's review

Roland TR-808
This machine is nice...easy to flip back and forth between variations and to trigger fill ins..also manual fill in



I used no manual in learning how to use most features on this machine...for i have none....but that blasted composition mode....i peeked at an internet manual but when used the machine could only use my faulty memory as backing...i like to just play the machine is very easy and intuitive

i will hopefully use this machine to gig is very heavy..i could probably knock a wrestler out with it..and i am a little guy...this machine lasted 20 years before me so i think it should last for me...i never had to contact roland


The sound is that lovable analog....alittle bit more control over the sounds would be nice....but it is sure nice to turn that 808 sound into pummeling thumps and tinks and tics...


I really really like this is a bit on the expensive side but it has a sound that is very nice....i like to make it as fast as it can go and just make mush..i dont think samples turn into such wonderful aural paste ....i think it has something to do with analog...this machine sounds wonderfull also with 606 knocking along side of it..individual outs will someday fit nicley into a mackie:0)

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Posted by: Unknown ( 4-, 2003)
Il Sorpasso12/23/2007

Il Sorpasso's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland TR-808
Each sound has its output spare.
to command, there is something SYNC, so I bought a converter to make it Get You Started sync with my tempo and Logic Audio.

I have two contacts on the sequences that do not work great, finally a go too, but m'inquite a bit. everything else, like large buttons, notched, it's solid!


The module squencage base is clear.
APRS, to measures other than 16 is divided is complicated a little, every time I have to go back to the doc, but it's not going to hell. Attention, not shuffle!

edition of the sound is great, as it is played the whole diffrence: tuner hand both the volume and release (not all sounds) to ring in the loop that runs best, ben is happiness from the world of the screen and mouse ... Cratif Trs.

the manual is very well.


I love the sounds!
t even if I just Drout to departure. The 808 seems a little more finesse play in the 909, and it's not really a big beat to program simple. In gnral elsewhere, I find the best programs for 808 (of "Sexual Healing" by Marvin Gaye to the first maximum of Underground Resistance) Programs are fairly sophisticated. It's worth it to take advantage of sounds "annexes" as the toms, the claps, maracas and other, they are all musical trs. I love HH. Possibly the weak point is the snare, which will never really work a basic rate of 2 and 4, it is too fine for a. The cymbal is not fantastic either. The kick can be standard on the other hand! [edit 2011] bah if it is very well this snare, and cymbal too. Just had to spend time with better connatre! [/ edit]

and then there's this thing that sounds vary from a sudden the other is the sheer magic of an analog world imperfect, and has supported the loops, it's fantastic! Trs diffrent banks of 808 samples, compltes as they are, until I used the ...


I use it for a year. I do not have that choice would do, simply because it took the argus 400 euros in one year, which is compltement amazing. Meanwhile, I keep mine.

The +: dchirent sounds, it's too alive, and it must be trs cratif for ringing.
The -: ben it's aging hardware with spices spare I imagine more and more rare, even in rparateurs ... I take a trs care, I took him on scne once, but I do not do it again.

Now, I would not be against a 909 too. But I find it shameful surct must arrter l.
le mutan ki parle russe12/10/2007

le mutan ki parle russe's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland TR-808
No MIDI or din sync out in.
no effect, full of spares outlets.
The sequencer is very parcontre focus is the same for all tracks, not like the TR909




Infact sounds blah blah .... the myth that circulates you really believe in killing, in fact nnie is on the snare and clap sound mtalique, after the bassdrum ..... yeah blah!
it's on the palette of sounds picked up by a t almost all brands of boxes or a groovebox rytmes the market but ultimately very few adjustments and especially at TAPP any more than to believe .. ..


Beware the pads of sequencers are a lot of false contact time and so has turned over very well, you have the luxury arm of the machine!!
Pr those oldschool research can be a fun, but then saw the price and possibilities ...
A test, sampler, to use a 200% and sell if you are not frica!

coxinhell's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland TR-808
11 separate outputs excellent
MIDI is archaic but with a converter without the sync maintenance problem
11 legendary sounds really better than all the emulations of the world


Hyper simple and comprehensive and more
the edition is not monstrous, but the separate outputs allow to remix each sound has its own sauce
the manual is not bad


I love
perfect for electro, acid techno and old school
c for the metal a little cheap, but you know why you are reading these lines
for hip hop electro j'trouve ca too but it depends on style


I use it for 6 months and it is an ultra user-friendly machine
ergonomics is superb composed a rhythm with u is child's play
I do not understand why in 2005 is not a manufacturer to release a damn sequencer machine worthy of a tr
resonable price and even then the loose