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Drum Machines user reviews

  • Boss DR-770 Dr. Rhythm

    Boss DR-770 Dr. Rhythm - Blacklung's review


    251 drum samples of high quality, low 4 (inutilisables. .. or so for the gag!) And an "off" (an empty sample ... yes, it can be handy). The instruments are fully editable (Level, Pitch from -2 to +2 octaves, Decay, Nuance, Pan, Assign Type, frequency…

  • Roland TR-626

    Roland TR-626 - litle_rom1's review


    Hello, well t as an output Stereo L / R outputs + spares for each element! a MIDI to control the Beast via a sequencer! UTILIZATION It is super simple to use t assign a sound to a pad and ca play it! SOUNDS The sounds, the rest of the ROLAN…

  • Boss DR-202 Dr. Groove

    Boss DR-202 Dr. Groove - Fuyuhiko's review


    Connectors - Socket for the AC adapter (batteries also works) - Jack pedals (BOSS FS-5U) - Taken MIDI I / O - Outputs (L / R) RCA - Headphone output with volume Music / Styles - 48 bass sounds / more octaves - 200 drum sounds - All…

  • Sound Master Stix Programma ST-305

    Sound Master Stix Programma ST-305 - bum's review


    A drum of the 80 analogue with 6 individual outputs & sounds. Systm programing step only. No processing of sounds, if not a CONTRL overall tonality. Noon but no trigger in & out + 1 between 1 & sq pedal. Complete the era. UTILIZATION Simple to us…

  • Yamaha RX7

    Yamaha RX7 - krepsdelikts's review


    Midi in sync, or post cassette + thruth good syncro 2x 24 a modular, low on the Tone be jou mm on a diff voice tonality in writing or not is no direct 12 exit and spar dchire jou can the choice of 8/16/32/64 no effect UTILIZATION Basic co…

  • Roland TR-909

    Roland TR-909 - zecorner's review


    Separate outputs edited separately sequencer basic but charming ... UTILIZATION Simple SOUNDS Big Sound OVERALL OPINION J uses for 3 years. a little pricey, but collection .... irremplassable …

  • Boss DR-660 Dr. Rhythm

    Boss DR-660 Dr. Rhythm - Sebounet's review


    2 pairs of Stereo outputs, including an assignable. The effects are not great, the internal sequencer is pretty good no more, and difficult to program mode no no. UTILIZATION The screen is a bit small, but the alpha rotary dial saves the day. The…

  • Alesis SR-16

    Alesis SR-16 - Mr.Music's review


    4 audio outputs (2 pairs Stereo) 2 MIDI In a 1Out/Thru 12 sensitive pads 16/18 bit converter 233 sounds 12 sounds accessible from pads directly 120 sounds accessible via MIDI Polyphony 16 notes programmable pan position 8 levels of …

  • Boss DR-550MKII Dr. Rhythm

    Boss DR-550MKII Dr. Rhythm - FredT's review


    This little box has a single rate between MIDI and no output, which limits its use a lot. It has 91 sounds and offers 12 voices of polyphony, which can cover some prs all uses and styles. The edition is basic and sound is through the LCD screen.…

  • Boss DR-770 Dr. Rhythm

    Boss DR-770 Dr. Rhythm - powerchordfx's review


    Bote super strong pace in the least amount of space. The 800 rhythms (including 400 ditables) can be truly complete. Quick Search function to quickly find a rhythm and style and are fast to search The possibilities are truly edition trs strong. Wit…