Zoom RT-123
Zoom RT-123

RT-123, Drum Machine from Zoom.

callmaster 01/15/2006

Zoom RT-123 : callmaster's user review


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Many sounds, we must make a careful selection is not good for everything ....
No effects, acceptable to a connection bar of his size (stereo jack6.35, noon, and a headphone jack to plug in his guitar, bass a lot EST).
the sequencer is downright crappy and use CHAOTIQUE.la program is reserved for brave .....
In contrast to the twenty ptite its low there are at least 3 dchirent that serious.


Manuel clear enough, it's clear what's beyond.


The pads (sensitive to the bike.) Are too close to be able to mumuse with, it's pretty embtant ...
On all batt kit only 20% are relevant and usable.


I used 6 months, thoroughly every day, I really wanted the creature matris,
I understand that is was a "gadget".
So, I sold 50 Euros

I stress to say what is not worth more than 50 Euros, I was really pisses me off to see the cot a + M ----- It's not possible to 80euros A!! It can not cost more than CHRE Mythic TR 505 TR 626 or ROLAND home.