Zoom RT-323
Zoom RT-323

RT-323, Drum Machine from Zoom.

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All user reviews for the Zoom RT-323

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MGR/John C.12/19/2001

MGR/John C.'s review"Zoom RhythmTrak RT-323"

Zoom RT-323
I bought it on Ebay, for about $200 dollars, it sells for about $325 on the street. I am a intermediate beginner at guitar and I needed something more advanced then a metronome, I found it hard to meet an experienced drummer that would have the patience to let me play along with him/her.

I immediately fell in love with the simplicity of getting this thing to work. I had it up and running in minutes and it didn't take much reading of the manual to get it started. The manual is well written as well. The drum and base kits and sounds are incredible, they do not sound like cheap imitations of drums with an electronic sounding tone.The bass sounds vary from low key rhythm lines to all out funky slap bass and everything in between! Everything is well laid out and easy to access. Drum pads can be adjusted for sensitivity. The Grooveplay function is incredible,allowing you to switch between patterns like a DJ, Linking patterns to create complex yet easy to create drum and bass lines! The 13 backlit pads are set up like a piano keyboard making it very easy to create bass lines!

Theres not much I didnt like about the RT-323 Had I known how good it really was I would have been willing to buy it at a regular music shop. About my only compaint was the really bad smell of cigarette smoke it had, (I pity the lungs of the poor sap that used it before me!). But everything worked fine, and I guess thats an example of one of those things about Ebay that you have to be willing to accept when you want a good deal.

Overall it is well constructed for years of use.

After checking out the RT-323 and other drum machines at my local music stores, (Sam Ash, Manny's) I found that it was the best choice for me and hopefully for you too.

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ricoute's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"quite promising ... and sounds better overall .... a 18 Sr!"

Zoom RT-323
A priori comprehensive
taken out L / R stereo
2 sockets midi in / out
2 Sub taken out (to split the output parameter
1 line in
1 headphone jack
1 socket expression pedal control lea height / volume or sound of the pedal)
1 plug pedal switch (ativation sound or change the sound)

large circular buttons / jogs (as table editing video) "value" and "volume" exit convenient and instuitifs

presentation very good, but not massive enough solid priori

sequencer 96 ppm (classqiue like a boss dr 880!)

The only connection is via a computer MIDI, a usb would have been a little more useful and practical


I did that for a very short time (15j) so I return to locate these points with more distance

The manual is clear and sufficient I could go and popularized enough for a novice to the bar

Limited effects pitch / pan / volume therefore facilities

Objectively, I would not note, reserving notice when I operated the beast so bcp aprofondie and reliable!


drums sounds are varied with the rock a slight reverb seems he giving excellent dynamics and clarity.
of even the bass sounds (notably those for the funk are more realistic than the 18 sr

Of stamps realistic enough in any case very credible (see other models)

Very limited effects a pitch / volume & pan nothing else
oddly the lowest rt 223 range features a much more advanced with a range of reverb / compressor .... + Customizable metronome sounds (after I do not know if the basic sounds are as good as the rt 323?

Sounds very exotic / ethnic style tam tam are the ones I like the least, but also those that interest me less equally
Sounds like rock & industry most are good overall homogonité


for 15 days then step back

Very good presentation, buttons and switches seem serious enough gal informative display and intuitive menu functions
(We did not crack a manipulation SR18) fairly classic I was pleasantly surprised to Focus on the brand that I had to priori ... Pluot ... adverse wrong!

I had the Alesis Sr 18

- I did not like the pads and very hard race without driving
(Those of rt 323 or 223 are very similar to those of Dr 880 boss very nice one and therefore is not obliged to tataner fiercely case of sr 18 if you want to get the level and grade is jointly qq sensitivity SETTINGS pads)

- The sounds were more congested bcp bcp altogether less free or natural sound aspect of a little glitter cymb articiels / low cottony little of drums and significantly worse on the electric bass restitution issue (more compressed)
- Connection possibilities including the upper sub-out jack and one extra controller for

the big plus is that the map memmoire dope (even the dr 880 is only 32MB which is the case of rt 323 but with a mem card smartmedia course (standart some other time, but you can still represented have more 128MB max: significant!))

Is the least they could have put a backlight for the display general, while a lot of buttons are so bright retro élcxairees outside pads themselves (that possesses the same rt 223 which is detachable .... but on rt 323 nothing of it) but the latter has not memmoire card is yet far more interesting

I bought OCCAZ taken a reasonable, it is no longer new in the rt 223 is almost 200 € and is competitive with Alesis sr 18 which has significantly increased qq years

I liked the dr 880 bcp can be made even greater issue with pots level bass / drums / directly accessible to handy but it is more than 500 € very expensive, and its display occaz limited time is a problem recurring.

So the R / p / q is very very good and even to 140/150e this is a very good deal.

I'm quite surprised, very diverse and even opposing opinion, it all depends what you looking for exactly just a good background of drums and bass pure rock and industry

The more memory the card is a great idea

to quibble to the usb hard taking (as the computer link noon!) or an optical and it was full, but it's already very much in the basic configuration

Least the very limited effects (this pd.v. the rt 223 is much better off
after, I think we can go in and retrieve external external effects

I think unfavorable opinions, playing on the fact that either people expect too much of the bar and are disappointed because it is not necessarily limited elektron not and do not ask the impossible and no longer go astray, c It is a bit if you wanted the same rendering of a North clavia with a micro korg question of proportions and targeting!!

For bassist or guitarist, I think it is almost ideal tool without too much strain, with suffisement diversity

MangoSound's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Not bad"

Zoom RT-323
2 OUT: one for sub bass and one out put (stereo)
Midi in / out function thru with the possibility of, data transmitted on MIDI channel 10 and 11 for the battery (x2) and 5 for the bass (ability to configure (sometimes bass on channel 9)
bank's vast rock / latin / ska / funk / ... ability to transmit data to a DAW or other device via midi, mode generally twelve o'clock drum
No effect


General use via simple twelve o'clock, twelve o'clock if connection data transfer simple daw or other device
Manuel rare but present on the nat


M is for sounds is perceived'm satisfied, fairly realistic management of the velocity (if hit hard on the pad high velocity Edition)
These patterns are quite different rhytmz rich declining


in possession for more than 7 years, with developments in terms of obsolete machinery automation, the first box has never changed since rytme will rock techno has more to complete daw on batteries
Very satisfesante money, would do the same choice

Negraval's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Sounds and limited opportunities"

Zoom RT-323
noon without effects


Easy config


sounds .... bof


I bought new (old error) and sold one month later.
Lack of flexibility, sounds toms and snare very average.
In short: avoid.

turar's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Zoom RT-323
- What connections (audio, MIDI ...): midi in-out mini jack plug type phones output jack Stereo wholesale and sub made me personally are not ........
much of her, two banks over a percussion bank and bass electric guitar in all ca
numrique quality with just a little out of breath (volume level of a substance)


Simple if you're used to drum machine and sampler (c simple ...)
ldition sounds simple moving from bank to bank by rubber buttons or knobs type mpc .............
manual is clear and fo prcis m counting on it a week .........


Personal c rock elektro tekno quickly, and just like ethnic percussions Indoo .....
ism with a clarity and a pro ....... c cool a sampler and Traffik ......
no real effect processor just pitch, pan, volume for each percu ca .... is simple .... the expression is good thanks to the pad trs pretty good ... ractif VLOC and TAP / repeat ............................................ .................... but monitor the trs prs


Frankly I personally view the User in respect midi out ............ ........ peace zoom

renouvoo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Zoom RT-323
Feature / / midi in out classic / / / more than 400 preset sounds and all the users in / / / rated very good effects but patterns accessible by users / / classic sequencer it does its job / / /


Flexible config / / / / except when the pattern is edited and programmed, and lorqu'on trying different variations of patterns that happiness treasure hunting rhythm rhythms are very good / / / 24 bits / / / on the manual who cares !!!!!!!!!!! me personally the zoom is effective / / /


Rock and electro sounds very good. / / / Very realistic users very good / / / by the time you'd think a real drummer / / / / I associates with a 100 yamaha qy I have let three hours or by Natasha 10 hours Max hacks I I I I seek triturated compounds ........ and I find my happiness at last try with (ronan after he recognized) / / / smart media is great here I store my songs


I use it since its release in 2002 / / / I love everything about zombie rt 323 / / / I dreams at night / / / / 24 bits but not the zoom for me is a very good drum machine associated qy at 100 / / / by taking his time composing for crushing the pro sosna ///// Yes it sounds !!!!!/// Special Big Fuck all the people who think otherwise do ///// the music is a machine !!!!!!!!!!!! / / / / But the machine Zoom

meltear's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Zoom RT-323
Foncitonne audio
airship by twelve o'clock
a wide range of his art available
the effects are limits.
o the problem of choice of the nivo are ke are the realistic d + a battery are quite limited. And ceu ke + j believes to be the realistic reverb are accompagnsd a modifiable pa a priori. Imagine the effect of a measure or the double pedal is used, it is getting a real title speedcore: D
simple to use with manual
the key sensitivities are nice, but hard AGRER
patern of the pad and volume changes are long enough to programs

but hey, it s a steady rhythm of a box and not a battery


Simple to use with manual
kelkes limitation remains my taste among other concerns in ki dtails the nivo edition of the music and other things


Donorit good. koikeu the + realistic drum sounds are Accompanied of reverb, c is quite annoying when you have a tendency to make under extreme metal (or maybe some kind of tekno speed / darkcore)
however, I am pleased to Some


Cool box has rhytme I'm pretty combl. the moin for ke j actually.
I do a solo project. and nivo production sound does my poss any problem and instead, I had some compliments from other people by making listen to its sound on CD without editing.

MaxD's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Zoom RT-323

Sample Rate: 48kHz
D / A Conversion: 24bit 8 times oversampling
Maximum Polyphony: 30 channels
Resolution: 96 PPQN
Tempo: 40 to 250BPM
Maximum Number of notes: 40.000
Drum sounds: 377
Sounds are low: 55
Drum Kit: 128 (Preset 64/User 64)
Pattern: 500 (Preset400/User100)
Song: 100
Sensitive keys: 13 x 3 Bank
Screen Display: 640 segment custom LCD
Sound Jammer Slider: 1
Line Input: 1 / 4 "monaural phone jack x1
Control Input: 1 / 4 "phone jack x2
Line Output: 1 / 4 "monaural phone jack x 2 (L / Mono, R)
Sub Output: 1 / 4 "monaural phone jack x2
Input Impedance: 10kohm (Line input)
Output Impedance: 1kohm or less (Line / Sub Output)
Nominal Input Level:-10dBm (Line Input)
Nominal Output Level:-10dBm (Lone / Sub Output)
Headphone Output: Mini stereo phone jack x1, 50mW at 32ohm load impedance
Memory Card: 3.3V Smart Media 4MB to 128MB
Power: DC9V More than 7 hours (6 x AA, Alkaline Battery)
Dimensions: 265 (W) x 175 (D) x 55 (H)
Weight: 870g (without batteries)
Included accessories: AC adapter AD-0006
Optional Accessories: Expression Pedal FP-02, Foot Switch FS-01 * 0dBm = 0.775Vrms

RT 323 has 2 drum tracks and bass track. These three tracks are edited separately.
Of course each track can play several sounds simultaneously (30 as indicated in the specs).
In addition to its three tracks the couple through Programmable sequencer / pattern, three other tracks "live" are available Packs, to add on the fly breaks unpublished or even small solos.
Midi requires the direct input from the keyboard is possible.

Noted the possibility to save / load its data via the port SD Card.


The configuration of the keys is clear and practical, sensitive pads and answers has wonderfully.
Also, navigation in banks (sound, pattern, ...) is made pleasant, thanks to the dial for this purpose.
The documentation provided is clear, and the accompanying tutorials allow a real and rapid progress, regardless of your knowledge in the field.

The writing and publishing a "song" (a pattern using "presets" or compounds) is still effective. With the ability to change kits measuring instrument, transpose the bass line, copy / paste passages, ...

The creation of patterns (or change existing ones) takes time and patience, to get a quality result.

Two methods for creating possible:
- In "pause" unit time per unit time, leaving all the precision required to write certain passages (selection of the smallest unit for the placement of notes).
- On the fly: is faster, because real-time capture of the game is then possible to catch errors in "pause".

When playing / editing, the corresponding keys light up in his plays. This feature is only necessary to follow.

A point sometimes painful, the creation of a pattern is done by advancing step by step, and if it exceeds the note to edit, no turning back ... which requires the board has the pattern, unit by unit.


Regarding the sound, I needed a dry, fairly realistic, and a lot of percussion, and I'm not disappointed struts: the sounds are bleufant, and spending time, you can really escape subtle passages.
The electronic sounds are less numerous, so be careful style of music research.

Also, the touch-sensitive help to restore the effects of amazing game, I love the open / close charlest!

The bass is good, and allow to cook up his own arange (4 octaves by type of bass). on the other hand, it seemed impossible to make slides, shame for the fretless ...


I use the RT-323 for over 6 months, and if I had a choice again, would be the same today, but with more certainty. Indeed, before making the purchase, I read tons of reviews for the different models of each manufacturer, and stop a choice was not so simple, and it depends greatly on the style of music you practice.
A "detail" that can help the demos sounds range from RT zoom:
https://www.zoom.co.jp/english Download section.

Sound quality (and sound) and certainly its best feature.

I also appreciate the Sub-Output, which allows the assignment of such track (bass, Batteria, batterieB) has as output, useful for a separate transfer tracks to multitrack.

Small precision, quality work probably require time, and be prepared to invest a minimum, but it goes without saying;)