Pearl Export Select ELX
Pearl Export Select ELX

Export Select ELX, Drum Set from Pearl in the Export series.

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Average Score:4.4( 4.4/5 based on 11 reviews )
 8 reviews73 %
 2 reviews18 %
 1 user review9 %
Value For Money : Excellent
MGR/I LOVE MY SET!!!11/26/2003

MGR/I LOVE MY SET!!!'s review"Pearl Export Select"

Pearl Export Select ELX
I found out about this set by this web site. I was looking for a new set,and i came upon this site and the reviews on the set were awseme. I paid only 650 for the drum set.

i love the sound of my set. It sounds so nice and crisp. I also love how proffesional it looks.All of my friends and band members love it as well. My guitarist for my band has a gibson sg, my bassist has a nice peavey, and now i got an awseme drumset thanks to this set.

There is only one thing that i do not like, and it is the snare. I dont like how it echos, but i am sure that can be fixed.I just dont know how yet.

The quality of my set is amazing. I love the thick heavy hard ware.I feel it will never break. I helps me play with comfort. I also love how it is constructed, it is set up in a nice comfortable way.I love how you can add alot to this set such as toms and other accs.

WOW! WOW! WOW! I love this set. It is amazing. I really reccomend this set for any type of drummer. It is very proffesional and you can get it for a very good price.

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MGR/Anonymous's review"Pearl Export Select"

Pearl Export Select ELX
I bought this drum set at Musicien D'oz shop in blue mist color. This 6 pieces drumset cost about 1700 canadian dollards.

The sound is really great. The color are wonderful and eye-catching and the finish is so beautiful. This easy-to-tune set come with double-braced hardware that are really great.

I have nothing to say exept that the price is a bit high.

Like I said, the construction and quality are there. Nothing to say that could be wrong.

If you are somebody that is looking for a great value semi-pro drumset, the Pearl Export Select is the choice to do!

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MGR/neck's review"Pearl Export Select"

Pearl Export Select ELX
i got this drum set at sound vivrations in corpus christi texas. when i went to look for drum sets i went to this place called guitar center yeah the people there are ass holes they dont care about you and what you want they just want you to buy drums and they didnt help me at all. i mean i walk in the store with 1500 or more dollars in cash and they dont care. i payed 999 dollars and 99 cents before taxes for this drum set its a 6 piece with 2 floor toms one a 16" one a 18" and a 12" and 13" tom and a 14" snare and a 22" bass drum

the thing i liked the most about the drum set was the color and the iss mounts they are very good and make the drums sound really good and it was very easy to assemble not like my first drum set a percussion plus that i had to assemble totally. the hardware was good and i had no trouble putting it together.

the drum heads on this set were really bad i havent really got a chcnce to play the set after setting it up because the new heads that i had to order are on their way. yeah its not that im a dumb ass and dont know how to tune drums or something but im in a punk/ska/metal band and that high sound and the ringing isnt good. i have ordered the best heads ever remo coated pinstripe for the tops and just remo coated for the bottoms

the drums are very good quality and they are very beutiful that is waht attracted me to the drums first then the price and my friend has a export and they sound good so i was all export select is better so sure ill get them.

the drums are worth the money and if i had to go bck and look again i probably would have bought these drums again as long as there were no bad ass premiere sets there.

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MGR/Anonymous's review"Pearl Export Select"

Pearl Export Select ELX
i got the drums from gutiar center the price for the drums was 900. but it was 1500. by the time i got done with putting cymbals on and other hardware i saw the set and plaid it so i bought it

the drums r very nice they sound good and the snare is very snappy i keep mine tuned tight so a get a nice lound crack the harware that came with the set is nice and dependabal and easy to adjust

the legs on the bass drum slip and come lose the pearl the pearl 800w hardware series is not good it dosent take hard playing well

the drums thereselfs have help up except the bass drum legs

the kit is great i recomend that you buy better hardware for the kit i give it a 5

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skybird's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Pearl Export Select ELX
Here I play on my drums elx 2 years I find it horrible drums made of poplar does not sound possitive point the chrome hardware will not rust, but prices level quality is better now I shall have to take a gretsch catalina basix or birch in sonor 3005 birch see in the Saddle

Intolight's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Pearl Export Select ELX
I possde an ELX fusion (10 "12" 14 "16" GC 20 ") + the past 3 years. I bought it by accident, lightning, the most beautiful, and a fair price ( Euro 1000 with some hardware). And I really do! APRS replaced by the horrible protonated Pinstripe, a minimum of tuning, and plutt sounds good! Much of the harmonic Tama rockstar with the same type of skin (pinstripe), and Pearl is dlicate grant, but I prfre versatility (with a rockstar to jazz seems difficult with pinstripe in anyway!).
Only thing, the snare is certainly a good quality prices, but it really lacks body, it's dry, I have realized while trying to high-end (I did not realize account by adjusting the DC RPET steel or wood in all low-end, the CC of the ELX sounds much better in comparison, but my new Pearl Ultracast face I can not stand the DC ELX).

A good place for this MODEL is the possibility to order barrels in detail (well ... 6 months for my floor tom 16 * 16!), Which is not always possible for some mod the beginning / middle of the range.

It is beautiful this drumkit, trs photognique a shining across the hardware, the beautiful varnish, circles! The old brand labels are very stylish (I'm not talking about the news, I do not like, I find "ELX" is written too big, we only see a).
The suspension system of semi pro ISS tom is really great! (Avrifier think if you buy was that the covers fit in without removing the ISS so far, it's easier!).

The only repproche is the fact which is painted makes it fragile to shock, my GC is gash, sniff, but there is only me who can see it when I play!

I think in this price range is the most versatile and well done! I saw the equipment in the Tama same price because of the death rglages rptitif (in rehearsal room, the ball supports tom no longer held, it is very annoying, Because of drummers who Serent the ball too), the system is much more resistant Pearl with notched ball, if you count your drumkit dplacer concert.
The pedals of GC provided is correct, the hi-hat foot too. His right foot is really great

In short it is a drumkit that I intend to keep a long time until I can invest in high-end Yamaha or Pearl, but with ELX I'm not press. Fortunately I did not cost my parents who wanted to take the Deep 600 euro! I would probably buy a Pearl ELX dj new or used now that I know the market better batteries!

I would put 9 / 10 because Pearl could have made an effort on the pedals GC (but I think they have changed on the new MODELS for ELX ...), and that the fund clearly could be a bit better.

thedjrem's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Pearl Export Select ELX
I DBAL, I get the skins (the toms and snare his dja montes :-)) and its j'assemnle all, wonderful feeling: well-made suspension iss trs to keep rsonance of the toms, costau hardward and easy to get short as the happy ....

bouji's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Pearl Export Select ELX
Hi everyone here I possde my pearl elx the past 1 year and a half times that my drumkit is really super.c I love this batery is the versatility I ssay many skins on it: ambassador coated, evans hydraulic, all t evans g2 g2 well except right now but I'm with coated emperor's great. ssay 3ou4 I have other batteries which is not huge but m 'allowed to say that my pearl is a bomb. What I do not like are the skins of the famous pearl dpart protonated real shit if I do not like the clips but hey it's tom really to find him a quality price ratio dfaut.Le trs good and I would do with this choice can be the experience I do not know ...

muchos's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Pearl Export Select ELX
Voil nearly a year I use this drumkit. Its versatility is both a boon and a handicap. If your land-locked in a genre, it may not illustrate it vritablement. But it would be surprising, for, as a 6-ply poplar, it is both hot and round, but with good projection and precision.
If I had a clown drumkit any prior notice (and this for 10 years!), I was able, before purchasing the ELX, playing on other kits and compare to other brands. If this Pearl, despite excellent finishing varnish, do not offer the "class" Gretsch, Yamaha, it remains a very VOCATIONAL sonority while adding a touch (that others do not) : a simplicity of utlisation and outstanding invoice.
Indeed, one feels the expertise of the brand, thanks to a quite modern and very useful technicality (the pedal box, or with the presence of peaks in the rubber supports GC and charley) and thanks to a reliability and solidity that have impressed me. And know-how, other brands difference (not all thankfully!) Is widely affordable for the quality brings.

Thus, if the lack of innovation and modernity are sometimes feel the ELX, by its sonority and reliability still represents for me a great drumkit, perfectly fits the stage and the regular use or force!

die-hard's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Pearl Export Select ELX
I play on a matter of elx usa colors so unique in France and I'm really pleased with this little drumkit dimension fusion! she has a mouth, it sounds and it is robust! who could ask for another! plus height of amazement is not overly CHRE for the quality it offers, both on the quality of sound as clear varnish finish ... A must for semi pros!