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    Mapex VENUS SERIES - "This has got to be the best beginner kit out there?!?" has images


    Okay, I would be very surprised to find a better entry-level kit especially after seeing that you can buy these for $200!! I originally bought mine for drummers to come over and jam with me on guitar.….I replaced the original snare with a 1960's Slin...

  • Remo LEGERO LG-1501-70

    Remo LEGERO LG-1501-70 - "REMO legero is great"


    This drumkit fits every music style ! I've hade it since 2000 and never left it ! It's a rare model, to be found on the second-hand market now ! Very easy to transport and disassemble, never had any problem with the hardware, it's sturdy and wel...

  • Sonor Sonor Special Edition 505 Series Stage Set

    Sonor Sonor Special Edition 505 Series Stage Set - "A gold mine of a limited edition kit!"


    Bought new 6 or 7 years ago, it's a limited edition drumset that can no longer be found now (except on the second-hand market). The whole kit including cymbals and hardware was sold for around €550, which is €150 less than the lower end kit in that s...


    Mapex VENUS SERIES - "Mapex V Series 5pce Rock Kit"


    Being drumming since 1992 and had a few kits in that time (First was a Maxwin 5pce from the 70's RIP), But by the early 2000's when that kit was no longer up to the punishment of metal drumming (Death/Grind) I needed a new kit on a budget. Went to t...

  • Rockwood Drum Kit by Hohner

    Rockwood Drum Kit by Hohner - "Hohner Rockwood Drums (not made anymore)"


    I was looking for a basic drum set for a gift for someone, and found these. I figured the price was okay and since they're associated with a well-known name (Hohner) I couldn't go wrong by buying them. Hohner also sells Sonor drums, and the Roc...

  • Sonor HiLite

    Sonor HiLite - "The best set of my Life " has images


    What a great drum ! Polyvalence extrême and beautyfull finition, simply the best for me....

  • Tama Rockstar Standard

    Tama Rockstar Standard - "5 piece tama rockstar kit"


    I was looking for a kit to offer customers using the practice studios I building for local musicians. The studio build $'s were adding up, but I wanted to offer a solid kit for my patrons. So, I was looking for something in my price range. I ended up...

  • Peavey International Series II

    Peavey International Series II - "Best drum set ever!!!!!" has images


    This is an amazing drum set for beginner-intermediate drummers. The drums sound great and the hardware is good also. I really think people underrate basswood drums because these drums sound awesome. The only thing that I would change is to get rid of...

  • Peavey International Series II

    Peavey International Series II - "Awesome drum set" has images


    Personally, I think this is one of the best sounding beginner drum sets out there.The basswood that is made of gives it a very full, satisfying sound. The hardware and the cymbals that come with it aren't the best, but the get the job done. I would r...

  • Yamaha Maple Custom

    Yamaha Maple Custom - "best drums on the planet."


    I bought my 11 pcs, Yamaha Maple Customs in Brampton Ontario Canada 8"10"12"13"14"15"16"18" and 2x22" and the manu catchi snare, they are by FAR the best drums on the planet, I was the very first to buy the complete kit, and Yamaha Canada gave me a c...