Sonor Force 3003
Sonor Force 3003

Force 3003, Drum Set from Sonor in the Force series.

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All user reviews for the Sonor Force 3003

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Average Score:4.2( 4.2/5 based on 6 reviews )
 2 reviews33 %
 2 reviews33 %
 1 user review17 %
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snowdawn05's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Correct"

Sonor Force 3003
It has been almost four years that I have this drumkit.
The 3000 series were better before, apparently. I had trouble finding what the wood used (sometimes it says there are 7-ply maple, sometimes something else.)
Manufacturing side, it is not German. Here is the Chinese. But the hardware is quality (pedals, stands etc..).
Like any drumkit, the sound depends on the next (mutes, skins, settings ..) difficult to judge.
I always had problems getting a bass drum sound that suited me, but it is a 20 "and my room is small. As I have never tried in another configuration ...
The quality / price is right and honest.

leeroyfabrice's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good & easy given his Mdium"

Sonor Force 3003
Following the purchase of an electronic drum, I spare the Sonor Force 3003 for 600 euros (see announcement on the site)

fredlegentil's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Great sound!"

Sonor Force 3003
This drumkit is trs trs and versatile bass drum 22 "sounds carrment standard!

This is not the first prize or a drumkit of quality, it really helps to make shades and have a game that is not cared for a brief collection of pots ...
prof cool02/17/2006

prof cool's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Sonor Force 3003
I teach a SONOR 3003 for 2 years.
My config is 10 ", 12", 13 ", 16" and 22 "bass drum.
This drumkit is playing an average of 20 hours per week.
I must admit that my forcment lves are not tender with her.

In any case, it ages well. The bearings are like new, chrome is still impeccable and the coating finish is perfect.
The sound is clean and smells of prsence lrable.
Its a real good drumkit warm and well calibrated.
In less than 2 min it possible to find a super bass drum sound.
The depth of it is certainly not trangre ny.
The feet are supplied with trs good quality, reliable and stable time.
The TAR is a real Systm Russianness because Tom does not flinch when you hit it.
Still chilly with trs Systmes tom suspended, the I must admit that I'm bluffing.
One of my lves is even falls under his charm and offered a cest MODEL fusion which is also fully satisfied.

The only BMOL of this drumkit of hides and skins REMO stamps. They are, say really below the kit and they pnalisent. So my advice to quickly change the skin to take full advantage of the potential (and has) of the drumkit.

PS On the snare drum book with Saddle, I urge you to read my review!

zaber's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Sonor Force 3003
I bought this drumkit in July, only 700 euros Musicstore and frankly it was worth its euro ..!!!!!!!!!! (10 ", 12", 14 ", 22" Snare 14 "x5")
Before, I used a DEEP, sub-brand of PEARL.
Although made in China, the sound is very well finished, the sound is rich, powerful, and nickel finish.
mine is "white sparkle" (sparkling white), it is really beautiful in the projos. I've added a pack of cymbals Zildjian ZBT Pro (20 "16" and 14 Charley ") plus one Sabian AAX crash 14". The set is really satisfying to just over 1000 Euros.
Only proposed change, that of the bass drum pedal, pretty basic for a SONOR Giant Step, a DW 5000 or Tama Iron Cobra, I still hesitate.

Gryzor93's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Sonor Force 3003
I use a Sonor Force 3003 Fusion configuration (8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 22) for a little over a year now and I must say that there are many positive aspects to the drumkit beginning with the sound.

Indeed, you are playing jazz, rock, funk, etc.. ... Just find the right setting and go! I started with Remo Pinstripe on toms and bass drum on Powerstrock. The result is a warm, deep, powerful but not totally devoid of substain. On the bass drum, dull and explosive! I recently decided to mount Evans G2 Coated skins on the toms and side affects Evans Resonant Glass side resonance. And many of my friends (s), I took a slap. I can tell you that in this configuration, the drum major rivals. The sound is warm and round with lots of projection. The guard is useless. In short, it's killing!
Clarification, it is certain that the suspension system TAR drums (Tom Mounting System) has its share of merit in the sound quality.

Then there is the quality of design. Certainly the Force series batteries are not manufactured in Germany and so is either to big sisters (S Class, Delite, Designer). However, in terms of 3003, the quality is by appointment. Mine is Red Maple lacquer finish. Ahhh ... what beautiful veins of the maple in the varnish. The chamfers are perfect on all barrels. You it is necessary to tell you about the hardware? Well not to depart from the rule is of German design and is very solid. The mounting system is drums through nylon ball is really handy and robustness flawless. FYI, I chose a 16-inch tom suspended and it does not move.

Finally, at the time when I bought this drumkit, I had no a priori or preferably on a particular brand. I had already played on several models such as SwingStar Tama, Pearl Export, and even Remo but I can not remember the exact model. And well trying the Sonor, I fell in heart.

To answer the last question, if I have to separate myself from this drumkit in favor of another model, it is certain that it will be a Sonor.