Tascam BB-800
Tascam BB-800

BB-800, Digital Multitrack Recorder/DtD from Tascam.

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stompboxjon's review"Built Solid"

Tascam BB-800
The Tascam BB800 is a portable digital recorder that has 2 XLR microphone inputs that each has phantom power. The built in sound system is very good for this unit to be the price that it is, it is a 10 watt system that provides a clear and clean sound. You can run the BB800 with AA batteries but you must know that it will take 8 of them and then it will eat through them quickly so I do not suggest using batteries with it your will you be wasting money. It comes with the AC adapter so you don’t have to purchase that separately but wherever you go I recommend taking the adapter so you can stay away from battery use.
Using this unit you can change the speed and pitch of your songs in a flash. There is also a built in metronome and a tuner. I was using this the most with my students and even let a few of them borrow it and take it home for its metronome and visual learning that it can provide.
When this unit records, it records in WAV format (un compressed), or it can also record in MP3 format but the quality will suffer dramatically between the two formats. You can overdub and even use a wireless remote to work the unit without touching it.
This recorded is built well; I do not see this unit breaking even if it gets dropped on hard concrete. It was made to withstand that type of treatment and it sits in metal casting to protect it. With it only costing a little over 300 USD it makes it a must have for any on the go musician. All of the knobs and buttons are well made and won’t stick or come off of the unit. It is very well built.