Dwarfcraft Devices
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Dwarfcraft Devices user reviews

  • Dwarfcraft Devices Happiness

    Dwarfcraft Devices Happiness - "Modulate your way into a soundscape"


    SOUND: Wow… if you like creating or playing music that takes on a different edge, and in the realm of soundscapes or the futuristic then Happiness is up your alley. Below is a sample demo I put together: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G3hHcYe…

  • Dwarfcraft Devices shiva

    Dwarfcraft Devices shiva - "Whoa what is this?"


    Lately I've really caught onto this Dwarfcraft stuff and as a collector of odd pedals it seems every one i get my hands on is more awesome than the last. Basically you have an on and off switch, a volume knob, a texture control for voicing purposes,…

  • Dwarfcraft Devices Great Destroyer

    Dwarfcraft Devices Great Destroyer - "Nasty noisy fuzzy distortion"


    Fairly basic design. Input and output. Has your usual volume tone and gain knobs. But the starve knob is what makes this unique. It reduces the amount of power allowing into the circuit. I'm not entirely sure why but this is meant to induce a to…

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