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RODE Dynamic Microphones user reviews

  • RODE Procaster

    RODE Procaster - "Remarkable value, distinctive sound"


    An excellent professional quality broadcast style large diaphragm mic. Bulletproof build quality and a 10 year warranty. Microphone has a distinctive character audio with a boost around 80-100hz that gives voices a lot of "ooomph" that may or may no…

  • RODE Procaster

    RODE Procaster - "Built Like a Tank"


    The Podcaster is a podcasting mic, it can be used for studio recordings, just depends on what you wanna do and how you want to use it Let's get into some details OVERALL OPINION I've worked with a lot of different microphones over the years. Con…

  • RODE Podcaster

    RODE Podcaster - "Suprisingly good"


    RODE Posdcaster is larg diaphragm dynamic microphone that connects to your computer via USB connection. This microphone is pretty neat with just the way that it looks, it sounds great as well as long as you use it for what it was intended to be used …

  • RODE M1

    RODE M1 - "Rode M1"


    The M1 is a great and sturdy dynamic mic that is good for multiple applications. It is about the same size as an SM57 except it has a larger diaphragm with a round metal mesh casing. I used to play drums, but not so much now that i've started engin…

Translated user reviews
  • RODE M1

    RODE M1 - " neutral micro, very robust, very good to me"


    dynamic microphone faithfully reproducing the voice without annoying proximity effect OVERALL OPINION SM 58 is a good reference but something else there now and cheaper, this one by exemple.pas handling noise, breathing strength grade 8 …

  • RODE M1

    RODE M1 - " Excellent"


    Dynamic vocal microphone that is super easy to use, it sounds very soft and precise, excellent midrange and excellent treble, the bass is very nice, a very good alternative to the actual standard mics, very good resistance to feedback and something v…

  • RODE Procaster

    RODE Procaster - " Perfect for use broadcast"


    Dynamic microphone, sturdy, with a nice build quality and finish. OVERALL OPINION Knowing that it is a destination radio microphone, I will speak as such. The microphone is perfect for capturing the voice spoke, he tone of RE 20 with a little r…

  • RODE Procaster

    RODE Procaster - " Excellent"


    - Dynamic Microphone - Polarity cardioid - Horizontal positioning (as a vocal microphone) - Frequencies 75Hz - 18kHz - Impedance 320 Ohms - Sensitivity-56.0dB re 1 Volt / Pascal (1.60mV @ 94 dB SPL) + / - 2 dB @ 1kHz - XLR - Dimensions …

  • RODE M1

    RODE M1 - SevenBlast's review


    Rode M1 is a dynamic singing microphone designed for use on stage. It is advertised as solid and sturdy, built to last, the same argument that the shure sm 58 use, which I own as well. And that's what attracted me because I wanted a microphone simila…

  • RODE M1

    RODE M1 - Glöbelm's review


    Cardioid dynamic microphone Acoustic Principle Dynamic Directional Pattern Cardioid Frequency Range 75Hz - 18kHz Output impedance 320 Signal noise ratio N / A Noise Equivalent N / A Maximum SPL N / A Maximum output voltage N / A Se…