Shure SM57-LCE
Shure SM57-LCE

SM57-LCE, Dynamic Microphone from Shure in the SM series.

JayDMusic 07/18/2010

Shure SM57-LCE : JayDMusic's user review

« Still an Amazing Mic »

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This is a dynamic studio microphone used by many of the greats. Go into any old studio and you'd probably find a couple of these lying around because they're legendary microphones. They're known throughout the hip-hop production and vocal world as amazing microphones, so I wasn't surprised when I first used it.


What I like most about it is the price. The price is amazing, and you simply CANNOT get a better microphone for one hundred dollars; it's simply impossible to. Also, the sound is quality, clear, and on point. Whether it's being used for singers, rappers, back-up, ad libs, books on's perfect. I'm not going to hail this as a Neumann, but it's still an amazing microphone. I had owned close to 5 mics up to the point at which I got the SM57, and I still love it the same. It's a great microphone, and like a MIDI Controller to a music producer, should be a staple of any studio.