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Shure Dynamic Microphones user reviews

  • Shure SM57

    Shure SM57 - "Excellent bang for the buck" has images


    I bought an SM57 primarily to record electric guitars. I spent hours with several other microphones and never really got a sound I was happy with until I tried the SM57. It was the clear winner after multiple position and amp setting checks. I …

  • Shure SM58

    Shure SM58 - "This is the best deal of a mic"


    I bought this mic after seeing the review on 7 months regrets later, i have no complain about the mic. what i live most most is its performance in live performances, less noise and powerful. thanks to the Cardioid Pi…

  • Shure SM48

    Shure SM48 - "One of my favorite microphones. But it isn't for everyone."


    The SM48 is a dynamic microphone with a cardioid polar pattern and a frequency response ranging from 70 to 15,000 Hz. Supposedly, it is best suited for backing vocals or spoken word. The frequency response(in comparison with other microphones) does t…

  • Shure Super 55 Deluxe

    Shure Super 55 Deluxe - "add an off and on switch please"


    This microphone is made by Shure, it is a dynamic vocal microphone that has a classic look to it. It has a supercardioid polar pattern and a great frequency response for speeches or vocals. The presentation value of this microphone is why it sells th…

  • Shure SM48-LC

    Shure SM48-LC - "Do not buy"


    The SM48LC has a cardioid pickup pattern that is suppose to only pick up what you are recording and not pick up external noises and sounds. It does not do that very well, so when recording with it you will need to make sure that you are in a complete…

  • Shure Beta 57A

    Shure Beta 57A - "Universal"


    The Shure Beta 57A is a very rugged mic, the transients with the 57A are clean and very fast. This microphone will sound awesome with no matter what you put it in front of. I have used it on guitars, vocals, drums, and even horn instruments. I feel l…

  • Shure Super 55 Deluxe

    Shure Super 55 Deluxe - "Looks good, But.."


    The Super 55 Deluxe is made to look vintage, but it is a pretty standard vocal microphone otherwise. Do not be fooled by the look of this microphone. It does look cool and has a vintage style to it, but the sound is nothing to brag about. It is an …

  • Shure PG58

    Shure PG58 - "Great buy with the shure PG58"


    Excellent microphone for the price. There is a place in town where I practice music and there are SM 58s there as well. So I decided to test out the PG58 and an SM 58 and they sound identical. The only difference is the SM 58 is made like a tank, but…

  • Shure SM57

    Shure SM57 - "SHURE SM57 is a must have"


    The SM57 is a dynamic microphone with a cardioid, directional pattern. Dynamic mics sound different than condenser mics, which are better for capturing hi and low frequencies. A dynamic mic like the SM57 does not need phantom power, which makes it …

  • Shure PG56

    Shure PG56 - "Good first drum microphone"


    The Shure PG56 is an affordable kick and tom microphone, and when I say affordable I mean affordable! It is a Cardoid Dynamic microphone that only cost 69 dollars. I have not seen a kick drum or tom microphone that cheap in a long time. I have had th…