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Shure Microphones user reviews

  • Shure SM57

    Shure SM57 - "Excellent bang for the buck" has images


    I bought an SM57 primarily to record electric guitars. I spent hours with several other microphones and never really got a sound I was happy with until I tried the SM57. It was the clear winner after multiple position and amp setting checks. I …

  • Shure SM58

    Shure SM58 - "This is the best deal of a mic"


    I bought this mic after seeing the review on https://studiogearexperts.com 7 months regrets later, i have no complain about the mic. what i live most most is its performance in live performances, less noise and powerful. thanks to the Cardioid Pi…

  • Shure KSM44

    Shure KSM44 - "Shure tough KSM44 LDC - for home recording vocal and acoustic"


    I wanted a microphone for vocals and some acoustic, mainly vocals. This is for a small HR setup seeking professional sounds while tracking. Male vocal mic that didnt need a lot of EQ and Dynamic work for my voice. I wanted a mic that could tra…

  • Shure SM48

    Shure SM48 - "One of my favorite microphones. But it isn't for everyone."


    The SM48 is a dynamic microphone with a cardioid polar pattern and a frequency response ranging from 70 to 15,000 Hz. Supposedly, it is best suited for backing vocals or spoken word. The frequency response(in comparison with other microphones) does t…

  • Shure PG27

    Shure PG27 - ""Not that Great, but not that Bad""


    The "Shure-PG27" side address cardioid condenser microphone comes in two options - XLR and USB type. I went with the XLR option. Weighing only 438 grams, this condenser microphone delivers what it promises. Extremely sensitive highs. This phantom…

  • Shure PG42-LC

    Shure PG42-LC - "Great for vocals on modern music"


    Tried this condenser mic on a pro studio environment, and also in a room with no acoustic treatment. fairly bright, and a little bit risky for recording a nasally vocalist with a terrible handling on "ss". OVERALL OPINION It's easily blends on any …

  • Shure KSM44A

    Shure KSM44A - "Excellent Quality Mic..with a caveat"


    Solid, super well built professional STUDIO microphone, solid state/transformer-less 'pletharos' design. Multi-pattern. Incredibly low self noise. LARGE diaphragm condenser. OVERALL OPINION Quality of sound is excellent. Build quality phenomenal.…

  • Shure SM27

    Shure SM27 - "impressed me from day 1"


    The Shure SM27 is a large diaphragm condenser microphone that comes with a shock mount, case and bag to put in for travel. The build of this microphone surprised me because it seems to be made out of heavier materials and nothing is cheap about it. T…

  • Shure VP88

    Shure VP88 - "My new field mic!"


    The VP88 is a slim designed microphone that is used for professional recordings. This is the microphone that I prefer to use for recording sound effects when I am out and about. I was able to capture some really good crowd noise and street noise with…

  • Shure Super 55 Deluxe

    Shure Super 55 Deluxe - "add an off and on switch please"


    This microphone is made by Shure, it is a dynamic vocal microphone that has a classic look to it. It has a supercardioid polar pattern and a great frequency response for speeches or vocals. The presentation value of this microphone is why it sells th…