CCBro 03/31/2017

Shure KSM44 : CCBro's user review

« Shure tough KSM44 LDC - for home recording vocal and acoustic »

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Value For Money : Correct Audience: Anyone
I wanted a microphone for vocals and some acoustic, mainly vocals.

This is for a small HR setup seeking professional sounds while tracking.
Male vocal mic that didnt need a lot of EQ and Dynamic work for my voice.
I wanted a mic that could track my vocal to sound finished! and the KSM44 really got me there.

For the past few years I went the wrong direction, getting dynamic mics for this goal.this overcome my noisy room which then lead me down an expensive Preamp outboard path. Once I corrected the room noise, making a "vocal booth" (and moving the pc fan out of the room) I was able to return to the beautiful LDC mics. LDC higher output allowed getting rid of the outboard preamps.

I mainly tested a flagship LDC MXL to a KSM27 mic. The KSM27 was cheap and amazing in build and tones (once I added the foam). It felt professional, metal, and thick mesh screen. The sound was clearer and crisp. So impressed I had to try the Flagship Shure KSM 44 that got most the positive reviews per the "Biz folk".

The capsules are the same in cardiod mode, but the KSM44 has the Dual Diaphragm that per physics works differently and offers a natural compression and less negative proximity effect. The KSM44 has Multi-Pattern and HPF to remove rumble. The KSM44 cost twice the KSM 27 but to me it was worth it.
The KSM44 doesnt even need a pop filter imo. The KSM44 also has a slight ability to compress and maintain a more consistent output due to the Dual Diaphragm design. US made, champagne colored, and a amazing build quality you can feel holding it. Articles say these KSM were also designed around the same drop tests and others all Shure mics go through, and they feel this tough, some even making it a Live mic! these things are great! I have the SM7, SM57, SM58, PG48, etc,, and the KSM series is just as tough built, I love that.

Shure KSM44 puts a professional grade mic in my studio for cheap/used. The KSM44 has that studio sound and accomplished my goal of not needing to spend hours fixing it. For my vocal mic it sounds pretty polished straight into the DAW.