Shure BETA 52A
Shure BETA 52A

BETA 52A, Dynamic Microphone from Shure in the BETA series.

Adrimed 06/26/2009

Shure BETA 52A : Adrimed's user review


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Shure Beta 52a.
Dynamic microphone for bass instruments supercardiode.
Robust and reliable.


This microphone is not convinced and I sold it for a AKG D112.
The sound is difficult controlling: the bass is too little prcis infrabasses of the mdiums are like "ABSCENTS" which provides a sound creuscomprss acute remain without definition particulire ...dropoff window
Brefun bit of, I expected much better!
In addition, it reacts badly the equal and impossible to retrouverdu mdium.
Finally I have a very important finding of default, I do not know if it was from my mic since I've never ressay else, but mine was saturated !!! Yet I'm pretty quiet on my bass drum!
I tried everything to eliminate this "pouic pouic" has not had nor of its location or the Pramp SINCE zero saturation was always the !!! Yet it has good reputation the guy!
I think it will fit over the mic scene or to a drummer who dry balance and seeks a big kick genre Hard / Heavy.