dbx 266XS
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Average Score:5.0(5/5 based on 1 review)
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stompboxjon's review"An excellent price"

dbx 266XS
The DBX 266XS is a must have compressor and limiter that you need to add to not only your studio set up but your live set up as well. I have used other compressors from DBX and this one is by far the best one they have come out with up to this day. The 1:1 ratio and -40dB to 20dB compression is second to none. This compressor also has LED lights on it for compression and gate threshold monitoring.


There are 2 channels on the DBX 266XS and it will give you full control over the compression and limiters that you use. This unit only cost 150 dollars which is why I love it so much; it was extremely affordable and well made. I have taken this unit to so many different places every since it was added to my rig. At first I had doubts on how good it could be for this price. But it really blew me away. There are a lot better compressors out on the market but if you want to stay in this price range you won’t find anything else that can out do the DBX 266XS.


Using it is very simple, all of your main functions are right on the front faceplate of the unit and if you understand compression (real compression not digital VST compression) then you will have no issues getting the sound that you want. In a live setting, I can say this has taken our sound to new heights and it was one of the best investments that we have made for our overall sound. We have used all instruments and vocals with this compressor. It works great with no matter what it is processing.


This compressor is well made, it can be racked taking up only 1 rack space but most of the time we don’t even rack it. We just have a workspace table that kind of sits behind everything that we just sit it on. Then when we are done we just take it with us, it is very easy to set up that way and it is also efficient.