PreSonus ACP88
PreSonus ACP88

ACP88, Dynamic Processor from PreSonus in the ACP series.

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Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 5 reviews )
 2 reviews40 %
 3 reviews60 %
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sw80's review"Upgraded from the original ACP-88"

PreSonus ACP88
The PreSonus ACP-88 is an 8 channel compressor and gate/limiter. The ACP-88 can be racked taking up 2 rack spaces. The threshold on this unit is -40 dB to 20 dB with 1:1 ratio. There are 8 ¼ inputs and 8 ¼ outputs with side chain ins and outs. I purchased one of these back in late 2007 and used it till about 2010. I wanted to get this because I was using the original ACP-8 many years ago and wanted to upgrade because many people told me the ACP-88 was worth the upgrade.


The ACP-88 gave me side chain on each and every channel as well as trigger inputs on each channel. There are 8 full featured gates and 8 full featured compressors and limiters. This unit took the place of a lot of processors that we had in our studio that were basically just taking up a lot of space so upgrading to the ACP-88 gave use more rack space too!


Understanding this unit is easy if you have worked with it before and because I was coming from the APC-8 I had no problem getting a use to using this one. If you are new to the ACP-88 I recommend reading through the manual before you get started so you can understand how all of the processing works. The manual is easy to read and understand, you can actually still download it online.


This rack is great for live sound and in studio. I prefer to keep it in studio though because of how it doesn’t color the sound. Plus having 8 channels in a studio is great too. This gave us a warm sound and every time we used it we loved it. We do not own it anymore because we upgraded to another model but all of the recordings we did with the ACP-88 were great. PreSonus has created a monster!

junky_xl's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" I combl"

PreSonus ACP88
16 compressor / gate analog in a 2U rack!


very intuitive ... it has something to experiment ... just the space between the potentiometers that is a little restraint but nothing really Gnant


My first compressor and frankly I pat its capabilities !!! no regrets !!! I spend rhythm boxes / synths and it's really impressive what is possible to produce.


a few months and I plan to order a SECOND ACP88 ... on the other hand must prvoir 1/2 patchbay otherwise it is a bit tiresome to bend over backwards to make the connections ...

muzikal's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

PreSonus ACP88
See the information of the first notice


Intuitive use for those who know how a compressor. Notched knobs for fine quality with a precise statement of adjustments.


This machine has 8 circuits composed of a THAT 4301 VCA, an RMS detector and 3 aop.
That took over in 1989 the production of original tracks from David Blacmer
DBX, this circuit is to compile the 2150 and 2252 in a single DBX
box ...
It is therefore the same electronics as the high-end compressors DBX in and you can hear clearly.
No crushing of severe acute fully preserved, non-aggressive medium, it is in the compressor pro, no doubt. It accesses the class example of a Drawmer.
He collects the wholesale level, excellent dynamics, very good signal to noise ratio.
Tremendous versatility: perfectly suitable for the treatment of complex voice (H and F) on drums and bass pechu, corpulent on synths. Transparent or punchy, depending on the settings.
When I must leave a source of a mix, the dynamic control without any adverse effect, it is ultimately always the one who saves me the situation.
When the gate to it is accurate and completely silent at the opening and closing.


2 years of extensive use, sound recording and mixing.
Only conccurents the Klark Teknik Square one, much more expensive, and after review, a color tone similar.

In summary.

- Construction of high quality
- His pro
- Versatility
- Ease of adjustment to the fingers and ear
- At 500 euros okaz, that makes 62.50 euros mono compressor with gate, a ridiculous price in relation to the excellent quality of the machine.

- Fan deserves to be a tad more discreet
- Fine tuning needed for a top result, essential knowledge of how a compressor if not disappointment ... (Like any good compressor)
- A bulky hair

I do it again this election for a reason that says it all: there is no machine on the market of this quality at this price.

sensei's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

PreSonus ACP88
See below


See below


See below


I've had six months, and I've used in heavy use for 14 weeks.
Mconnue got my machine too, excellent, not CHRE, walking to hell. I used to put the dishes in the process of passing the whole mix battery in 2 channel, or output mix, bass, vocals, brass and the final mix, I used to toms and OH, and keyboards. Indeed, for voice, we can take something else if we need grain, but if the sounds made as desired, this machine does not dnaturera.
I would do without this choice hsiter. Notice who is looking for a comp / gate clean and goes anywhere. Can be sweet as to be "transparent" or compress to the typical or dub tek ....
bnol small, the buttons are too small and the maniacs of silence, I prcise it is broken (noise equivalent to rest a G5, so everything is acceptable)
Not as soft as the Drawmer but just as transparent., Not quite the same use.
I am looking for a deuxime ...

schme's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

PreSonus ACP88
Compressor / Gate 8-channel linkable.
2 rack units
100% analog technology.
Per channel:
adjustable threshold / ratio / attack / release for the compressor
how soft / hard knee mode + auto (attack / release
adjustable threshold / attack / release the gate.
a bypass.

In short no gimmick, just enough.


Who knows how to use a compressor / gate manipulates the craft eyes closed.
Each channel can be linked with the preceding channel so that we can do pretty much what we use as example veux.Par limiter 8 channel links as input to a digital multitrack.

Small flat to the size and spacing of buttons that require a minimum of delicacy (2 U oblige).


It works well the machine! Its very neutral, it's hell on percus.En But it lacks a little warmth on a voix.Le hiss level is very bas.C 'what is true.
The gates work well aussi.Pas click and other artifacts.


Very good compressors, gates very good for general use.
For the best voice worth a compressor used more typed, everything depends on the preamp which is upstream.
Brief highlights of this product are also its weaknesses: neutral (neutral too), compact (compact too).
Anyway Value / unbeatable price.