IDT DBP4 (Digital Band Processor)
IDT DBP4 (Digital Band Processor)

DBP4 (Digital Band Processor), Dynamic Processor from IDT.

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Dbpman 07/25/2008

IDT DBP4 (Digital Band Processor) : Dbpman's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
The IDT DBP 4 (Digital Band Processor) is a treatment of the dynamics of its mainly used by FM radio, but this processor is also available in web version, or in the studio.
The processor is fully digital and can be configured on PC using software called upon by IDT via a RS 232 cable.
On the connection:
- Input: 2 XLR (analog) or AES-EBU (digital)
- Output: 2 XLR (analog) or AES-EBU (digital)

DBP has a 4 stereo encoder with output BNC (TX output) for connecting a wireless bridge.

It is of course a rack model


The general configuration is rather simple.
IDT provides factory presets directly into the processor installed. It is better to start a factory preset to create an optimal configuration if you are new at this.
This device offers multiple opportunities to process your sound.
The manual (included French, PDF on CD-ROM to install the Master Gate, software used to configure the processor) is clear and complete. I only regret that the manual is not delivered in print ...


The effects are effective, precise, clean and very realistic.
I use this treatment on his music and voice.
Note the ability to add plugins, including a stereo image expander very effective.
Sound hot spring, well compressed.


I use this unit for several months.
I like the rendering, the multiple possibilities of creating your own sound, the quality of treatment, the product in general, and a latency very very small (about 5 milliseconds), it is important for the return radio antenna.
Excellent value for money, the treatment is powerful and complete.
Noted that this is a product of conception French (Lyon)

Yes, I would gladly do it again this election.