Stagg EDB-3/4
Stagg EDB-3/4

EDB-3/4, Electric Cello & Double Bass from Stagg in the EDB series.

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Average Score:3.6( 3.6/5 based on 14 reviews )
 10 reviews71 %
 3 reviews21 %
 1 user review7 %
Audience: Beginners Value For Money : Excellent

MGR/Laklander's review"Stagg EDB 3/4"

Stagg EDB-3/4
I've played bass professionally for 44 years. I currently play in a praise band in a local church and also do studio work. I favor rock but have played just about every style, even -- shame -- disco. Favorite players include Paul McCartney, James Jamerson, Tony Levin, Chris Squire, Joe Osborn, Bob Glaub and Sting.

Stagg EDB 3/4 Electric Upright Bass; transparent yellow finish; 3/4 size (same as standard upright); 42' scale. Includes a headphone out 1/8' jack and a CD in 1/8' jack to allow practice long with recordings. Controls are volume and Sub-bass, which is a bass boost control. Piezo bridge pickup. Strings are standard 3/4 size upright strings. 1/4 output jack to amplifier. Solid maple body; neck might be some kind of composite -- it's hard to tell.

I purchased this instrument used from EBay in November 2009 to use in acoustic settings in my church band. I previously owned the NS Design WAV but sold it because I was not using it enough. Sure enough, not long after it sold, I found I'd need an EUB. Doh! I paid $399 with shipping and a fiberglass German bow was include in the price.

To me, the Stagg sounds more like a 'real' upright bass than the NS Design did. It's hard to describe, but it sounds 'woodier' and has more 'mwah' than the NS, even though it has a slab body. I like that the Stagg has a wire hip brace that allows you to hold the bass away from you while playing, and also that it has an endpin, which allows you to move while playing. There's also a plug-in wireframe for the treble side of the bass that allows someone used to playing upright a reference point for where to switch to 'thumb' position. Since I'm not really an upright player, this doesn't bother me because I don't use thumb position. But it is a selling point for many upright players looking to move to EUB. I also like the larger, open tuning gears as opposed to the NS closed. Gotoh bass guitar type tuners. (See my review of the NS here on MGR to see why I don't like Gotohs on an upright.)

The piezo pickup system is very sensitive and makes the entire body of the bass microphonic -- it picks up noises when anything hits the body -- a cord, a gnat, you name it. Stagg calls it 'noiseless,' and it may be electronically, but it picks up too many superfluous souunds. I attempted to alleviate this by putting thin foam under the legs of the bridge, which is where the pickup poles sit, but the effect is minimal. The endpin also rattles in some positions, which is picked up and sent to the amp. I had read that there are shielding issues with the control cavity, which is unshielded, but my bass is quiet. Maybe that has been improved over the years by Stagg.

The Stagg is solidly built and the finish is very good. All components seem to be of good quality. Since this bass was purchased used, I'm not sure what strings are on it or if they are stock strings, but they sound good. The bass comes with a padded gigbag and, under normal handling, should stand up well.

Even at a normal price -- they sell new for anywhere from $449 to $629 -- Stagg offers a decent quality for not a lot of money. Workmanship is not as good at the ND Design WAV, but the NS costs $300 to $500 more. If you're looking to experiment with upright or want to play EUB only occasionally, Stagg offers an affordable, good-sounding instrument.

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Pat.Rick's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good to get started? but ... Bad, No more"

Stagg EDB-3/4
I use it for some years.
I try very rare model available, including Clevinger, obviously much better, but for a much better price too (much more expensive).
What I like is the price, which is a right place to start against low.
What I deplore is that the production is so bad, I ordered the council to send a large distance. Try it in the store before, and from the model try. It frieze at the top of the handle, and the situation is formal. Almost 50% have had problem with the key in the first box. Bb particularly.

I recommend an earlier custom shop that used purchase.

It is certain that I will not buy this bass, but if I had the opportunity. Because it is related to its price. Not terrible ... the bass Clevinger, Yamaha, and other Aria, are much better. The outfit is bizzard, well loins of true bass.

tilmanjulien's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Nice"

Stagg EDB-3/4
I use it for a few months now ... This is the first and only model I tried, with Honey finish, it is fun to watch. It sounds pretty good even though we know in buying this kind of instrument, you do not buy a bass but the feeling of having a bass. Value / pretty decent price but a few problems though: I can not screw one of the supporting elements of the bass (which did not seem to really serve but good). As mentioned in other reviews, the headphone output spits. But otherwise, with octave and a good amp set properly, you get a cool sound quickly ... A buy to learn to play fretless and have a semblance of his bass ...

nyahbinghi's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" to start or play at night"

Stagg EDB-3/4
bought there almost a year, at a ridiculous price to start bass ('m already bassist).

The sound is pretty bad, changing strings, it gets better a little with EQ, a good amp and a compressor that still manages a bit but it's still light years ahead of its d correct instrument.
You really feel like a toy, and yet, a toy of poor quality.

However, there has utilities this instrument:
- To start if you're not sure you want to pay the price of a real bass, but only if you're the type to have unfailing motivation, because it takes little pleasure to play with such a non-sound quality
- If you want to play at night cheap
- If you want to make the bass easy to travel cheap

in short, a very good quality / price but its a fun game and pretty bad report

bassiste49's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Satisfactory"

Stagg EDB-3/4
For a year, I perfected this bass. I have not tried other models, but it should see me the price (120 € used). At this price, we handle the strings, the distance is a good start. ..
soul cleaner01/31/2013

soul cleaner's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" To become familiar with the bass."

Stagg EDB-3/4
I bought it a little over a year had joined a group type "French song / sound." I had tried the acoustics in the conservatory gale and I loved the feeling.

We find the sensations in question at the grip, but not touched (not unpleasant nonetheless), and certainly not the sound, it will take a good amplification for well rounded and refine your sound at the same time and make more "authentic" (note the quotes) and clear!
The original strings are strings a machine, you must change absolutely wholesale and count over € 100 minimum. I made set by my teacher, if it was not precise enough (already it is the major difficulty of the instrument!). I made a little bow, I'm not sure how to use it, but it seems clear that the lack of body gives a "Raisonnance" really awful (and I can not find the harmonic terrible) and mid sounds a bit stronger than of the remaining strings (?).
I never used the jack mp3 mini jack and the other to put a headphone jack is a disaster: a breath unbearable (pressed into the amp and it will be good.) And above, and I come to what is THE default this electric bass: the metal bar that simulates the body fulfills its office but it vibrates and produces sound parsite we hear in the sound of the bass, supports the latter do not vibrate well and . The worst is the metal rod on which the bass is pressed it vibrates and it downright slap sometimes you have to find a good support and most especially to the release and the volume knob up and down rather than gains and volume the amp against by the sub bass knob affects interesting, although it modifies the grain, but do not push too much either (saturates to 3/4). The rubber tip of the stem is really badly done, he quickly damaged, I had to replace it with a foam ball while playing on carpet.

In short, it is very practical especially the futuristic look is nice, it is light (mention the cover is stylish, comfortable and well studied), it is to learn a bass for cheap, play in a style rock, ska and company, based more on energy and punch of the instrument on its subtlety. To play finesse, jazz or classical music that will be at the house (headphone, went through the amp, I repeat!) You really have to rely on amplification to nab a good sound.
A purchase that I did not really regret it anyway, because it gives a way to test the bass at a price very accessible (the value for money is very good even when you know when the price of a bass) which is essential for any self-respecting bass. Contrary to what I could read here and it does not sound like a fretless not, the sound is still MUCH round. So set the rendering is still much closer to the bass.

Quality: price, comfort (game and transport).
Default: do not rely on the sound of the instrument itself it must be amplified.

daf29's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" ideal for beginners or for less noise"

Stagg EDB-3/4
It'll be a year since I have this electric and I do not regret my investment.
I play bass for a long time and want to spend the fretless tempted me and for that matter as much to spend on bass. Not being sure how to play and to appreciate it, I focused on the instrument the cheapest and least noisy (appart obliges).

As Saxarba, my G string dropped me from the first tuning. So I invested in a complete game tomastik Spirocore 4/4 (for about € 160 anyway) and the quality is immediately felt.

A big advantage for bassists or guitarists who want to put on the bass, the neck has the same markings as on a low (points at the third cargo, freight 5th, 7th freight, ...) which help the learning.

A default remains, the vibration noise at the picnic. I did not do it but I found a solution by a bassist more informed on a forum. here's the solution:

"Solution: it is necessary that you open the compartment behind (the large, full of one who screws ....) You accederas returned to the cavity or the pike.
The goal is to introduce a rubber washer (like old tip spade used), at the extremity of the "chute" or out of the pike (uh, that's clear or not?) and as the pike can not be completely out, cut your puck, pass it around the pic and put it into force in the beginning of the chute.
We just have to watch the puck does not move when you come home and spells the pike. "

To conclude, it is the ideal bass for beginners and those who do not make noise at home! I love it to a different atmosphere in concert (its warmest and slid deep).

Dux'O's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Average"

Stagg EDB-3/4
I use it for a year now and I'm very moderate. The sound is decent for the price, but should not expect too much. If we add the bass boost the sound is completely submerged in no time. She does not snore like any good bass should.

What I absolutely hate in this instrument, the headphone output is absolutely rotten, useless.

Be careful also, the strings below the bridge resonate when you play, it gives her a parasite that had lost all his precision instrument. I had to smother them with a sock, it becomes usable from there.

What I like is finally close enough to the ergonomics of a real bass, we do not lose your bearings too, even if it's still a bit disturbing. Finally, the portability is great. Because if lugging a bass is not easy.

With the experience I do not know if I would do this choice. With the same budget is on. But perhaps it is better to invest a little more for better sound ...

titimoby's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Nice discovery"

Stagg EDB-3/4
I use it for a year or so.

I have not tried many other models for the simple reason that in this price range is the only one.

So yes, it is not a venerable centuries-bass or a shiny EUB 5000 €, but what fun!

This Stagg to discover what is so nice with a bass.
Play standing up against his instrument is a very different sensation of bass on its strap.
The sound is very correct: some settings on my Markbass and presto, it growls at the slightest touch.

Of course, there are a few finishing touches can be a little fair, like having the screw jack to the original shot had a horrible noise.

Once done, plus no worries in a year!

I do it again this choice with his eyes closed, I discovered a world I will not give up like that.
Slightly more than medium will allow me to go further as soon as possible with good old grandmother, but I will not forget the instrument that has opened this world.
Fossoyeur Jhonson09/24/2011

Fossoyeur Jhonson's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Nice surprise!"

Stagg EDB-3/4
Well I for 24 h. .. then it subsides.
I play the bass ... I know that most of the bass playing on an EUB climb on their high horse and say it's the stew made to satisfy the frustrated basseux not play on a contrebasse.Je am not of that opinion ... I think that the EUB is an instrument in itself ... For my part I will not say, "yeah, it's a scandal, we really aps e sound of a bass!" Who cares ... is not the goal ... There was an instrument of the type "Babybass" ... It was assumed that electric sound. end of the parenthesis ...
So to summarize, my positive opinion is based on the quality / price ratio ... a miracle!
I paid € 300 for OCCAZ, and for the price, after a small adjustable easel, I will not return the intrument we!
-The interface is really great ... handling more than friendly (more on the Palatino, for example, hum!)
The sound is super-excploitable I played on stage yesterday (a few hours after acquisition) and j ('I could very easily have a good sound. knob was two, a "volume" and "sub bass ", a bass boost ... Not common, but why not any way the micro is not the same que'une electric bass, electronics fit all ... and well balanced mix of these two pots get it on my liver sounds very nice.

A 10-volume, sub bass to 0: sound a little hollow which emphasizes attack and finger play .. We will tell u its "closer to a acoustic bass" but this time I prefer the sound of my bass!
Bsub-volume 10 to 10 bass: its a very inflated (see over), fairly drooling, with a whole grain both interesting. hand there is a feeling of saturation all the same.
It is in the balance of the two button, baissont volume and by measuring the sub bass that I found interesting nuances ...
The overall sound is deep, precise, modern (come on, admit a bit too) but a drooling chouilla made his puff.
We also do a headphone jack (very convenient), and an MP3 input! (Go they could have a USB input anyway!).
When you plug a jack in there, it has a blue LED that lights up. Okay, I admit, I do without!
Everything is sold with a quality case very respectable for the price ... It was also obviously the small twist of scrap used to calibrate the hip for support.
Here, in short, to prices there is serious ... I just almost see my position on this brand which I considered questionable ... But it seems that this Board to be simply manufactured at the plant in the Aria Lite
800 roro for me, I am!