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Electric Cellos & Double Basses user reviews

  • Zeta Strados Crossover Bass 5 C

    Zeta Strados Crossover Bass 5 C - "Zeta Strados Crossover Bass"


    Natural finish, longer than most bass guitars but can squeeze into SOME gig bags but not all It's not a rock/blues/pfunk ax in any typical sense. It's more of a trainer for orchestral and jazz players ... usually sold to schools, but I use it in the…

  • Stagg EDB-3/4

    Stagg EDB-3/4 - "Stagg EDB 3/4"


    I've played bass professionally for 44 years. I currently play in a praise band in a local church and also do studio work. I favor rock but have played just about every style, even -- shame -- disco. Favorite players include Paul McCartney, James Jam…

Translated user reviews
  • Aria SWB Lite one

    Aria SWB Lite one - " To troubleshoot or to discover ..."


    I use it for seven years, but much more now since I have a real grandmother. More pervasive, but more sexy for those who love the shapes! I tried the Stagg EDB model, but now the price difference (the stagg is 450 €) refers. I tried a NS Design in…

  • Stagg EDB-3/4

    Stagg EDB-3/4 - " Good to get started? but ... Bad, No more"


    I use it for some years. I try very rare model available, including Clevinger, obviously much better, but for a much better price too (much more expensive). What I like is the price, which is a right place to start against low. What I deplore i…

  • Stagg EDB-3/4

    Stagg EDB-3/4 - " Nice"


    I use it for a few months now ... This is the first and only model I tried, with Honey finish, it is fun to watch. It sounds pretty good even though we know in buying this kind of instrument, you do not buy a bass but the feeling of having a bass. Va…

  • Stagg EDB-3/4

    Stagg EDB-3/4 - " to start or play at night"


    bought there almost a year, at a ridiculous price to start bass ('m already bassist). The sound is pretty bad, changing strings, it gets better a little with EQ, a good amp and a compressor that still manages a bit but it's still light years ahead…

  • Stagg EDB-3/4

    Stagg EDB-3/4 - " Satisfactory"


    For a year, I perfected this bass. I have not tried other models, but it should see me the price (120 € used). At this price, we handle the strings, the distance is a good start. .. …

  • Stagg EDB-3/4

    Stagg EDB-3/4 - " To become familiar with the bass."


    I bought it a little over a year had joined a group type "French song / sound." I had tried the acoustics in the conservatory gale and I loved the feeling. We find the sensations in question at the grip, but not touched (not unpleasant nonetheless…

  • Stagg EDB-3/4

    Stagg EDB-3/4 - " ideal for beginners or for less noise"


    It'll be a year since I have this electric and I do not regret my investment. I play bass for a long time and want to spend the fretless tempted me and for that matter as much to spend on bass. Not being sure how to play and to appreciate it, I foc…

  • Stagg EDB-3/4

    Stagg EDB-3/4 - " Average"


    I use it for a year now and I'm very moderate. The sound is decent for the price, but should not expect too much. If we add the bass boost the sound is completely submerged in no time. She does not snore like any good bass should. What I absolutel…