Stagg EDB-3/4
Stagg EDB-3/4

EDB-3/4, Electric Cello & Double Bass from Stagg in the EDB series.

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titimoby 10/06/2011

Stagg EDB-3/4 : titimoby's user review

«  Nice discovery »

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I use it for a year or so.

I have not tried many other models for the simple reason that in this price range is the only one.

So yes, it is not a venerable centuries-bass or a shiny EUB 5000 €, but what fun!

This Stagg to discover what is so nice with a bass.
Play standing up against his instrument is a very different sensation of bass on its strap.
The sound is very correct: some settings on my Markbass and presto, it growls at the slightest touch.

Of course, there are a few finishing touches can be a little fair, like having the screw jack to the original shot had a horrible noise.

Once done, plus no worries in a year!

I do it again this choice with his eyes closed, I discovered a world I will not give up like that.
Slightly more than medium will allow me to go further as soon as possible with good old grandmother, but I will not forget the instrument that has opened this world.

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