Aria TAB-60
Aria TAB-60

TAB-60, 4-string bass guitar from Aria.

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linn134's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Aria TAB-60
Made in Korea.
Level features I will not go because I have this bass for several years.
Two humbuckers, 2 tone, 2 volume, switch B / B + N / N and it fed.
The handle is stuck, like a Les Paul type scraper or ES-335.


The handle is rustic, like the rest of the bass: stiff, heavy, thick and wide.
Access to acute bad enough, but it's not the kind of low-fusing is being done in the high scream!

Ergonomics pretty dismal, vintage, heavy, poorly balanced. The "purist" in bad faith would say that it has a lot of charm and authenticity. Seriously it is a heavy beam and very uncomfortable.


Klonk Klonk schgroooonk ... Played with a pick, it goes, it's funny, perfect for old grandfather rocks. Not at all for a low MIDI metallers, no, it's old-school guys. Played on the fingers is round, matt, death as something crashed into the ground: brouumm.

I was playing in an Ampeg with 15 hp, "they went well together!
Fatty fatty fatty fatty fatty ... but not all lens or clear it all the time crunch.


I do not use more.
I liked the look so bassist for Sheraton, it is quite pretty and not too bad over.
The price was around 400 euros of memory, not stolen but not cheap either.

It is a low pop for briton or soft rock radio (well, bah Radiobed for example), no way to make scream on a little rock couillus Madame has its limits. It does not fit into any bag. And memory, the pickguard is a bit shit when you want to play properly.

Redeem? No, definitely not. I like to play bass agtéables, not the decor.