JMH Custom Little Rock

JMH Custom Little Rock

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Little Rock, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from JMH Custom.

3 user reviews
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JMH Custom Little Rock tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: JMH Custom
  • Model: Little Rock
  • Category: Tube Combo Guitar Amps
  • Added in our database on: 08/12/2007

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JMH Custom Little Rock user reviews

Average Score:5.0( 5/5 based on 3 reviews )
 3 reviews100 %

ocharlad's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

JMH Custom Little Rock
All-tube amp. 2 EL 84 power for the Tagus and 3 12AX7 for prampli. It shows 15 watts on the scale, but ... Look beyond what I think ... This is an amp for guitarist who want to return to the basic: the connection is very simple: a hole to put the jack and ... for a footswitch if you want one that's all! There are two channels: one that has a clear SETTING THE Tone and volume and a small switch to add fat on its clear sound. The channel is deuxime him to his fate with saturated rgalge treble, mid and bass, and a gain and volume. The reverb is an option, mine does not. The amp is manufactured in a nice, solid chassis and comes with a V30 or a Jensen ... And what happens is the the advantage of this amp. It is made by Jean Michel Herdhuin, prs de Grenoble, allowing you to finish your gear with the features you DSIR: reverb or not, effects loop, footswitch, clear sound that quickly crunch or not, color etc. .... Well of course I believe that it can meet all your DSIR (!), But many! over the amp is wired by hand, and mounted with lamps of quality (the more the quality of the lamps can affect the color of sound), and he did all he same. I put 10 because I do not care to have a billion features that I offend the ear so they are null and I'm looking for a real lamp with a few functions around!


There's no simpler: you branches, you are looking for your sound by changing the pots to SETTING THE Tone (which offers a range of sounds INTERESTED and rapidly changing with the rotation of pots), those of gain for channel 2 and those of the scratches ... In between, the sound you fucks a monster slam (see below). There's no manual, there's a builder on the phone is your instantanment listens and trs is a good guitarist and he will give you advice and will always be available. O It changes the shops it takes you to a ham and that tells you anything ...


So with my friends of "Blues Forum" (a good little pub right? Has not eat bread ...) we play rock, blues, ranging from a "little wind" "I'm going home ", to the cool and not cool. I have two guitars, a LP Studio 99 with P90 and a 69 Thinline tl Mexico. When we play in bars, we are often asked to send stuff like "Smoke on the Water" etc ... I have a 50 watt lamp that is too powerful for these small places, and thus as an amplifier lights should I push two solutions; become the Rolling Stones to play in front of 790,000 people or find a less powerful amp but also nice. Well I hsit I runic in my office and finally I opt for the little amp that I can grow in bars .... The little rock me happy because with this amp, I:
- A clear channel to crunch quickly (but you can come back the crunch). The clean sound is great even without reverb. The sound compression possde impressive! The vintage 30 is gnial on this unit. The sound is round and well equilibrated: I do not feel frequency drives that takes precedence over the others.
- The sound is saturated ... Rock. The 12 o'clock position on the knob gain up to 3 hours, these are all the sounds of rock returning, a wonderful crunch up a way to compress normment overdrive. For songs like "antisocial" I lack a bit of saturation, but I add a small boss sd1 and I can play rglant overruns the amp and pedals, I'm going up "star spangled banner "no problem with the feedback and everything .... This amp is really a Russianness. The scratch of course, trash will be a fair bit, but blues and rock will be here at home ...
I put 10 because I can have the same little rock sounds reasonable amount and a beautiful palette trs wide.
Update, October 10, 2007
APRS good months of use on scne (bar and dining plutt small), I have rglages Volusion and the sound of the amp was still soft! The main change from my comprhension that, as with any amp lamp, the master of the channel plays SO saturated in sound quality that the GAIN. is that your exact to "warm" distortion of the Tagus, it is necessary to mount the master as well as the volume gain. And the sound of the amp is even more grabs. HP also has the rod for sure. I'm sure Keith Richards rgalerait on this amp. The grain is rock and roll. I now place on the Distortion channel treble and mid at max (reminder: Les Paul Studio Gem series with real P9O), low 3:00, and with a small boss SD1 for many crunches I LGERS up a standard saturation. For example, I can keep a note of Santana or Gary Moore for 10 'by directing the guitar to the amp and have the feedback effects of Hendrix (Hey Joe in class!). The guys who hear the sound palette of this amp remain silent! It also has two levels of crunch;
Clear channel, volume 12 hours, and the crunch rglage knob with the volume of the scratch.
Distortion channel: Volume 12 o'clock, 3 o'clock gain and crunch with the rglage knob of scratching.
In my local rpeter or in rooms or bosses are boring particulirement with the volume (this amp covers trs trs largely the battery, and yet our drummer is not strictly speaking an "end" ...), if the sound level is too high, plutt as lower volumes of the two channels, I put in VHM attenuator between the output HP and HP. Well certainly we lose a little bit, but much less than lowering. But in the majority of cases, the power of the amplifier is perfectly suited for these small rooms. For larger rooms, I transplanted and presto!
I confirm that this amp is standard despite its small size. each BPS or output, it pierces me ....
I confirm the 10 (can not get more).


I've had six months and if I was looking at a small dpart second amp that allows me to not break my back while carrying and playing in small rooms, now that I matrise better, I l take him out and almost in large rooms instead of my wonderful 50 watt amp ... In the transplanting is done everything possible. In addition it is 850 euros new, and despite its 15 watts, your batsmen are going to face! here must it serious. I use it with a little reverb akai, but I thought dernirement branch, while silent shade (bte is not ?)... and has ben gn did not at all! silent sound as beautiful ... Good 850 euros is not nothing but from what you can get that price, customization and quality quickly catching up the difference. I not only remake that choice, but I eye on the head amp the same as JM SERIES Herdhuin just released that is just as fabulous ... Finally, between the purchase of my other amp lamp and the purchase of this one, I've had or tried Fender, marshall, mesa, orange, vox, Soldano, Rivera, laney, The valve ... Ben and try one if you go through Grenoble and you will see for even the little rock is a wonder.

duros's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" An amp for the crunch"

JMH Custom Little Rock
Amp 15 W lamp at all JMH mount point by point.

2 channels: 1 clean with settings like: Tone and Gain. Crunch with a Gain, Treble, Midle, Bass and Master.

2 modes: Triode and pentode.

An attenuator 7 W


Very simple, you plug it and play.


The clean channel crunch quickly especially with humbuckers, but
compression of the channel and the heat of this channel and a joy.
The crunch channel, here we enter excellence is really his field.
Any gain levels and EQ's usable and what's.
Triode mode is soft but the Pentode is more dynamic.
I use two different speakers. The first is closed and equipped with two vintage 30 (excellent rendering), the second is opened with an Alnico Blues and Sylver and there is the sound, more compressed, more vintage.


I use it for two weeks, it is not yet polished, it is already established.
The service of JMH and professionalism: what fun!

Bluesforum's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

JMH Custom Little Rock
It's the same as the previous opinion ...


All the same as before, really, for now, I'm really going to go for a big faigniasse!


Okay, so I play with: Duesenberg D-Caster (a single and a double bridge) and a Duesenberg Double Cat (P 90 and a double in bridge). But then, he plays on Duesenberg or what? Good move, if you want to know why I have adopted these guitars, send me an email and I will answer you on 452 pages to explain how these guitars are huge.
Well, the racing results after 3 years of over-use of this sound phenomenal, and therefore after the break-V30:
- Clean channel, it has become much more "flexible", and now it sounds really cool way and it certainly crunch quickly, you can not use it donf clean sound. There crunch from 10 hours, but before it sounds very beautiful. Me, anyway, I spotted the place or ask my Sennheiser E609 microphone relative to HP, and I routinely transplanted in the sound, so I need not turn up the volume when there 's a battery. So the clean sound is excellent and with a little reverb, delay, or a small set very short, you will enjoy ...
- Lead channel: so there you go the more you enjoy, you'll HALLUCINATE: slightly crunchy sound you may have on this amp is AMAZING! I have long thought of asking an amp (it was fabulous) to Jean Michel Herdhuin (the manufacturer) style "Deluxe Reverb" to have a clear / Crunchy style "Riviera Paradise" or "Little Wing" (for those who are went to school and know so SRV or Hendrix), but now frankly I really do not need, so I can get out of this little thing is amazing! I have two ways to use this amp: when I push the volume (ie when there is not no queer one who said "this is too much" - in fact it is not often .. .-), I ride the gain to 15 hours, I put between the guitar and amp a little boost (TOC lovepedal 50), and there I have with the volume of the guitar slight crunch to a big overdrive beautiful. On stage it's really a treat ... When I can not push the volume, I put the gain at 10 hours, the volume at 12 o'clock, and I put an overdrive (my tone texas radial bone bone) after the scratch and there, even at low volumes I sound unheard !
This amp, so can I use for use in flat to the stage, with possibilities of sound and clear up what it takes to send heavy (not trash) with its vintage "(beautiful natural saturation of lamps) extraordinary. So I say, who can do better than that ... And more with a production made a few terminals at home ....
I put 10 because there's no 11 or 12.


Jean-Miche Herdhuin is a wizard. No, I did not say he was the head of Carabosse, I say that you built things not possible with his own hands from A to Z. At home he has things that sound better than the Deluxe Reverb, Marshall or AC 30, with more, and that's what I liked, a personal component that makes the amp it sounds like you like but with a twist "JMH custom".
Prices are very reasonable and you have an amp that you can customize from the inside to the outside. I have a rockwood (head plus cab) that I did too, and both are as good as the other one but the little rock is énormissime on sounds very slightly crunchy. On stage, I put an A / B box and send the cool on the little rock and saturated the rockwood: I am far from being the best guitar player in the corner, but in any case in his, y ' are not many who take me!

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