B.C. Rich Warlock Widow Bass
B.C. Rich Warlock Widow Bass

Warlock Widow Bass, 4-string bass guitar from B.C. Rich.

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Average Score:4.8( 4.8/5 based on 14 reviews )
 11 reviews79 %
 3 reviews21 %
Value For Money : Excellent

MGR/opie's review"B.C. Rich Warlock Bronze Series"

B.C. Rich Warlock Widow Bass
off of music123.com which they are a great webiste because their cheaper on everything and i got my guitar in like 4 days with free shipping you cant beat that!

i love the looks obviously, the sound is good for hard metal, i also have a standard fender strat and of course the sound doesnt even come close to the strat but if you are into metal and just starting off this guitar is perfect, i like the humbuckers but ill probably swith them out for seymour duncans dimebuckers to get a crunchier sound

i dont like the strings that it comes with i switched them to ernie balls .009 gauge cant remember the exacts except for i know their ernie ball and they are .009 gauge, that made a big difference other than thats its an awesome guitar

i havent had it too long so i don't really know but i know that its a little heavy but nothing to be scared of you get used to it, after a couple days you dont even think about it, but from the feel of it, it seems like it would stand up longer than my fender but of course thats just cause its heavier but come on its a fender itll last longer most likely LOL!

well, basically its a bad ass lookin guitar especially if you get the widow headstock, and it is a fast playing heavy metal guitar perfect for beginners i dont think i recomend it for gigs but maybe i will try sometime but i do recomend buying it if your begining or just trying to start a collection its perfect even if you just mount it on the wall.

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MGR/Anonymous3's review"B.C. Rich Warlock Bronze Series"

B.C. Rich Warlock Widow Bass
I got this guitar at Monkey Mambo for $169.00. It was meant to be a beginner's electric for me, but now that I've been playing for a year, I am no longer a beginner, and I am still very happy with it.

There are 24 frets, the frets are perfectly placed, and the look of a heavy metal guitar is sweet. The pickups are getting a little of a 'dirty' sound after a while, so they should be replaced, but they're well worth it for the price I payed for the guitar.

The pickups are getting a little of a 'dirty' sound after a while, so they should be replaced, but they're well worth it for the price I payed for the guitar.

Fantastic quality, it's very fun to play, and it looks awesome.

The guitar is well worth the money for any beginner or intermediate player who wants to persue their music career.

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MGR/The Dark One06/08/2003

MGR/The Dark One's review"B.C. Rich Warlock Bronze Series"

B.C. Rich Warlock Widow Bass
I bought this at Guitar Center for about $191. It was a gift pack, so i got an amp and other goodies.

This is one of THE best looking guitars on the market that the general public can afford. I love the fixed bridge. This way, I can rest my hand on the bridge for those heavy sounding muffled/palm-muted notes. I've been wanting a 24-fret guitar for a while, after being stuck with a 21-fret Squier. It doesn't take much to hold the strings down on this guitar, and the sustain is excellent. The humbucking pickups give it that heavy sound.

The back of the neck isn't waxed, so it isn't as smooth as other guitars. That also causes dirt to build up on it. Sweaty palms can't help too much there either, I guess.

Excellent quality. It's very durable. I haven't tested that factor THAT much though. I treat it as if my life depended upon its well-being.

Awesome guitar, and very well put together. The neck needs a finish on it, though. This is an excellent guitar for any poor heavy metal guitarist, like me. Actually, I didn't really know about B.C. Rich until i saw an add for their artist signature series in Guitar World. I'm glad I got it, though.

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MGR/Irulesoha's review"B.C. Rich Warlock Bronze Series"

B.C. Rich Warlock Widow Bass
I got this little beast of a guitar at some music store in stockton, i think it was the music box or some name like that. I paid 150 dollars or so on it. I got a strap, couple picks, a stand, a little squire sidekick amplifer and of course, the beast.

Well, my beast is black and heavy. I like the heavy feel to it, its not going anywhere when i play it. The strap i got with it holds well. The double humbuckers are nice and it sound GREAT!. Its truely a guitar made for heavy metal, its awesome killer looks and heavy deep sound gives it a true metal edge.

People say this guitar is heavy and they need a rest when they play, they're just weak, i can play this beast standing for hours at a time. The only problem i don't like about it is that the wiring is screwed up. A lot of times the jack breaks because the wires come lose and the switch is a little touchy at times too.

Construction is great, it stays in tune and the frets are nice. The frets seem to be closer together too. The hardware seems nice too. Just the wiring sucks...

Overall great guitar, there isn't anything i would take over it...exept maybe Zakk Wylde's Les Paul but thats it. I like the heavyness and the looks, great for metal music!

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MGR/Superdown Ritual05/08/2003

MGR/Superdown Ritual's review"B.C. Rich Warlock Bronze Series"

B.C. Rich Warlock Widow Bass
I bought it from musiciansfriend.com two years ago. I was looking for my first guitar and had a limited budget, 350$ (Thats also for a 150$ Ibanez amp and 50$ for a DOD Death Metal Pedal) This guitar was perfect for me, since I wanted it cheap, great looking, and it was 150$ back then(now its 130$). I am still thinking that the Warlock body shape is one of those most original shapes I have ever seen on a guitar.

First of all, I loved the body shape - bought the guitar. Then I loved the heavy sound of it, whats is still so shocking about this guitar to this day is the kind of heavy sounding humbuckers and ruggedness of this guitar. Its very good that this guitar has a fixed bridge otherwise this instrument would be junk, cause they would put crappiest tremolo you can imagine.

Strap knobs are little slippery, you can even imagine howmany times the strap slipped off the guitar and I somehow caught it. This problem can be fixed with a 15$ strap locks. Nothing else wrong with it, for a beginner. Once I got the axe, I also raised the bridge humbucker really close to the strings, not too close so the strings have space to vibrate - very sick to this day.

Good construction, goesnt get untuned a lot, only when I go nuts on it, 1 min with a tuner 101 fixes the problem. After two years of use my neck is beginning to move, I guess I need to tighter the neck a little.

To summarize: great first time guitar for a heavy metal fan. Dude if you like Pantera, Slipknot etc. and looking to recreate some of those sick ass riffs witha budget this is the axe to get. Right now im going to get myself a Jackson, but definetly keeping this sick puppy with me, cause I dont think anyone would want it with all the stickers I put on the back.

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MGR/Jeso from ENX02/04/2003

MGR/Jeso from ENX's review"B.C. Rich Warlock Bronze Series"

B.C. Rich Warlock Widow Bass
I acquired this goth babe at a pawn shop in El Paso TX, I needed this axe to hit the metal way right back in my country, Mexico, Also, I'm a big fan of Slipknot, (Mic Thomson sure know how to make that b**** scream like hell). I paid the modest price of $199.99 same price at Musicians friend (that amazes me, cuz in pawn shops the prices are often risen up).

This is everything I have, an it's great, I use a very small 12 watt kustom to make noise with it, and goddamit', the tone along with the sustain amazes me. It's black hardware makes it cool for any ocation. It's design is unique, goth and EVIL. yeah, this is a must buy!

the only thing i really disliked about this babe, was that normal B.C. Rich warlocks has that way cool end, and this one doesn't.

This babe has heavy meat,(for some users), and her curves are way to pointy, excellent for any dude that wants a good looking guitar for a metal havoc.

it's cheap, cool, and makes a lot of noise with any tube screamer. It's a goddam' fine goth babe that knows hows to scream without stoping.

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MGR/ardvarky's review"B.C. Rich Warlock Bronze Series"

B.C. Rich Warlock Widow Bass
musicians friends.com $144, i bought it because it looks good and is extremely cheap

Great guitar, extremely durable; its been dropped bumped and even attacked by fan blades it doesnt even go out of tune. the body is awsome and hard to scratch. has a great sound, perfect for any beginner. and of course its great looking.

there is nothing i dont like about it.

very durable, never comes outa tune, lasts a lifetime.

a great guitar for a beginner or anyone else for that matter. If you are interested in purchasing this guitar i suggest u get it off musiciansfriend.com and save $100's.

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Malcolm666's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

B.C. Rich Warlock Widow Bass
Made in China, 24 frets, two BC Rich humbuckers, one tone, one 3-position selector, volume, fixed bridge, Bolt ... Basically, what!


The major drawback of this guitar is, at first glance, an unfortunate tendency to go down and pitch down when playing standing: the adaptation time is short but it is a guitar that is not well balanced (at the same time saw form ...). Apart from this minor detail I think, we are faced with a guitar very well designed and has already proved its worth. No worries for access to acute handle fairly standard but relatively thin.


I will try here to break a little snapshot of the wild guitar does not understand the subtlety and quality that is synonymous with output level and as "evil"! I had some prejudices at first, but this guitar won me over with its amazing versatility, all for an unbeatable price. I play with a Boss ME-50 and a Fender FM212-R, and my game is rock, and all in all not very metal. Obviously, this is the style that is dedicated, with an excellent output level, but its qualities are not limited to:-air and in an intermediate position, it's an expressive, very simple but very pleasant: this is the big surprise for a guitar that seems doomed to nag to death! Now for the drawbacks: difficult to find a truly satisfying crunch, but for this price we will not complain ... I also regret the lack of sustain in the treble, but these are just details: we are dealing with an instrument of surprising maturity for its price.


This guitar was my first "real" guitar, having played on XP and second-class storm. I acquired a year ago and a half, to 160 euros for a German mail order website which shall remain nameless, and I trimballée with me on a couple of scenes. For this price range, where most of the guitars sound "recycled cardboard" I think the quality is really incredible even for an entry level, I would have paid at least double that for an instrument of this quality. Obviously, one can always find better elsewhere, but you have to pay much higher prices. This is a guitar that recommends that all beginners or intermediates looking to make a lasting investment! And no, it's not only for the metal!

Strato62's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

B.C. Rich Warlock Widow Bass
Warning: I notice the electric bass BC Rich Warlock Bronce Bass, there was a problem with the picture appears, it does not match the product.

BC Rich bass manufactured in Asia.
24 Frets.
2 Buttons: Volume 1 & 1 tone.
Agatha Corp.
Frets Rosewood.
1 Micro.
Color: Black.


The handle is very comfortable to play, access to treble is a bit difficult, but maybe it come from me. ;)
Good ergonomics, whatever, a bit heavy, you get tired quickly to have it on their shoulders. ^ ^
The sound is not exctrêmement good, but if you are a beginner, it can do the trick.


I mainly play guitar, so I touch just one or two times a month this low. It suits my style of music.

I play with a Harley Benton 20 Watts amplifier, the sound is rough, with the parasite, but it's not a bass amp, so it's normal. ^ ^
I play with distortion effects are chorus, the sound goes perfectly, the bass provides excellent support distos much fat. ^ ^

We can get several types of sound.


I use it for 2 years, I have the form, it is an exciting beginning, those who seek to acquire the good stuff.

The weight is what I like least, too heavy, you get tired quickly, especially when playing in a band. We want to do a quick pose. : P

I tried a few models before this one, I chose it at the price. ^ ^ It was the cheapest, BC Rich is really not the mud. ^ - ^

Quality / Price: Reasonable.

I do it again this choice.

stef-warlock's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

B.C. Rich Warlock Widow Bass
-Made in Japan
-24 Boxes (perfect for percussive sounds), a rosewood fingerboard with pearl-by-point back, the mcaniques oil bath.
-2 Humbucker pickups large output level, a CONTRL volume and two Tone.
-Agathis body.
-Maple neck


-Mache very pleasant.
CASC-acute to very easy.
-Great shape, fairly light.
Big-frquences serious and acute, big sound that easily obtained.


-Quite my style of musik (metal, hardcore).
I advise you or mg100dfx Marshall MG30DFX.
-A very good sound and easy adjustment.
-Perfect tone.


I have since yesterday.
-I love its shape.
-This is my first guitar and I'll probably keep it very lontempts!
The best quality-price.
-I will always bc rich!

PS: If you play the sysytem of a down, from Lenny Kravitz and Metallica Take this one! It will be perfect for you!