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All user reviews for the Ibanez EDC700

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Average Score:4.1( 4.1/5 based on 13 reviews )
 7 reviews54 %
 3 reviews23 %
 1 user review8 %
 1 user review8 %
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Value For Money : Excellent

tjon901's review"Super Comfy bass"

Ibanez EDC700
The Ibanez Ergodyne is a very interesting and overlooked line of basses. This model has a slightly different body style than the other Ergodynes. The body is made out of a man made material. The finish on this one was a pretty crazy silver finish with some sort of flek in it. I am not sure what the neck is made out of but I think it is maple. The neck is solidly attached with 6 bolts. The fretboard is rosewood with 24 medium frets. The tuners are a set of closed tuning machines. The bass has active electronics. There is a wide array of controls on the bass. Starting at the knob nearest to the neck you have a volume knob. The next knob is a blend knob. There are no switches on this bass so with this blend knob you can blend between each pickup. Next are two stacked knobs. The base of the 3rd knob controls the bass eq and the top of the knob controls your high end. The last knob is pretty cool as it is a sweepable eq. You can set how wide it is and what frequency it is at.


Ergonomics is the name of the game with the Ergodyne. This bass has a super body making playing anywhere in any style very easy. The body has an arch to the entire thing. Kind of like a Vox Series 77. This gives you a comfortable feel. There are cutouts in the body for people who play slap and pop style as well. The jack position is pretty much perfect. It goes straight back and you can go directly into your strap for your wrap around or your wireless transmitter. I am not a big fan of stacked knobs but they keep with the clean design. One thing I dont like is that the battery compartment has a screw on design. I guess the bass is too thin for a real pop out compartment. With a screw on design they might as well just put it in the control compartment since you are going to need a screw driver no matter what.


You can get a ton of tones with the active electronics on this bass. The stacked EQ knob is really cool. You can sweep and find an individual midrange frequency, and with the knob on top you can cut or boost that frequency, any frequency you want. You can get awesome funk tones with this bass. With the EQ sweep and cut you can cut out the low end and have a really twangy sound. The opposite is true as well. You can cut out a bunch of high end and have a super low and fat tone. The material this bass is made out of is very neutral so it is very good for this type of bass. The bass can pretty much do any type of sound you want with composure.


These basses are pretty rare and I think I know why. People who own them love them so they never want to sell them. Ibanez should reissue this bass with the same exact specs. People would be buying them nonstop. This is a great example on how good a reasonably priced modern bass can be. So many bassists think you gotta pay thousands of dollars for a Warwick or some custom job to have a good bass. With this you can get a super modern feel with active electronics for pretty much nothing if you can find one. If you see one of these basses for sale you should pick it up because its probably the best bass you can get without going to a custom shop.

MGR/Seth's review"Ibanez EDC700 Ergodyne"

Ibanez EDC700
I have been playing bass since I was 15 and am now 30. I have played in a few bands, recorded a demo, and have played many live shows all over the Boston area. I mostly like metal, but I'm good with anything.

I bought this bass at Guitar Center In Peabody Massachusetts. I traded in a 5 string Ibanez Soundgear, and a Peavy 100W amp and paid about 100.

It is THE most amazing bass I've ever played. It has the most amazing feel, it is completely sculpted to fit your body, and scooped out in the front so you can get under the strings very easily. It is also the best sounding bass I've owned, and I've gone through 6 trying to find this gem. Aesthetically, it's simply gorgeous and is very rugged. I have had no issues with scratching, denting, or anything of the sort. It looks as though I bought it yesterday.

There is not one thing I dislike about this bass. I have to tune it less than I've ever had to with my others, and everything is very very solid.

It is a molded piece, not carved, so it's very unique. It's balanced perfectly, light, is the perfect length and demands attention.

If anyone is in the market for a new bass, you really should do yourself a favor and check this one out. It really is an amazing bass which has made me look at construction completely differently.

Check it out.

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MGR/Anonymous's review"Ibanez EDC 700"

Ibanez EDC700
Local music shop $600.00 with case

This bass is very light for its size. It fits the contours of your body well, the neck is thin and plays well. The eq is infinately adjustable.

The nut on the 1/4" input is always loose. Some areas on neck lack sustain.

Construction is overall excelent. I have had this guitar for over a year and it still looks and plays like new. Never had any problems.

I think this is a good intermideate instrument. The overall quality is good and you cant beat the looks.

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MGR/Ryan's review"Ibanez EDC 700"

Ibanez EDC700
it was a gift bought for me from guitar center for $630 brand new i think.

i really dont like anything about this bass except for the color.

this bass is not reliable what so ever. ive had the get the intonation, action, and ESPECIALLY the truss set up more times than i can remember. i have put more money into this bass than it is even remotely worth to me. it stays in tune but the neck in more flexable than a rubberband. it might be the luthite or whatever its made out of, but i have to get it all set up about every 6 months or else it starts buzzing all over the neck to the point where its not even playable. the worst part is that i use this bass the least out of my collection and its mostly in the case. there are 2 knobs on this bass which are stacked so really you have 4 knobs so you can dial into certain hard to find tones more easily or something. anyway this is such a stupid design in my opinion and both of these knobs, or should i say all four have broken multiple times. i dont know if i got a fucked up bass with problems straight from the factory or what, but this bass SUCKS!

the construction of this bass is suposed to fit your body with the carved out back and the 2 cutaways that look like dildo's. the neck has 6 bolts which is a goodthing i think, maybe one of the only good things besides the color which is a black pearl color. still, none of this comp

does not even come close to comparing with a fender, musicman, or wal. my advise is to buy a bass originally designed by leo fender, carl thompson, or waller and you cant go wrong. this is not the worst bass ive played so i cant give it a 1, but still, this bass sucks. email me if you would like to buy it.

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MGR/Scott Courtright02/22/2002

MGR/Scott Courtright's review"Ibanez EDC 700 Ergodyne Bass"

Ibanez EDC700
I bought my bass at the local music shop after bussing tables at a crummy pizza joint all summer long. I had saved my money with the intention to by a five string, but after trying the Ergodyne I fell in love. It was used so I got it for around $350-400; it had a scratch on the neck near the twelfth fret. It was one of the easiest playing basses in the shop. I was impressed with the onboard eq... because at the time I was playing out of a weak little practice amp, using a P-bass copy. I bought the Ergodyne because it was such a good deal... I'd been on the Ibanez website looking around and I never thought I would ever own a bass like that. It was kind of a cranberry color which I had never seen on the site, so I was pleased with my find.

I really like the onboard eq, and the blend knob (for selecting pickups). I can dial in any tone I want. I also like the two octave range on the fretboard. The sound is great too, no matter what you're playing through.
I like the color, but I don't think Ibanez makes too many of these basses like mine. I wish they would make a neck through bass, I mean, Luthite is supposed to be easier to make basses out of, because you can mold them. The bass is also quite a nice looking bass. It's got a thumb rest molded into the body, and the area under the strings is scooped out for slapping and popping.

I've read that there is a sustain problem on the D string, 9th fret. It's true. It's only a minor problem though. I play mostly slap so I'm only popping that note for a few milliseconds. The passive pickups are a lot quieter than other pickups on other basses. And the way the pickups look, I don't think you can change them without screwing up the bass. Since the bass is made of Luthite, it has a kind of smell to it, like some kind of solvent or gasoline. It's not that powerful and it fades after you break the bass in.

The bass is just amazing. I love the way it's built. The neck is bolted on, and held there with six big screws, as opposed to the measly four like most basses. The knobs are placed on a raised section, so it's easy to adjust tone on the fly. The bridge is setup for quick string changes, you don't have to pull the string through the bridge so the whole process is a breeze. The neck is fast, and the finish is nice and shiny.

This bass is great, a real players bass. If I could find another somewhere I'd probably buy it. Everybody who sees it or plays it thinks it's the coolest bass ever. I'd have to agree.

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MGR/Joel from DEATH BY MONKEYS12/18/2001

MGR/Joel from DEATH BY MONKEYS's review"Ibanez EDC700"

Ibanez EDC700
I bought this bass about a year ago at Woodwind and Brasswind in South Bend, IN for 700 with case.

This bass is the best axe I own. I also have an Ernie Ball Sterling, Fender American P-bass, and a '64 Gibson SG bass. Out of all of these this is the best one, the tones that it can create is unlimited with two mid knobs, a bass knob, and a high end knob, along with the awesome blend between the pickups. The bass is also the lightest one i own and is the best balanced. Also with the bass being luthite, climate barely, if any, affects the sound of the bass.

I've never used this bass yet for recording, but with the sound it makes live, i don't see how it can't record good. The only thing that i have found bad with this bass is that the input jack came loose after about 8 months of playin punk shows with it, so it wasn't unexpected, but all it needed was a little tightening. Other than that, the bass is awesome!!!!!!!

This bass is one of the strongest basses i own too. I play in a punk band, where sometimes we go crazy up on stage, and the luthite is much stronger than the wood of any other bass for scratch resistence, and breaking.

If you are looking for a great sounding bass that will hold up to extreme abuse for a long time i would highly recommend this bass.

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MGR/Anonymous's review"Ibanez EDC700 Ergodyne"

Ibanez EDC700
I bought this bass from a local music store around a year ago. I bought it for around $600.00 brand new and bought it because I liked the modern style of the body.

As most all Ibanez basses I love the thin neck, high low end volume and it is a very comfortable shape to play on. The body is made out of luthite which is extremely light. The shape is very impressive and gets lots of compliments and the color is exrtemely attractive as well.

The mid tones are not great at all. I also discovered while in the studio, that the sustain around the 9th and 7th fret of the d-string is practically non-existent for some reason. I have adjusted the intunation, replaced the strings and even tried new pick-ups and still can't get any sustain. Also the over-all volume of the bass is nowhere near the quality of a soundgear bass.

The body of the bass is totally made of man-made luthite and the 24-fret neck is bolted on pretty firmly. The body has a scooped out thumb-rest and scooped out part under the strings for plucking.

Overall this is more of a live bass than anything b/c of the lack of sustain and mid-tone, so nobody will really notice what it's lacking. But I wouldn't go anywhere near a recorder with it.

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Joe-Rhys's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez EDC700
the ibanez Ergodyne EDC 700 GSV (silver gray) is made of a low luthite; a so-called epoxy resin which has similar qualities to wood in terms of resonance and who would, of course, better stability in time .. . remains now to test it which has almost 10 years ..
good, the body is luthite, the one piece maple neck 24 fret rosewood fingerboard with dots perloïd benchmarks, Accu-Cast B20 bridge, 2 soapbar pickups SFR, 4 control buttons including 2 double or stepped (master volume, balance, bass / treble, midrange frequency / midrange), black hardware.
very interesting point: the body is really working so there is a groove aui from the dorsal horn and the body follows the tie-up belt in order to quietly put his thumb and another that is the same as Yamaha TRB of the '90s which to make the strings slap between the end of the 24th after key box and the neck pickup.


the handle, my son is super nice!
anyway, this bass has probably been developed in a research aircraft for maximum effectiveness, ease of playing and resonance.
Ergonomics is a bit special, but we made it fast ...
when we play and we put his right hand on the microphone or the groove, it is clear that it has been studied; the game right hand is not tiring at all and seems "natural", effortless c ' well when you have to toy with a lot of music like funk rhythmic flow or metal.
access to acute is exemplary, we can not do better ...
we get there really almost any sound you want, I say "almost" because, on this bass, the strings were really "rinsed", in a word, good to change!
therefore, difficult to get an objective opinion 100%, but still, it is capable of anything!


this bass is really suprenante!
bossa to jazz walking, through the slap or the rest, it is never taken into defects!
and thanks to its powerful electronics, it can really venture into all kinds of music!
I was plugged into a line6 15w and although it is very little in terms of power, already means that low expression!
yes, because the phrase, she has it in spades!
are made in the treble solos, sounds here!
the slap; answers here!
walking-jazz accompanies it wes montgomery!


I tried it one afternoon and I was hooked, and I had already bought in the past, but I was beginning to enjoy it too ...
Now, I know where I stand!
what I loved the resonance of the instrument, electronics very effective, the body worked to put his hands effortlessly, obviously play without forcing, the versatility of styles possible, the gray metal, the lightness and design.
I did not like, it is not available in 6 strings!
the price / quality ratio is unbeatable in a secondhand store; € 285!
honestly, it's a bass that outperforms some other wood, and I wonder how it behaves in a group ...
but for now, she gives lessons on instruments from 3 to 10 times more expensive!
let it be said!

rrostagni's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez EDC700
From the perspective of the characteristics just mentioned, I simply add that the settings are very (too) many with double sliders, this leaves both a lot of adjustment possibilities, but also a lot of opportunity to lose initially.
However, it's still nice to have all options at hand.
I found the bass very strong (but I'm careful) and the handle has never flinched in 6 years.


The instrument is enjoyable, its material of construction is a little different. He must love that I never shocked, for my part.
The neck is rather thin.
Ergonomics is good even if the use, the knobs are not extremely comfortable to handle.
But it manages to find its settings quickly.


This bass can still cover a wide range of sounds. This is its main advantage in my opinion.
The beginner will either find the sound that matches his style.
Coupled with a Trace Elliot for example, we get a bright sound without any difficulty.


Used 6 years I was very satisfied. I'm just barely separated.
Its price / quality ratio is excellent, it can go a long way without feeling restricted.
It can grow in peace and take the time to have real requirements. It lacks perhaps that nice big pickups, but the original ones will fill the bass not too difficult but still like to have a precise sound.
In my opinion and because of these findings is an excellent instrument for a versatile bass player wants to leave his instrument for a beginner bass active most advanced spray without his wallet!

WillyDolphin's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez EDC700
- In which country was it made? (USA, Japan, Mexico, France ...)

- How many frets, what kinds of microorganisms and their configuration?
24 frets. 2 large pickups Ibanez passive handle an easel

- What type of bridge (Floyd, Wilkinson ...)?
Monoblock (could have had separate bridges ... tamps

- What are the settings (volume, tone, selector micro ...)?
Volume, balance, + 2 double bass / treble and parametric mids

- What kind of stick?
Despite the fund luthite the neck is maple. Too bad for the body.


- The handle is it nice?
This is a handle "highway". For those who want to s'eclatter slapper, the handle is perfect. Not too wide, even with my little finger is a joy!

- Access to acute (last string) Is it easy?
Perfectly! Tested including Scar Tissue Red Hot.

- Ergonomics is it good (in terms of shape, weight ...)?
The shape is a matter of taste! I find it modern. Slight problem without

- Do you get easily a good sound ...?
This bass is versatile as desired. The body does not luthite a great sustain, but we can do with it, slamming the heavy to gloss through the round style jazz and of course his favorite the funck / fusion. It seems to me that the bridge pickup makes better.


- Are they suitable for your style of music?
For the alternative rock and a touch of fusion is nickel.

- With what (s) amplifier (s) or effect (s) do you play?
I use a Yamaha BS150 (this bass and this amp will make them happy slapmen) and effect Digitech BP 200 for the chorus an octave wah or distortion

- What kind of sound you get and with what settings ("crystalline", "fat ",....)?
Clearly my config is not done to make very bold. Balanced sound and well cleaned. Easy to slam shut.

- What are the sounds you prefer, you hate?
My favorite settings:
bass a little above the center
Acute central
Medium just above the center frequency gain and more treble side. If you go down the very low frequency of medium ago by crazy drummer since everything starts to vibrate!
Finally, the balance 1 / 3 2 / 3 innings easel.

Other interesting to slap config:
Balance 1 / 3 rack 2 / 3 stick
Medium-dug grave and acute desire and a little above the center


- For how long have you been using it?
7 years

- What thing do you like most/least about it?
The best: handle highway
Minimum: the lack of sustain Ah and then one day I had to change my volume pot. For it to have the cross and the banner! Thank you Ibanez Europe ....

- What is your opinion about the value for the price?
Today the most interesting because of its very low today typed. With her in the studio can do everything.

- Knowing what you know now, would you make the same choice? ...
My word yes.